How to Use the Burn, Dodge and Sharpen Brushes in PaintShop Pro

How to Use the Burn, Dodge and Sharpen Brushes in PaintShop Pro

When you think about the term “Brushes” as relating to digital imaging,
it’s hard not to picture the traditional paint brushes that would simply apply
color to your photo. Well brushes can do a lot more than just
paint, thanks to many of the new improvements that have been made to the
brush library in Corel PaintShop Pro. In this tutorial, I’ll go over how some of
these brushes work, as well as a few tips and tricks to make using brushes easier.
So let’s get started! First, launch Paintshop Pro into the Edit workspace.
Next, open an image. So let’s take a look at what we have inside this brush tool
box. Now if you’ve never used the brushes tools before, you may not know where to
find them. Because this icon doesn’t usually have a paintbrush on it, it can
seem a bit confusing, but this is the correct location. You see, unlike traditional brushes that
would add color, these brushes are used to apply an effect. The difference
between using a brush for an effect. rather than selecting one from the menu.
is that a brush allows you to apply that affect just to the area you move the cursor
over. Tet me show you what I mean. Suppose I want to make this particular area of
the picture a bit darker. I can select the burn brush, now change the size, and
then I’ll just apply the brush over this part like this, and maybe I’ll make it a
little bit darker by going over it again, and there we go! Now it’s perfect and
smooth, and better yet fast and easy to touch up. So I’ll open up a second image here,
because I want to show you a trick that will be extremely helpful if you’re
using a brush like this, but you need to stay inside the lines so to speak. I’ll just zoom in to the eyes here. So in
this case I want to use the dodge and sharpen brushes to make the eyes a
little bit lighter and stand out more. It’s really important that I only brush
inside the eye area, and not the skin, so before selecting the brush, I’ll quickly go up here to the
selections, and choose the Smart Edge tool, and this is going to allow me to
easily select an area and it will recognize the edge of the iris in this
example, and make selecting a whole lot easier than trying to do it manually. Now that that’s selected I can go back
down here to the brush menu, select the Dodge brush, and apply it to the eyes. As
you can see it doesn’t matter if I go over the edge here, since only the iris
is selected, only the iris is affected. And again, same thing with the sharpen
brush. I’ll just sharpen over the eyes here so that they really stand out, and I
don’t have to worry that this is going to impact any of the surrounding areas,
and make the skin look less soft. So painting inside the lines: it’s never been easier! We hope you enjoyed this demonstration
of the powerful new brush effects and features in PaintShop Pro x7, and of
course you can always visit for tons of video and written
tutorials, contests, tips, ebooks and more!

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  • Angela H says:

    for some reason i am unable to select anything. i select that tool and nothing happens when i click and drag on the photo. That is all I use to do in earlier versions of PSP. What am I doing wrong?

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