I bought Michaels out! New Cricut Infusible Ink Launch Today – See It Here First! + 2 Giveaways!

I bought Michaels out! New Cricut Infusible Ink Launch Today – See It Here First! + 2 Giveaways!

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow a little
bit of an unusual time for us but we’re super excited to be sharing something
new with you so today Cricut infusible Inc is launched at Michaels it’s going
to be a three month exclusive at Michaels and then it will be it will be
available everywhere else and we’re also excited that you can now shop a Michaels
with Hedgehog hello so in those links in the video description you will find
there are Michael’s links for hedgehog Hollow too so you can either shop online
and pick up in store so you can make sure that all those products you want
are now available in store and you just go in and pick them up you can still use
all your coupons or you can shop online and then it’s free shipping when you
reach that $49 mark so we’re really excited to be launching two brand new
things on the same day now I had pre-ordered last Sunday all of the
cricket and fusible ink items online and I was really hoping they’re gonna be
delivered this morning however they were not so Ryan and I took a field trip with
Tilly to Michael’s we tried to do a Facebook live and we thought would be
really clever using ear buds so that you’d have better sound it wasn’t the
greatest sound we know but we bought out Michaels with as many things as we could
grab while we were there and we grabbed something so we could come home and do
this live for you and then on Tuesday UPS is showing they’re going to deliver
everything in the in fusible link range then we’ll do more videos more lies more
reviews all those kinds of things but I want you to show it to you now so you
can go to your local store and you can order online and pick up or you can
order online and then have it delivered to home lots of you joining us we’ve got
Costa Rica joining us the UK Canada Australia Texas so many of you joining
us for this unusual time so welcome and I’m super excited to show you this in
fusible ink now you can see me do some similar things with some other products
before but this is brand-new from Cricut and so what is in fusible ink well it’s
a little bit different to things like the HTV iron-on we’ve used in the past
because rather than having so when we use things like HTV like this when we
iron it on we always have that little bit of a ridge you can see on my apron
this is HTV and I have a little bit of a ridge on it what I’m going to use the in
fusible ink in a minute it’s
infused into the fibers of the fabric so there is not going to be a line at all
it’s going to actually fuse with the fibers and then it’s completely like
seam free in essence so that’s what’s really cool so part of the in fusible
ink range is going to be sets of pens they only had to our local store but
they think there’s five in total so I will have them all eventually and you
can draw with your Cricut or you can color up all those kinds of things
there’s a sets of substrate so there’s two bags
there’s t-shirts in different sizes men’s women’s youth children’s there’s
coasters there’s also baby grows and then there’s
a line of transfer sheets which we’re going to try out as well that you can
cut with your Cricut or you could cut with your dies you could cut freehand if
you’re feeling brave as well and then we have the heat resistant tape I’m gonna
give you some top tips for using that as well this is a very special tape that
you’ll want to be using with your in fusible ink okay you’re also going to
need some kind of heat source you can use a regular heat press or you can use
your ez press – the two goes to a higher temperature which is why they recommend
the two and it comes in three sizes I have all three sizes here and I have
them in different colors it comes in raspberry or mint you can choose again
our links in the video description and we always appreciate when you use those
links of course – and this was a special edition pink that I showed you in a
previous video as well and lots of you still joining us we’ve got California
tuning in Norway Denmark Georgia Arkansas so welcome everyone
super excited and then you can also get the Cricut easy press mats to go
underneath again in all three sizes or you can just buy the large one and then
of course it would work with any size of easy press but I did have all three
sizes and I should say I have purchased everything on this table Cricut didn’t
provide anything to me so I’ve bought everything on here and by using those
links in the video description you helped support us as a channel and help
us provide these reviews to you and show you all these cool new products that
come out so I’m just gonna create myself some space down here to move these out
of the way for now okay so let’s start with the pen so I have my
Cricut access app ready to go and what you can do when you get into the app is
you can just search infusible you could also search for any designs
that draw or cut – doesn’t have to just be infusible but because it’s a new
product they’ve added some in I really liked these cool there we go
these call floral coasters you might hear Tilly upstairs as well she’s
playing up there and but I thought we’d try out some of these coasters and
they’re free at the minute so I can just hit the make it button and you can see
it pops it straight on to my canvas here and I can decide which ones I want to do
and I really like which one should we do I think I’m going to just do this bottom
one here so I need to turn it the right way up so I can see what I’m doing when
I go into my canvas I’m wondering if I can decide if I just want to okay I can
just move to another mat okay so the ones I don’t want to do I’m just moving
to another mat I’m adding them to mat – and of course I just won’t create mat –
you have to another mat mat – okay so we’re going back to our mat one so I now
have just my one that I want to create for now on my mat one and I’m going to
hit continue come on continue select an accessory my
Cricut is on so it should connect in a second in the meantime there we go make
her five I’m gonna just add a piece of printer paper and this is just regular
printer paper I really like a particular brand one again I’ve added it in the
video description for you as well I’m just going to add this printer paper
onto I’m at in this corner you could use the snap bat feature as well which you
can check out my video on the snap map – but there’s nothing special about this
paper at all this nothing about it okay so we are going to set load go and we’re
going to rawrr so we’re good yes we’re good we’re
gonna pop up here and we’re gonna create some space because we’re a little bit
tight on space here we need to select a material and this makes it really easy
because I can just search and it’s paper copy paper and it knows so now it’s
telling me to insert my pen so we can choose whatever color pen I want and
here you can see I’ve got two of the different packs available to me what
color shall we do let’s do let’s do a pink on here so will you do there’s a
little tab in the back here she says so and there are instructions on the back
it says before you begin carefully follow the instructions in fusible link
com I have read some of the instructions and I’ve watched some videos and things
too but we’re just gonna go for it now with the cricut pens it is an arrow on
them and they go in the pen holder slot so you just pop them in and when you
press it normally kind of click she says my that’s not working there we go so
it’s clipped into my pen holder and then we clamp it back in and the rig thing I
really like about Cricut is it always tells you what to do next so my arrow is
flashing so I’m going to press my mat in and it will do some adjustments and then
it will flash again that my C is ready and that there it’s going to make it
kind of catch up and some of your comments while it’s going so someone said like this one day I did
buy this today but I’ve bought it to do video reviews so remember I do this this
is my job I produce videos on things so I’m not just doing this as a hobby
crafter our business is to make videos for you all and produce that I already
had the Cricut maker though and I already had the EZ presses so I just
bought the infusible ink things today so not everything today and of course I
have an iPad so it’s just doing the drawing things as well so we’re just
going to wait for it to do its drawing it does it pretty quickly and of course
it draws way better than I ever could and it gives you a status bar up here as
well so it’s just going away and I love watching it do its thing it’s really
clever how it does it adds lots of details and of course you can do any
design that you can change from cup to drawer and those kinds of things
you do not have to use laser printer paper you can just use any regular paper
so it’s just going away the thing about using laser printer paper is that you’ll
get less bleeding by using laser printer paper and you’ll see what I mean in a
minute by that when we start going with the heat source but we’re nearly there
hi Karan so lots of you joining it yeah it’s about just before six o’clock in
the UK someone said it’s nearly 1:00 a.m. where they are so I’m guessing they
must be on the other side of currents in Ohio as well it’s nearly 10:00 a.m. in
California so lots of you tuning in from all over the place and the thing about
this is it’s going to draw and then it can cut out your design afterwards too
so it’s a two-stage design so that you can line it up perfectly on your
coasters and then the coasters come in ceramic which is the round coaster that
we’re drawing right now or you can get a cork coaster so let’s open these up
really grab a pair of scissors it says just cut along here but it’s not
quite as simple as it says so these are the cork back coasters and the thing
with the different substrates which is your base is is they will need different
amounts of heat and time so I would advise you to keep the packaging it does
say at the top here what the amounts are for the different things you can see
here so these are the cork coasters so you’ve got that and then you’ve got this
side and then if you go here I’m just going to try and find an edge to get my
scissors into these are a ceramic poster I’ll just get right in here open so this
is the ceramic coaster so these are a lot thicker because of course they’re
ceramic and this is what we’re going to put our floral design on that it’s
currently doing but you can see and they’re actually quite heavy we were
surprised when we pick them up from Michael’s how heavy they were yeah so
they’re your two options with coasters you’ve got to bag options that you can
iron onto as well so we’re really going to have a good play around with these
options so that’s nearly finished its drawing as well my reminders coming up
on here – okay do you know if these will work with an iron or the Teflon sheet I
do not know I don’t try that out yes I say I literally just bought these an
hour ago and this is my first go with them I’ve tried similar inks to these
and the other brands have come out with and you could use a dry iron so we will
be doing some experiments with heat presses dry irons obviously the easy
press so as I experiment and find out different things I’ll be able to tell
you and it should work with other substrates – so in theory the process
should work with anything with polyester in it curricula viously recommend their
substrates but I’ll be trying those experiments as well you can also earn it
onto anything that contains the glitter vinyl so if you have white glitter vinyl
this sublimation process the in fusible ink will sublimate on to glitter vinyl
so this is the Cricut Lian on photo vinyl again more videos will be coming
more techniques more ideas so stay tuned for those how much are the coasters I
think for a pack of the ceramic coasters which have how many we get you get four
in the ceramic and somehow it survived the concrete floor I think that was
about $12.99 and I think possibly $7.99 for four of the cork ones
and but I have put links in the description so you can go and check out
all the different substrates all the different pens or the different things
and say you can either check out online and pick up in store or do the forty $49
free shipping option with your Hedgehog holo links on there as well so all of
that is available to you hopefully we Nonie that looks like it
we’re getting to the end on there too and yes if you do check out online you
can use your coupons as well so always use your coupons
however cricket items you can’t use coupons on cricket items are excluded
I’ve also added links to the cricket store but you can’t buy the infusible
ink there however things like the easy press the easy press mats the machines
are all on sale right now so if you use those cricket links we put in the video
description you can save a lot on the machines by buying through cricket and
then there’s a coupon on the cricket website and when you use that link that
you can get free shipping on orders over $99 so if you’re buying an easy press or
a sizeable order you can check out and get your coupons there too so someone
said they’re gonna try gluing rhinestones on the t-shirt to yes
because we’re only a little bit bling on there as well come on coaster we want
you to be done now so that’s on there as well so lots of you joining in lots of
you loving this idea as well the only thing I would say is try to use the
coupons on the Michaels website because if you use any of those coupon websites
afterwards you lose your Hedgehog holo link so it’s always whoever’s link you
kicked last if you use one of those coupon websites then you lose your
Hedgehog holo link so we always love when you use those okay so you can see
that it did the draw and then it automatically did the cut for me so it’s
cut out my coaster too which i think is super cool so we’re going to remove that
and then the best way to do this to avoid tears is remove the mat from your
paper particularly when you’re using something thin like post
printer paper otherwise I’m looking for so I’m gonna go from the other side so
I’m taking off my excess first and then I’m gonna go back and take off my
smaller circle and now here I’m gonna peel off mental circle you can see how
easily this comes off no damage to my mat no damage to my piece nice and easy
now let’s unclamp our pen and whilst we’re infusing our pen I’m gonna have it
cut one of these sheets let’s go with this mermaid one so again let’s snip
these open so the other thing to note is that how the color looks on these sheets
is not how it’s going to turn out it turns out far more vibrant than it looks
in the originally so as it infuses the color changes and there are tons and
tons design you have solid colors there are ultraviolet colors there’s all sorts
of things and we’re going to be running some giveaways on Facebook and Instagram
for some of these things so I bought some extra tape some extra packs of pens
I did buy some extra bits and pieces so stay tuned – at the herald colo on
instagram and facebook comm slash hedgehog hollow because we’ll be doing
some giveaways for infusible ink so I bought some extras to share with you all
some lint class and some things that I dropped on the floor I don’t know what
any of those things went I’ll grab those afterwards so what you’ll notice is they
don’t look that bright when you get them out of the package they kind of look a
bit dull but do not fear because they change so we’re gonna take that
infusible ink they also come with fine on sheets so we’re gonna need one of
those too so we’re gonna put this down on our mat
for coming twelve by twelve sheets so they’re gonna sit your mat perfectly and
we’re gonna choose a design so I’m gonna go back to home I’m gonna choose
something pretty this time I’m not alone at the indecisiveness on the canvas when
you go in and you’re like oh that’s so pretty
oh but I want to make this and I’d also like to make this let’s do some
constellation coasters Tilly’s really into the moon right now
so I’m trying to find some things for her so it will make a constellation
coaster and again I’m going to move to another map okay thank you okay all
materials in usable ink transfer sheet make sure mirror is turned on and the
material is inked side up so mirror for iron-on material size is twelve by
twelve and it’s ready to go so here you probably can’t see it on
there but it says make sure mirror is turned on and that’s just this little
button over here and the material is down inside up so this is the inked side
up okay so that’s what we want to do so now we’re gonna just put it in a machine
so the Cricut really does tell you everything and I really like the app I
find it’s very intuitive it’s very easy to use and I’m just gonna take my easy
press and I’m gonna plug it in I have outlets on this side of my desk and we’re going to turn it on and we’re
gonna need our median Matt okay so I’m also that Costa did not break thank you
but I was very lucky considering on a concrete floor okay if I was gonna buy
an easy crust – what size would I suggest buying I would buy what would I
buy I really like this middle size so this is the middle size of easy press –
and personally that’s probably what I would buy unless you’re gonna do really
large things I had this in the easy press one size and I never needed to
have the bigger one I’ve just bought the three sizes because I’m finding I’m
doing a lot more cricket tutorials and things but yeah in general I really
don’t find I need the big one so if I’m just doing it for home use I would say
that the medium size works perfectly so that works perfectly no dr. Greg say dr.
Gregers actually at work so Ryan is here with me who helps me film lots of my
tutorials and so here’s it what so that’s that yeah I wish it could scan –
then it would have everything and then someone said you better tidy up before
Greg gets I guess like I will tell ya right so okay so we’re going to sort out
putting this on so I’m just going to check my temperatures so we need to go
up to 400 degrees so you just hit the temperature button and you press up –
you get 400 degrees and timewise this one doesn’t tell me but I think the
back of the pens tell me no pens don’t tell me either isn’t that great alright well we’ll do a
quick coupe all because we are online so we’ll go to that’s cutting out nicely
over there as well so I’m also going on to the infusible Inc website as it says
I wish it would tell me how long to cut it off and heat it for even choose a
compatible blank transfer design at 400 degrees that’s it it tells me okay
in fusible ink wash proof flake proof excellent either first know you are heat
guide okay you we are doing the fusible ink pens and then we’re doing the
ceramic coaster so it’s 400 degrees for 240 seconds so we hit the little clock
button we’ll just hold it and I’ll hold this up in a second but I’m just holding
it down so it goes if you hold it little beep you just heard means it’s up to
temperature so what you do is you press the temperature button and you press
plus or minus did you get what you want and then you press the time button and
you press plus or minus you got you want if you hold down it goes in the five
degree or five second increments and what you can do on their website if I
turn this around you might be able to see this I don’t know how well I’m sure
Ryan will tell me if you can’t see but when you go here there’s a heat press
guide he says you can see it so you can go here I can select my amount here and
then I can select what I’m infusing on to so I’m doing the ceramic coaster and
I hit apply and then it tells me the heat that I’m
going to and if I’m in Europe or somewhere else I can go to centigrade
and then I select it tells me how long for that I need no pressure I’m going to
peel it off once it’s and then it shows me my layers – so this
is my easy press mat I’m going to use a piece of this underneath then my ink
then my coaster upside down then my another piece of this and then my easy
press on top so it tells you that and everything it also tells you underneath
it says easy supplies needed quick easy press – is you press map de fusible ink
pen marker design Cricut coaster blank heat resistant tape butcher paper
cardstock or four layers of butcher paper lint-free cloth and then
preparation application etc etc care how to look after it don’t scrub it with
wall pads so they really do give you everything but you need to go to the
website to do on that’s everything on that as well okay so we’re gonna use
this paper this is the paper that Cricut give you and the other pieces so I use
this instead this is my design now this is the tape that you can get
from Cricut and this is a heat resistant tape so it’s not going to melt when you
put the large amounts of heat we’re gonna give it so you won’t want to use
scotch tape or masking tape or any of those kinds of things this is a very
special heat resistant tape and even better is it fits in your scotch tape
dispenser if you can start the end off okay I can’t start the end I mean
there’s arrows on it I can’t start it let’s try the craft this is not going
well okay so if I could get my tape started we’d be doing really well okay
and I’ve made an end to it there we go see if we can go this way around there
there we go okay we have a start to our tape so I’m going to cut myself a piece
or two I’m going to put it over here so they don’t use the enter okay so this is
a is a special tape however one thing you need to think about is if you put
this tape over any part of your design it will not heat transfer so if I was to
put my tape over here and over the design that piece the design is not
going to transfer because the transfer item or the ink rather will not come
through the tape so it’s also good for fixing boo-boos so if you for instance
got a smudge of ink over here put some tape over it it’s not going to transfer
so there’s a top tip for you okay so then we’re going to place our blank on
top like this just like so and then we’re going to take another piece of the
cricket paper just like that okay and then we’ll take our easy press my
cords got caught I’m gonna do that and then we’re gonna press the C button and
it’s gonna start counting down our 240 seconds okay so yeah you can’t use a
Michaels coupon on Cricut products so yes so it is really simple once you’ve
got going and as I say it does cut and draw all at the same time so I don’t
have to do anything I’m just holding this still so it doesn’t rock off of my
coaster just giving you some top tips as we go along as well so once you get
going it’s really really simple too so we’re just going to sit here for our 240
seconds if you’ve got any questions you can ask those as we go along as well and
then in a second I’m going to show you how the ink transfer sheets work because
they’re really cool as well so you can see my Cricut buttons Green that tells
me it’s up to temperature pink rose says she’s baking so I’d love to know what
your baking Lots you say you haven’t seen a press before so this is the easy
press so rather than having like the clamshell press that you have to pull
the handle down you literally just put this on top and it applies your heat for
you you can use the clamshell presses Cricut say but they obviously recommend
the easy present I do have a clamshell press upstairs so we’ll be trying that
out in other videos as well and they come in three sizes so you can see here
I have this is the super big one and I’ve linked them in the video
description for you they’re currently on sale too so it’s a great time to grab
one and you’ll want the easy press too because it goes up to the 400 degrees
I’m using the medium sized one and this is the mini and they come in either the
raspberry or the mint the light pink that I’ve got here was a special edition
one so wooden either what halfway there so you
so in theory they say you have to go to 400° I have used sublimation pens in the
past and I’ve used it with the easy press one now I’m not gonna say that
it’s gonna work you would have to heat it for longer I’m assuming and I would
do it as a trial and error on a cheaper substrates or something like the court
coasters or buy an inexpensive polyester t-shirt that would be my recommendation
if we’re going to try it but I can’t promise it’s going to work because this
is what they’re set up Crickett recommends but I would say that I would
say that it should work if you just give it a little bit longer can you press
other things with this like a tablecloth but it’s just basically an iron so yes
you can press anything with it it works really well because we don’t own an iron
if I need to press something so yes Michaels links are not working I’m just
gonna scroll down and click one okay we’ll fix those after the video for you
because they were working beforehand so I will fix those as soon as we’re not
live because I can’t do that while we’re live but I will fix those as soon as
we’re done for you so 42 seconds to go and then it’s a cold peel so we’re gonna
leave that to cool down while I weed out this other design in fact I can press
the eject button as I say we’re going to have a giveaway on Instagram and on
Facebook too with some of these products so I’ve got some extra tapes I’ve got
some packs of pens and I’m gonna give a couple of the sheets away as well so
stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram page and we’ll be giving some of these
products away too so we’ll have those for you but we’re nearly there
14 seconds to go it’s exciting do you do six and the thing I like about the EZ
press is it beeps at you when it’s done which so there you go you know you’re
done we’re gonna lift that up you see it’s gone slightly yellow thus nothing
you need to worry about with that and what I’m going to do is I’m going to
move this to the side and I’m just going to pop my easy press mapped over onto my
island over here I’m gonna leave that to cool whilst we weed out this one because
it is a cold peel so again turn your mat over
peel back you can see it’s pretty easy this also has a plastic backing on it so
it’s really easy to remove your mat just like that floor and what I like to do is
just do a rough cut like so so this has already cut itself out so what you have to do is peel it away from
this backer sheet okay nice and easy that’s what gets left behind running out
of room I also already have my cricket weeding tools here so I can
just go through here and poke out these little constellation pieces you could
also use your craft pick of course no dude grab my little cricket toolkit nice
and easy so really easy with a weeding tour you can see I’m just poking them
out and come out the other side and then you just rub the other side and it’s
done and then we’re going to do the same
thing again I think I’ve got them all okay so now I’m just gonna wipe off my
table and this time I’m just going to use the larger map actually know that
you can use the small much we’ve got a small project do they have a light print
transfer ink yesterday they have a light paint transfer ink sheet and there’s a
couple of different paint pens as I say there’s actually five packs of pens
which we’ll have here next week I just don’t have them yet so they’re on the
way so we’re going to take another coaster
we’ll take this same sheet that we were using before we’re going to take this
and where’s the middle piece like so again we’re going to do that do this you
surely have a coaster over and this time I’m just going to fold my paper over you
can do that that works fine and then I’m going to put this on top again I’m going
to hold and I’m going to press my button on so easy way to do there so that’s on there too so yeah so the
upgrade from the original to the two is that it heats up a little bit faster and
it heats to 400 degrees so they’re the differences between the two this one is
actually called off to slightly below the 400 I wanted it to
but it’s going to heat back up again so I think by the time I’ve done just a few
extra seconds I’m gonna pop a Michaels link in the description for you because
I do happen to have one open there you go it’s already up to temperature so I
only lost 20 seconds so I’m going to paste that in here there we go so
there’s our Michaels link for you it’s in the super chat and as I say I’ll
update the video description afterwards for you too yes so it does look a bit
like a dentist tool it’s a bit like your craft pick but it’s really good for
weeding particularly cuz it’s got that hook so it makes it really easy to get
underneath on there too so that’s why I really like that as well do you have to
take every time no only if you find it easier to take sometimes taping it onto
your substrate just makes it a little bit easier it’s entirely personal
preference when you’re working with t-shirts and things you’re going to find
it easier to take that design in place you get a nice kind of central you know
like here where I’ve got the headshot on my apron I taped every apron I made
these for the design team I made the tonic studios apron you see me wearing
the tonic studios live again I taped all of those on it just helps you get good
placement so again personal preference depending on the project need to make
hostess my daughter to meet her like pink is that it yeah so you can either
cut the in fusible ink sheets and what you’re going to notice is the color that
I started with on here is very different to the color that you’re going to get
afterwards it does change as it infuses and the kind of the science between this
is it goes from a solid to a gas and back to a solid it skips the liquid
phase it’s a really cool process and I’m really excited to show you the finished
product so nothing if you’re just really okay as well if you’re wasn’t gonna say
with that I don’t know I was going somewhere with that and then I read
somebody has come in and got sidetracked and this is one person isn’t we’re just
doing a couple of different projects I’m also giving you some tips along the way
and you literally just cut or draw and then put it on it takes 240 seconds
if you want to expedite the calling process use the tim holtz class map so
when you take it out from under the easy press put it on your Tim Holtz glass mat
it’ll cool way quicker than just putting it over there on on a work surface so if
you want if you’re a quick crafted like I am then that’s the way to do it so I’m
just sharing some other things along the way so I just want you to show you all
the different options some of the different things you can do and things
like that so how long before it starts to fade throw on the garments they
washed it 20 times and they said it didn’t fade but we’ll be doing some
tests here so we can let you know how quickly it starts to fade and things on
the coasters I mean I guess you could use a sealant to make it last longer too
but you are chemically infusing it into the fibers of the product so it’s
chemically in there so it shouldn’t fade quickly at all it should be a pretty
long lasting product in there thank you for the comments on my hair you can
reuse the tape you can use the tape three four times I’ve used a similar
tape they’ve just colored it purple so you should be good with reusing the tape
thank you about the jury it’s Kate Spade jewelry so if anyone wants to know my
jury is always Kate Spade they will laugh at me because I have a bit of a
Kate Spade problem okay okay we knew that there we go
so we’re gonna lift this off we’re gonna move this one to the side and I’m gonna
grab back the one we did first this one’s still pretty hot so I’m gonna use
my tip of grabbing my glass mat you can see I’m kind of running out of space on
my table here we’re gonna make some space I’m just gonna slide these on and
I agree that cricket need to work on making our packaging easier to get into
okay and I’m just gonna slide this onto here
of course the mats also reflect the heat so they maintain the heat longer so
these mats get pretty hot I was gonna put them on the concrete floor because
then I know this one’s gonna cool off a lot quicker so obviously a couple of
seconds to cool as well running out space room I I know this is
why I like crafting on the glass mat because something Tim said was when he
started using this map at least he always had this map amount of work space
free because nothing encroached on his map space and I do find that that yes my
whole table gets full of stuff but my mat space is is somewhat free so are we
ready to see what they look like all right so remember we had it on our paper
now is infused on our coaster so you can see it here doesn’t rub off and polish
it up with your lint cloth if you want to it’s not going to do anything but
they are now this is now chemically infused and there are no seam line so
it’s not like when we use vinyl or HTV no I can’t scratch this off this is
permanent that is infused on there remember the color it looked like it now
looks like the color of the pen so it looked a bit more purpley when the pen
drew it out but then this is the color than it now looks like
isn’t that cool I think that’s pretty cool so that’s on there as well and then
this is okay this one I didn’t Center so well but I don’t think to your judgment
so much but this is why you’ve used tape and you don’t just kind of pop it on but
this is our other one but how cool is that so again I’m going to show you this
was the color before you see how dull those colors were this is fun still
pretty tough but this is the vibrancy afterwards again it’s in there
permanently there’s no seams there’s no way I can scratch it off that is
permanent so I think that’s really cool and there’s really there’s nothing left
on there’s nothing left on the paper this
is the paper after and this is the paper before and I think that’s really really
cool that it looks like this afterwards so that’s how it comes out so I think if
usable ink is a really really cool idea I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at it as
well thank you so much for joining us for this little impromptu live don’t
forget to check out the links in the video description and I put them in the
super chat for those of you who are watching now we’ll be doing more videos
as more of the things arrive and I hope you’ll be having a go with the infuse
link don’t forget to tag us in your creations and watch out on Instagram and
Facebook for those giveaways of pens and some tapes and things so that you can
try out infusible ink thanks for joining us we’ll see you
again real soon see everyone have a great weekend and happy crafting bye


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