How to & what colour to paint your aquarium background

How to & what colour to paint your aquarium background

hello everyone and welcome to my channel
or hobbies fish keeper I am will and today’s video is going to be about
painting your aquariums what color to choose and how to do it first of all
here’s one that earlier downstairs so as you can see I painted this tank whites a
couple of months ago when I first did it I was very impressed – they’re really
really cool and well having lived with it for a couple months I’ve actually
grown to not like it as much as when you go to do you say fish shop and you see
that they’ve got blue and black but graphs to their attacks I think they do
that because it’s unlike this doesn’t wash the fish out so the colors are a
lot more brighter amid the pomp a gap whereas with the white background I
think the fish get washed out because the brightness of the background and
it’s kind of giving like a back light effect although it does look clean and
it makes your tongue look brighter in itself
it washes out your fish know what we see this is in the plans it’s act so I think
yeah your greens and your red planks would pop I can’t stick I wouldn’t
recommend it and that’s not what we’re going to be painting today we’re going
to be painting a blue color today as you’ll see upstairs in a second so
another reason why I don’t recommend it because of the white background if you
do have an only problem now I don’t have any products I kind of go see beyond
clean the tongue but sometimes a few specks will start showing up they
believe the lights on so if I’m in a daytime so the the algae that grows on
the back glass against the white background shows off like a green
Nessun dots and I do mean a luminescent they really there really aren’t right
against that wait like that so that’s another reason why I don’t recommend it
you’d have to keep on Sophia it’s unclean too to make sure it looks
crystal white all the time and it was crystal crystal clean so with that set
we’ll head back upstairs so there you go that was a white fish tongue that’s not
we’re doing today we are doing a blue fish tank so first of all you will need
some paint not just any old paint I use water-based
acrylic paints two reasons it’s pretty cheap and you can buy in quite a big
quantity secondly it comes off really easy if you make a mistake and if you
want to change your mind a couple months down the line
like I’ve said downstairs I don’t like that wet tank but it’s stay away for the
time being because I’ve got all these two paints and I painted them blue and
just to make it on your uniform really so you’ve got to clean next you’ll need
a roller I like to use a little roller because it’s easier to control where
you’re putting the paint and obviously you’ll need your paint trained as well
so I’m going to bang some paint in this and I’ll show you what to do next
first thing you need to do is to make sure that your brush is clean before you
paint it because if you have any remnants on there you’re only going to
be painting over it and you’ll be able to see it through the glass and so what
I use is better window cleaner did you roll so they also literally clean less
time for the paint okay so you clean you glass and you’ve loaded up your brush
your paint now I recommend that you don’t absolutely soak this in paint
because you want to be doing thin layers because you’re not going to do one layer
on this and that’s that you’re going to be doing a couple layers on this so nice
and thin so it dries quite quickly and you can use a hairdryer in between
sorry in between coats don’t put it on hot put it on cold and stand about half
a meter away that should help with the acrylic to dry and on your first coat
to be going along direction on your second coffee you want to be go in the
opposite direction now because this is a full glass pane it’s gotten our white
plastic bits or anything like that I don’t need to mask anything off whereas
if you have to say a pluck plastic trim then you want to mess that off so you
don’t get paint everywhere I’m just hanging it over the edge of this little
lip so I can get all the way to the edges I know where we go so there we go first coat of paint now
as you can see one of that shows up on the camera but this bottom corner is
quite see-through at the moment so basically when you’re doing your second
coat and you go in the opposite direction obviously it will gradually
thicken up and then it’ll become completely one block of course so I’m
gonna give it around about half an hour and then I’ll come back and give it a
second coat so there you go that’s caught number two
I’ve probably got another – maybe coats on these two tanks now and I got bored
waiting for that one to dry so I started a little tank as well and that’s how you
paint a chunk in a nutshell water-based acrylic the roller few coats
Bob’s your uncle and I’m doing blue I’d see recommending if you take your
photographs of fish in a nice tongue so say you taking pictures of male beaters
I’d say a black background they’re better for taking pictures the blue is
just for natural popping of the colors that I recommend and I don’t recommend
white although if you want to do it right do it white each the wrong I just
don’t like any more and I completely forgot I’ve recently hits off hundred
subscribers so if you’re not a subscriber builtin yet please do so
thank you very much for my first hundred subscribers it does mean a lot I set up
this little channel a couple months back not thinking I’d get 10 subscribers to
be honest so 100 is a great milestone for me onwards and upwards
I plan on doing at least two videos a week from there from here on in you will
see the first fish rock growing as you will have already seen have now grown to
five chunks anyway and I’ve just ordered a three-foot long tongue to be custom
made for me for my middle Cheryl I’m thinking sickly it’s not quite sure
but it almost proved this yet I just bought this on a web the other day so if
you’ve got any ideas please leave it in the description box below and toying
with Plex breeding some Plex maybe I don’t know yeah thanks for joining me
and I’ll see you all again soon Cheers


  • Michigan Aquatic's says:

    Nice brother!!!!! I have a natural backround aswell as alge so i dont need to paint my tanks but maybe i will get bored of it and paint it

  • 54Punchie - The Art of Fishkeeping says:

    congratulations on your growing subscriptions!

  • あきCh says:

    GOODπŸ‘πŸ πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Giant656 games says:

    Love that also what tank is it could u send me a link to where you got it if possible

  • Fish Bubble says:

    Great tip Will. I have a new tank to deal with soon, so I may well give this a try.

  • Operator Gecko says:

    Where did you get that pleco plush?

  • Zeuses Coven says:

    How do you do this on a tank which has been running for a while πŸ™

  • Jeff Koski says:

    What I did with mine is taped off all the parts of the tank that don't get painted and seal the top, then I used spray cans of a textured paint, and it looks great. I have one that looks kind of like a tan stone, and another is a black texture, and another that looks like gun metal. They work great. Just need multiple thin coats until you can't see through it.

  • Iridebentframes says:

    I sure hope those oscars have made it to a bigger tank by now

  • Bwazes Tanks says:

    You should get a alligator gar

  • K&L-Legend Pools says:

    Windex Tape News paper and a can of $4 Krylon spray paint 15 oz. Did my 10 gal. breeder tank back and bottom. 10 min prep, 10 min paint and 15 min later I rinsed and filled up with water. It looked like it came from the factory that way and I don't even no how to paint! I sprayed 5 light coats on back and 3 on bottom because I don't use a substrate. Back is solid but bottom light bleed through when I shined a flashlight from bottom but once I filled tank up with water and turn lights on the bottom looked as solid as 20 coats. I used flat black because my fish requires a low light dark environment for breeding. It looks awesome though. Black really makes colorful fish pop out, though flat black may look a little ashy gray/dusty looking if you have really bright lights. You may want to experiment with a matte, satin or even a semi gloss for a show tank, though semi gloss may reflect to much for some, IDK I've never tried a gloss paint for a background. I used the whole 15oz can and got 8 coats all together on a 10 gal rectangle. if you use light coats like I did then you need at least 5 for the background alone on a 10 rectangle. If your just painting the background then you need at least 10 ounces for a 10 gal 20 ounces for a 20 gal and so on. A deep sea looking blue "Dark Blue" looks awesome to, I have 150 gal in that shade of blue using plasti dip paint and I can peel that off if by hand if I get tired of it.

  • Community Fish says:

    Defo a Pleco breeding tank my friend.

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