How To Repair Cat Scratches on Leather Furniture or Upholstery

How To Repair Cat Scratches on Leather Furniture or Upholstery

this is cat scratch damage on a genuine leather ottoman, and the
sandpaper super glue method is exceptional as well as very fast and easy for repairing
this we’re going to start with some super
glue and a toothpick and some various grits of sandpaper I like 320 to start you can also work with some 500 later
when you need to polish and I like to have a piece of cardboard or something to put your glue on in case you get messy so put a nice little blob there, have a
paper towel handy and grab a little bead, tiny amount, the key is to work with small amounts and find the flaps, anywhere you’ve got a little flap like this one, tack him down and if you if you get a little messy with the glue like I did right there just come in, quick swipe, tack everybody down the key is very small amounts of super
glue if you get too much glue spread across the surface of the leather it will obscure the the natural grain or texture and anywhere you have these little… these light spots are where the kind of polyurethane coating of the
leather has completely been scratched off and a little drop right in the middle on
that (it’s actually suede) and smooth it out will shore that up we have one more big flap here basically anything that you can feel
should be repaired but if you can’t really feel the damage, don’t repair it because the Rub ‘n Restore® dye will probably correct that so I’ve got my 320 and I’m going to sand
in the general direction of the damage very gently you can see I’m tearing that
up right there I didn’t get enough glue on him come back in and tack him down a little
more thoroughly put some pressure on there, wipe off the
excess maybe I need a gentler grit sandpaper if you find that you’re tearing up the surface, go with a finer grade so this feels a lot better, a little rough here still but you know, that may be all you need if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it so I’m going to bring in my Rub ‘n Restore® dye put on a glove to preserve my really nice manicure and I’ve already got a damp sponge handy we’re going to change this this ottoman is sort of a walnut, chocolatey brown color but we want to go with mahogany and slop some dye on there ok so now we’re getting a more accurate
reading of what our repair looks like allow this to dry and from my angle I can still see some
pits and some valleys so I’m going to come back with my
toothpick and I think I’m gonna work with 500 grit this time because it’s gentler and i’m just gonna put some little tiny blobs and this is where your paper towel is handy too to just kind of pat it all out, to texturize it so that’s what I’m gonna do is very gently and gently sand actually I wasn’t standing that gently oh! but that feels lovely okay come over to these guys now these guys were too deep as well now I’m just loading it on but i’m going to end up taking most of it off with a paper towel or at least spreading it out, feathering it so it it looks really nice when the dust from the leather catalyzes
it and it won’t look any worse than just a natural cattle scar that feels great, and of course, the proof
in the pudding is when your dye it does it look great? and dry


  • C. Green says:

    Can I use this method on bonded leather?

  • rafaelg45 says:

    my solution is to get rid of the cat first and then repair so it does not happen again.

  • Cuppy Cake says:

    would this work on faux leather couches. I barely purchased a couch two days ago. my cat tried using the side as a scratching post. well they are moving out to my grandma's house a hour away. I'd love to fix it. please help

  • Jeremy J says:

    Nice work. You're cute.

  • Fornax Epsilon says:

    Hello. Very good videos.
    Please recomemd me a video to learn how to repair big holes on an exercise bench for weights. Thx.

  • Hassan Qais says:

    Hey I have red leather but idk what it's called what supplies do I need ?

  • Andrew says:


  • Jerry Jacques says:

    My little shit scratched the fuck out of my $2000 sofa. She will soon be evicted

  • scrappy Queen says:

    My ass might be saved after all!!

  • Raborn Law, LLC ladylaw says:

    If you’d wait for the super glue to dry you wouldn’t have plucked it back up sanding.

  • Kasie Castleberry says:

    You're a goddess. You could be a wet rag and these videos/products would be INVALUABLE for myself and my business… However .. your low key sarcasm and dry sense of humor is a kind of comfort food for the dark soul that dwells within me. Namaste, dude. 😑🙏🏼

  • Maurice Baker says:

    I’m just getting rid of the cat 😠 I can’t stand how she is just destroying my things smh I’ve bought everything that a cat could ever want and she still fucking with my shit.

  • Ana Marin says:


  • Elizabeth Sheil says:

    Would this technique work on leather shoes too?

  • Tam D says:

    I have a lot of cracking, cat scratches and a tear in a section of a chaise lounge where our feet sit, so I think it's also just damage from wear and tear and dirt and oils over the years,.

    The leather is quite damaged though, so would you recommend flexible filler like you use in your "repairing a hole" video and just lather it on to fill up the scratches?

    I'm concerned super glue would crack out or not work well with so much cracking and scratches. Also is the flexible filler actually a long term fix as it is made out to be?

    Thanks for your videos, they're great.

  • James Soltis says:

    That's frigging amazing!

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