– [Announcer]! Honest Reviews and Advice! Hold tight, and welcome to today’s video. Today we’re gonna be looking
at a really simple thing, it’s something we’ve been
asked by a few people over the last couple of weeks, mainly apprentices, I’d say, I dunno. But the question is,
“how do you solder pipe that’s got paint on it?” Or, how you’d like to say it, “how do you solder painted copper pipe?” It’s a fallacy, the
answer to this question, because you can’t solder
painted copper pipe. That’s the thing, alright? So I’ve got some old
copper pipe that’s got some paint on it, we’re gonna
pop it in the vice now, and I’m gonna show you the quick method of cleaning it, getting it
prepared so you can solder it, but this also works for
compression fittings, and also push-fit fittings, and all different types of stuff. Clean pipe is a good way to go. So I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope you enjoy the facts that we’re now currently in 2K, when
it comes to image quality but hopefully in a couple weeks’ time, we’ll be in 4K. (clap)
Anyway, enjoy the video! Hold tight! Before we continue, as well, don’t worry, I am going to
be getting a wide-angle lens soon, so you can see all of this, okay? So anyway, look, we’ve
got some old pipe here, as you can see, it’s been painted. What I’m gonna do is, let’s just cut a bit off here now, grab a pipe slice. I can wring a bit off there. By the way, yesterday I was at PHEX, the plumbing and heating exhibition down at Chelsea Football Grounds. And that was a good laugh, loads of people getting really drunk so my kind of people. Great to see some of
you down there, as well, enjoyed every minute, it was great. The people who had their
photos taken with us, send some in, maybe,
unless you wanna keep them for personal use. Anyway, right, so here we go. As you can see, this new
space that we’re gonna use is incredibly clean. God damnit. So the first thing you
need to realise, right, is that you cannot be
soldering onto this stuff here. This horrible paint and
that is going to stop any of your solder properly running around and getting a lovely cling
to the copper underneath, and even the copper’s
dulled, so I’d recommend you do this to pipe that doesn’t
even have paint on it, it just needs a bit of a clean. So this is the way I always do it. The first thing that I
always find really helps is basically, you heat this
beast up a little bit, okay? You see all that paint crackling on there? Now that is gonna make this
come off so much easier than what it did before. So that’s the first thing. Right, now, sometimes you
can grab the pipe here, with just a small set of grips, okay? And as you ring round this,
okay, and some of this, quite a lot of this excess
paint will come off. The best thing to do, I always find, is to grab yourself a
beautiful bit of emery cloth. Oh my God! Look at that emery cloth! Now we’re going to wind
it right about now. Look at that. Cleaning it down like
you’ve never seen it before, oh my God, that is amazing. See how clean that is? See how clean that pipe is underneath? You get all round the pipe, okay, we’re gonna give it a really, really good clean now,
a really good wipe-down. So as you can see here now,
this pipe is completely clean, and it looks amazing, and it’s
ready to be soldered onto. So, just gonna quickly cut
another bit of pipe off. Sometimes, you’re not
going to be able to get a torch round it very easily,
or something like that. You know, to get this sort of paint off, and sometimes as well,
the scorching can look a little bit shabby. But let’s face it, the
customer you’re really gonna work for is probably
goona wanna paint the pipe in the area you’re working on anyway. Now, for particularly
stubborn bits of paint, sometimes you’re gonna
need a file to get it off. So you can file around here like that. Just be careful when you’re
doing that, to not file a flap on the side of your
pipe, ’cause that could be an area where solder
can’t fill, and it could cause a leak. We’ve cleaned that little bit there, our little run of emery
cloth still going strong, so that’s okay. Look, I mean, emery cloth is the one. A lot of other plumbers also use dish-scouring pads, they can do. See, look at that, that
is absolutely amazing. Two beautiful lovely clean bits there. Always take a look around the back. Look at this piece here, that’s still got a small
amount of paint there so we have to take a good
look around to make sure that that’s not there, so
we’ll get that back on here, have a good look around
the pipe, sometimes you aren’t even gonna see it, or feel it. Perfect, it’s all gone now, ready to go. Now we’re ready to, for the sake of this, we’re just gonna wipe a little bit of lovely clean flux on here. Now we can pop our… Just a little bit of a
straight fitting on here, got another piece just here,
we’ll just give that a quick fluxing, and that fitting
is now ready to solder. It’s only 15mm, so we’re not
gonna want a lot of heat. Evenly heat up the whole fitting nicely, ’cause see, we’re still
getting a bit of burn there from any of the residual
paint, but you’d never have even got this to run earlier on. There she goes. Just like that, beautiful. Give that a little blow. We’re all good at blowing
around here, aren’t we? Ooh! Always give it a little
paint with a bit of flux, a little rub with the towel… There you go now, an
absolutely beautiful little fitting there. So you can see there,
that’s run round nicely now, that would never have done that, that would never have done that
if you’d had paint on there. While I’m here, I might
as well do the other side. The ‘ol one-handed “oh my
God, I need some more solder” trick. Look at that, because
it’s 15mm you can get away with heating up on one side, really. Always heat up on the bottom first, but we’ve all got our own
ways of soldering, haven’t we? You know what I mean? And don’t get me wrong,
I’m not a fool, alright? I know that soldering
when it’s not on a vice is lovely and easy, it doesn’t
get much easier than that, but yeah, this is just
an instructional video for the grunts out there
who don’t know how to solder a bit of copper
pipe with a bit of… Oh! With a bit of paint on there. So hopefully this will
give you a better idea of how to do it. So there we go, as you
can see, we’ve got an absolutely beautifully soldered
bit of copper pipe there. And there you go, you know, it’s amazing, I’m happy, you’re happy, the cat’s happy, he’s outside playing around. So I hope this video has
given you a better idea of how to actually solder
a little bit of copper pipe with paint on it. If you need any more help,
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so that might be the next one. I know they’re very very basic, but we also cover the more
in-depth parts of plumbing in our Ask The Plumbers when
you you guys ask us questions. Anyway, from me and from G, hold tight! – [Announcer]! Honest Reviews and Advice!

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