I am a Salmon Painter | INDIE ALASKA

I am a Salmon Painter | INDIE ALASKA

it’s kind of crazy to decide to buy 150
dead fish and think it’s gonna be cool to paint them I’m Romney Dodd a mixed-media artist
currently painting dead fish. born and raised downtown. my grandma came in like
1928 and her first apartment is in this building. This is the Alaska building and
she was upstairs lots of family history here, that’s pretty cool. Being
self-taught I haven’t experienced art school where I set and was critiqued. So
I get to just create through my passion. Whatever I decide is appealing. Ceramics
and paint clogs and fish. I come into the studio really early in the morning.
Trying to get us some music here just some Pandora. It’s far more creative and
that’s when I find a space that I really enjoy. No. No. None of these guys
intimidate me that is that word doesn’t come in. It really doesn’t. Someone like a
father to me, had a conversation with him one Sunday afternoon, insisted on it. He
said you’ve got to go buy all those fish I can’t have any place to
store them and I don’t know what’s gonna come of it and he said no no you go this
afternoon and you buy those fish and so I did it. Has been really really fun
getting to know these guys every single face is different you know how to tackle
this guy I don’t draw anything out beforehand it’s just all freehand I have
a lot of fun just letting those lines just flow and roll.
but comes from the space of confidence if you just do it then people go “oh you
can do that? oh I like that” I gather my inspiration from a lot of
different things I certainly find inspiration in my day walking to work
that will all set a mood and inspire me and then the world wakes up…”hi” I could visit all day long with people and tell them stories
about dead fish and how this happened we We love Indie Alaska right? Oh, I have
ceramics printed ceramics in the warehouse today. These ones are called
sublimation print. “I Ben.” Boy this is interesting let’s see if I can fit all
these guys in. Oh yeah, the first one I get into his platters. look at this… very
nice. I never ever feel like I’m going to work. I can’t wait to get into the studio. It’s a lot of fun to be an Alaskan
artist I can do my First Fridays and have a
blast, it’s like a house party. So what will you do with this? I’ll do that with it. OOHHHH. Cool huh? It is a lot of fun to be
downtown greeting these people. “I finally made it down. yeah I’m so glad you did.”
“I’ve got a whole bunch of vintage doors I have to paint.” showing them
“I see Nearly all the time” how wonderful “they’re real fish.” our state is “You want
to see one” through my artwork. “I kind of like that idea” “all the same colors yeah, Hi..” I just was so fortunate that my path took me into just the right spot. I always used the term leap of faith because I have jumped bunch of times there’s a space that happens in that
passion that comes when you’re creating I love to get lost in that space where I
don’t realize time has passed, everybody loves that people say what are you gonna do when
all these fish are gone that’s no problem there’ll be something else


  • Mike Hubbard says:

    Beautiful work. If I were you I would clear coat some of them with a high gloss finish. That would go with the fish-wet look. Just my thoughts.

  • bantakeet says:

    Dang. She is doing just fine without taking an art class. I couldn't imagine doing art with shire intuition alone. But at least she has alot of security when it comes to knowing her home.

  • Nabil B. says:

    This is so inspiring.

  • Your Life Is A Great Story says:

    HaHaHa 420… I like wonder if she lives on High Street.. I totally wonder if she has weeds frowning in her yard haha.. She’s an artist, I wonder where she gets her creativity from haha there’s like so many trippy colors man #DavesNotHere

  • LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 says:

    An unaffected artist. So nice to see.

  • ooooo3 says:

    A unique career path!

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