How to Repair Paint Stone Chips

How to Repair Paint Stone Chips

How to touch up stone chips
without making a mess This is quite a large stone chip. I chose it because it will show up on camera better. You will need: Polishing Compound Carnuba Wax 1500 grit wet & dry paper Water with a drop of dish soap Isopropyl Alcohol Paint and Lacquer to match your car Specialist touch up sticks I use clean water and a drop of dish soap, then I soak my 1500 grit wet and dry paper for a few minutes to soften Gently rub down the area around the stone chip, removing any loose paint. This also smooths the edge of the stone chip. I apply carnauba wax to the stone chip and area around it. This helps keep the paint in the stone chip Using Isopropyl Alcohol I remove the wax from the stone chip, but leave it on the surrounding area Apply a small amount of paint to your touch up stick, then using a dabbing motion slowly start to fill the stone chip. Use a hairdryer between coats. The paint will shrink during drying. Build up the paint slowly in layers, around 2-3 should do. Don’t worry about it being smooth. When you’re done with the paint layers add the clear lacquer. I do this in a thick coat to get a smooth surface. Again, dry with a hairdryer Using the 1500 grit wet and dry paper and water gently sand the surface to blend the repair. If you have any shiny spots like here, the paint is lower than the surface. I added a little more lacquer. Now, I use a medium polishing compound (by hand) to remove the sanding marks from the paint Although the stone chip can be seen, it’s alot less noticable to people who don’t know it was there.


  • Daniel Demarest says:

    Where do you get those brushes and what are they called exactly?

  • Tomer Tzur says:

    lol u took this entire process from ammo nyc

  • Tomer Tzur says:

    sorry not entire of it but some ideas

  • SeriousFox says:

    Thank you so much for the in-depth tutorial 🙂

  • Nig BKD says:

    hey great video. i have on tiny isolated stonechip about 2mm by 2mm beside my rear passenger window. should i use rust treatment before apply the paint and lacquer?

  • Hons Barrera says:

    No clear coat on top, or its not needed?

  • Harry Marshall says:

    Nice job. For smaller stone chips I'll be following this method but simply mixing the coloured paint and lacquer together. I doubt you'd let rust get anywhere near that car, but for the stone chips that have rust in them, what would you recommend to remove the rust? Just wet & dry on the end of a pencil, or will a rust converter (such as Kurust or Bilt Hamber Deox) be needed also?

  • T4nkc0mm4nd3r says:

    Fantastic job. Unfortunately I'll be repairing a chip this weekend…truck is barely a month old and I got a nasty hit down to the metal :/

  • bandgeekforever100 says:

    Without a clearcoat on that chip, the paint won't last as long. And you are supposed to use the polishing compound to smooth out the touch up area before applying the clear coat. And then polish again. Also, don't forget that it takes around one month for the clear coat to cure. So no waxing for a whole month. That also includes using soap with wax in it. I hope that helps some.

  • Paul D says:

    What polishing compound is used, I'm doing this on a black VW golf ?

  • Gotallofthem1 says:

    Here is a Tip, first Sand down around the paint chip with 1000 grit (use the back of a pencil eraser). You want to sand a little into the "un-chipped paint".

    Then follow with your step in filling in the paint chip, but when you clear coat make sure you add some into the 1000 grit sanded part (this will help with the blending). Once it is dry and hardened, follow up with light wet sand and buff.

  • Gotallofthem1 says:

    Is the clear coat that you are using "ACRYLIC Clear"? I imagine its that, and not 2k Clear.

  • ZDY says:

    How often should one detail out the storm chips? Drove mine for a year, and I live in an area with a lot of pebbles, there literally black dots all over the car and brown clay (or I assume tone clay, can't possibly be rust right? It's only a year old)

    Cayman GTS

  • Marko Duduković says:

    Wow, nice job! How long do you wait before applying lacquer over base paint? 🙂

  • 50hellkat2 says:

    I really wanted to see the wet sanding …..ff sakes….this is the most technical part.

  • CpnStbn12 says:

    Nice tip to use the fine tipped q tip. I even have some of those. Is the wax really important

  • Tiberiu Gherasim says:

    Thanks for the tips. I'll try it. The front or my R35 is like going through puberty

  • SpunkyZ3 says:

    Decent result but flattening will just remove the clear coat so it's not really an efficient way to do things. Have you tried pre-mixing the clear coat with the paint (about 75% paint, 25% clear coat) and applying in 1 step? Gives a good result and no issues with flattening the clear coat off.

  • Tolliver Smith says:

    where do you get your touch up sticks?

  • Ryan Li says:

    What is the title of the song used in this video

  • Malcolm Bale says:

    Try chipex from ultimate finish!!

  • T4nkc0mm4nd3r says:

    I've found Langka blob eliminator is extremely useful for leveling without damaging the surrounding clear coat.

    However, because I've skipped sanding at the start, on my black paint I can see the edges. Will redoing them and sanding at the start help reduce those lines?

  • Kimchijiji says:

    Liquid or paste carnuba wax? Whats more preferred so paint wont stick on unwanted areas?

  • Farseer1995 says:

    Damn, this is a really aptly shown step y step process. Great job!

  • PATRIOT MAN says:

    It doesn't even match. On a vehicle like that. THAT SUCKS!

  • randomrazr says:

    have u considered PPF

  • Very Good says:

    Very nice!

  • jason hitchings says:

    Awesome video and great advice 👍Just two quick questions. With using a heat gun, how long did you leave in-between the paint and lacquer stage and how long should I leave the lacquer to dry before polishing? Thanks in advance for any help.

  • AViT Madness says:

    Haha techmoan theme tune lol

  • Sir Antidote says:

    Fuck no. When 20 of those are done on the hood , hood will end up looking like a giraffe.

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