How To Use a Foam Paint Brush

How To Use a Foam Paint Brush

Hi everyone this is Lori from Swatch Right
and I want to share one of my best tips for using a foam paint brush with waterborne paints. And that tip is to rinse the brush first. Ring it out really well because we only want
it slightly dampened. We’re ready to take our slightly dampened
foam paint brush with us to our work area where we have a work mat from the Swatch Kit
ready to go. One side of the work mat has printed instructions
and the paint spot and dry spot areas printed in dark black ink so you can see them when
you turn the mat over. Turn the work mat over because we always paint shiny side up. Position a Swatch Right decal in the Paint
Spot first. Hold on to the tab to stabilize the decal – the tab is what makes Swatch
Right so fabulous so you don’t paint your fingers. You can see how easy it was to load the brush
with paint. Since it is dampened, you don’t have to pounce and pounce to get enough paint
on the brush. It loads easily and you can see that a dampened brush also help with application
of the paint. Even the first strokes go on nice and even and not streak at all. Now, let’s talk about the Swatch Kit. You
get everything you need to paint three color sample decals. 3 work mats. 3 Swatch Right
decals. And One yellow handle with a foam brush attached plus two refill foam brush
heads. That means a fresh work mat and brush for each Swatch Right decal in the kit. You get all that for $14.99 and that’s not
all. For a limited time we’re also offering free shipping! Great deal, right? Once you use Swatch Right
decals for sampling colors, you’ll never use anything else. I hope you find my tip for using foam paint
brushes helpful and thanks for watching!


  • RKGSD says:

    Are foam paint brushes and rollers any easier to clean the paint out of?

  • CYRUS GRAHAM says:

    Never saw a sponge brush like that before.

  • mydely lovely says:

    Works like a bomb👍👍

  • Adrian Sandry says:

    Foam brushes are very easy to clean and reuse. They are worth keeping because if you ever have to touch up a small area after you have cleaned and put away your roller a foam brush allows you to apply paint without brush marks. Foam brushes are also useful for difficult to reach areas such as pipes or behind pipes. Furthermore foam brushes are excellent for some decorative finishes – look them up.

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