How To Spray Basecoat on Your Car – Kevin Tetz  Paints his Camaro with Eastwood Paint

How To Spray Basecoat on Your Car – Kevin Tetz Paints his Camaro with Eastwood Paint

yeah Eastwood has a wide variety of top coat
systems including basically clear coat which is what we use on our online TV
series hands on cars this low boc base coat is durable and meets regulations in
most parts of the country we used boulevard black under 70 Camaro project
and after that day that in East was 421 show clear so watch the video as we
paint project said sled and show you some cool tips along the way boulevard
black base coat is next and we’re mixing it into a cup for an accurate mix ratio
every time since the basis of 421 mix i find the 421 column and pour from the
left to the right first with color then with the catalyst remember the seven on
the cup is not a mix ratio just a level on the cup mixing this way gives you a
perfect for 21 mix ratio yeah attacking off the car again just in case
there’s overspray that we might kick up into the paint another shot onto the
test panel tells me the gun is set up right and we can start spring color i
use the same pattern spring the base coat as I did the sealer the same road
map but i’m using a sixty to seventy percent overlap and about four inches
from the surface you’ll definitely get a feel for it as you read your pattern
while your spring to keep the hose out of the car i usually have it over my
shoulder and feed it into my spring hand this gives you much better control and
keeps your air hose out of the paint you can see here we’re skirting the car
saves the shiny stuff on the bottom and it also keeps from blowing debris from
under the car up into the rest of the paint job you can see I’m using a medium
wet coat and not hosing the color on there is no strength in the basecoat
only pigment and residents so there’s no need and no useful purpose in applying
big fat coats typically i like to move from the bottom
of the panels to the top this is working against the air flow of
the booth and helps eliminate dry spray on the doors or any other vertical
surface just like on the roof i use a push-pull method on the hood pushing the
paint into the middle and pulling it onto the other side this make sure I
don’t have dry spray in the middle that I’d have to cover up with more paint
because that can cause salt and trapping problems I’m short and I need to school to finish
the top edge of the hood but that minor inconvenience is fine when we have the
ability to paint the top and the bottom of the panel’s all at once this saves us time and materials but
it’s a little more work to get everything covered with the first coat
flashed off which means dry to the touch the second coat follows the same route
as the first again I work against the airflow other booths that way the
overspray gets pulled across the freshly painted surfaces and cross-links back
into the fresh coat and doesn’t have the chance to become dry spray or dry
overspray which can really cause your problems yeah yeah yeah a magnetic gun holder in the booth can
help keep your air hose off the ground which keeps a clean after the base is
flashed we let the color sit for about another 30 minutes to an hour to fully
dry before we clear code you can see here that it’s just color and has no
gloss for strength to it but the concourse program has handled both
sealer and base coat perfectly i couldn’t be happier with this gun as you
can see the Camaro looks great when real proud of it and the concourse pro spray
gun laid down the base coach as well as it did the sealer coat and the 421 show
clear so make sure you click on the channel to subscribe two hands on cars
and more great how-to videos before you head on over to and pick up
everything you need to do the job right ok ok


  • Eastwood Company says:

    A link to buy basecoat is in the video. If you're on a mobile device, look for the link in the top corner. Don't forget to subscribe so you get all of our videos with great tips, as well as sales at – KT is an Eastwood Guy…Are You? – Eastwood…Since 1978.

  • Dinxsy says:

    I've just now sprayed my motorbike, the air hose hit straight into the nose fairing, causing it to remove the base/primer back down to plastic. What would be the best way to go about fixing this? sand it flat and recover with numerous coats, i'm losing my mind over it.

  • mcinkyt says:

    If you're going to apply a decal package how long do you have before you spray the clear onto it?

  • Rick Watson says:

    how long to flash

  • Mike Daran says:

    Tell me Kevin How can i avoid being nervos when i paint Pls?

  • Elchingon_92 says:

    Why 4:1 and not 1:1 i like the pearl white how much paint would i need to do a complete paint job

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