I Kept Adding Layers! Did I Go Too Far? Art Painting Process

I Kept Adding Layers! Did I Go Too Far? Art Painting Process

Sometimes it’s good to just keep going
keep adding layers, not being afraid to just keep building your pieces and push
through those urges to stop because maybe you’re frightened to mess up on an
okay piece by adding that next layer, whatever it is. Sometimes it really is,
it’s just okay to see how far you can go and not to worry about the end result. So
my share today is here to help you, to inspire you to keep adding and keep
playing and keep on going on your next project it’s a really good creative
exercise to get yourself used to. Now an art journal is perfect this and I’m in one of my junk journals today. But I have to admit that halfway through doing this, I
did question whether it would have been better if I’d worked on a canvas instead.
But if this is something completely new to you, that sort of just adding and adding
and adding and just seeing how far you can go, then, yeah, an art journal is
perfect because it’s kind of no fear there you don’t have to show it to
anybody and if it doesn’t turn out okay then whatever, it doesn’t matter. So have
a think about what you’d prefer to use but then turn off your thinking and turn
on you’re doing mode! You’ll also want to turn off that judgemental mode too. But we really do want to see how far we can go how many layers we can add and see if
we can just keep adding texture to it. Pushing through that urge to stop
because you’re worried about messing up. Try and keep in mind that the outcome is
less important than just the practice of doing in this particular exercise. And
I’ve time-lapsed this project today as it’s more about how the piece evolved rather
than the techniques that I’ve used and how I did it. But if you want to see all
the products that I’ve used I’ve listed them below and also I’ll be back later
with you in the video so grab your cuppa and just enjoy watching it evolve in
front of you. [MUSIC] So how many points a long way were you
thinking ‘No Kim, stop, stop!’ or was it just ‘Yes! Keep on going!’ all the way through
for you? So I want you to try this on your next piece just ignore the little
voices keep on going and keep adding layers and just see, see where your
comfort lies and what you like doing what you don’t like doing and how far
you can go with it. If you go too far then there’s absolutely fine you don’t worry about it! It’s better to go too far and work out for yourself that it is too far,
then to not go far enough and never know if adding that next layer would be the
one that would make it for you. And that’s the whole point of this exercise.
It’s kind of learning where your limit is and working out what you can do when
maybe you have messed up in a layer what can you do next to get through that mess
up and just working out what your limits are for when a piece is finished. So try
it and let me know how you get on and I have some more mixed media art videos
here for you too what’s next for some more ways work and some more creative
exercises to try.


  • Kim Dellow says:

    I think this piece today is growing on me! When I first finished I didn't like it but the more I see it the more I like it 😂 Do you have pieces like that? If you wanted a step by step to play along with, have you watched this one yet: http://bit.ly/2vEk816

  • Sue Falls says:

    I love the dark blue pieces with petals❣️❣️❣️❣️glad you went that far❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Nina Ribena says:

    Beautiful piece Kim. I really love this 💕💕💕

  • Karine Sackney says:

    Wonderful process

  • Cindy LaBare says:

    I love how it came out and how you worked through it!

  • fabienne Schweitzer says:

    Hello from France, voici un exercice très inspirant pour moi, j’aime beaucoup regarder le processus de création avec les couleurs et les formes qui se désagrègent se superposent et au final tout est harmonieux. Cela me donne très envie de prendre mes peintures et mes crayons. Merci à bientôt

  • Dana Leeds says:

    I love how it turned out, but it was hard to watch you cover up some areas!

  • Tammy O'Neill says:

    I love how these piece turned out! I had 3 instances where I said NO Kim stop. But I understand your point being made now that it’s done! 😍🎨


    I needed to see this! I'm so hung up on my theme that I'm totally paralyzed! Gonna have another go by just letting go! Wasn't having fun! Thanks!

  • Karen Brown says:

    OMG! What a perfect topic. There are so many times when I watch a video and think stop stop, but somehow it always turns out OK. I’m not that confident about my own work. Perhaps it is time to take a chance. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

  • Laura Thurston says:

    Kim, I love this!

  • All Thumbs says:

    That’s so bright and cheery! Such fun to watch you play!

  • annie faint says:

    I just loved this , bet it was great fun,,,,.xxxx👍💕🌺🌸

  • Judy Daino says:

    Kim, I have many pieces I don't like! Quite honestly, I don't really like most of my pieces. There are some I think are ok but never, OMG this is beautiful. This piece right here is absolutely gorgeous. If and when, I can produce something like this, I'll never be happy with mine. You never cease to amaze with your art. TFS and I'd be very proud to put my name on this! 😍💙🤗

  • Catagunya: Arts, Crafts & Self says:

    This was amazing to watch… when you added the dark blue, I was like what.. then the petals just seemed to make the piece come to life… wow 😮 thanks for sharing..

  • The Sleepless Planner says:

    So stunning! I’m in love!

  • Enlightened Flamingo says:

    Adding that dark blue just made it for me. I love contrasting dark on bright colors. Gives it more depth. That color is so beautiful, I think I'm gonna have to buy it! Anytime I feel like I've gone too far, I just put on a little gesso here & there. That usually helps me. Thanks for sharing this, I love it!

  • judith gillam says:

    Brilliant Kim ! Thank you . Kind regards – Judi – Australia

  • skeskali says:

    This video is very timely. I tried working on a piece last night by adding layer after layer and I got nowhere fast. I'm going to try to see if I can salvage it later tonight.

  • AngryTrees Painting Tips says:

    Much love and great work! New sub!

  • YI JIAOYUN says:


  • Cindy Borcherding says:

    Great video. I will have to try this.. I usually give up after a couple layers!

  • LynnLBE says:

    Love it‼️‼️‼️

  • Danielle Woods says:

    Girl! This piece is sooo awesome! I am inspired <3

  • Scrapitydoodah says:

    Too far for me is when a piece is ruined but when is that? As they say “One man’s meat is another man’s gravy”. Xx

  • Lorie Ricks says:

    Where did you find the acrylic paint tips on your tubes of Amsterdam paint?

  • Karen Atkinson says:

    My brain was saying "yes, keep going". LOL I love the way this turned out. You must be the queen of mark making and doodling. This was so much fun to watch Thank you.

  • Kim Daniel says:

    So beautiful and fun!

  • - FixMyHairdo - says:

    perfectly lovely!

  • Julie Bergacker says:


  • Mags Nash says:

    Kim I really really love 💕 watching you create this page it’s so beautiful and stunning. xxx Mags

  • Anita Swarts says:

    I love the "spots" you made with a brush, I'm going to try it too! Overall I love your page and process, I am usually too scared to be so bold 🙈

  • Cindy Bell says:

    so different from the first layer of red and gold ovals…..love it!

  • C. S. Johnson says:

    That's the artists dilemma, knowing when to stop working on a painting. Always use the best that you can afford, because you never know when a masterpiece is going to come along. Great video thanks.

  • ibkristykat says:

    i love the layers. the dark blue did it for me to really POP on the page, and those doodly leaf/petals were an awesome touch to give it a sort of "focal point". but never really said stop. i was definitely intrigued as to why the 2nd layer of huge paint swipes to cover up all you'd just done, though. i usually do this in my magazine pages when it comes to covering them up to get a base background before i'll be then turning it into an art journal that i can then just go into and begin pages with magazine cut outs etc (i just did a vid on painting in it, just to get down layers of color).. i just keep going and going. and my last layer tends to be a touch of dark navy or some neon pink or yellow. just for that pop of "oh wow"

  • Akin467 Jennifer Akin says:

    I always love your marks🥰

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