How to Repair Car Paint Damage : How to Color Sand a Car’s Paint Job

How to Repair Car Paint Damage : How to Color Sand a Car’s Paint Job

Hi, I’m Doug I work with 20 great guys in
St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods and we are going to do some work for your
today on Expert Village. Dan has finished painting the piece. You saw being clear coated
and now he is doing a final color sand and buff. When you apply the clear coat in the
booth, it comes out very nice. It lays down really sleeks, it looks really nice like a
new car. But this is custom car, it is a hot rod, it has to be done better then a new car.
So Dan takes 2000 girt sand paper after the clear coat has had a chance to dry overnight
or so. You don’t want it to dry for 2 weeks but you want to let it dry for at least 10-12
hours. Then he color sands it to get any slight affection out of the clear. There would be
little bits of dust that has to be dealt with. There might be some runs that get in the clear
coat you can sand those runs out. There might be a orange peel the texture of clear when
it dries sometimes it is not absolutely glass smooth. So he takes 2000 grits sand paper
and knocks that texture out of it.


  • tbirdpimp07 says:

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  • yusufer5000 says:

    lmao, "My shit doesn't run."

  • retrogazele says:

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  • Gasdrinker says:

    I think we can all agree, when using 2000 grit sandpaper, your not attempting to remove "runs" and anyone that is good at painting it is an insult to even project that they would have "runs" to remove. This step is basically to remove any "orange peel" before the final wax,

  • Franky2369 says:

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  • Franky2369 says:

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  • jcadlols says:

    @Gasdrinker Texture, orange peel is a different thing altogether.

  • jcadlols says:

    @apotts32 Rust can look bubbly, kind of like the surface of an orange. But what I believe is called orange peel, is where the top coat reacts with the primer and gives a lumpy, bubbly texture. All new paint jobs will have a texture to them as that's how they come off the gun and this video incorrectly (in my opinion) calls that orange peel. The important thing to note is that factory paint is usually too thin to safely colour sand, so it's better to do it to a custom paint job.

  • JMBTV3 says:

    I love how the guy sanding is shaking his head like "dude my shit doesn't have runs", lol

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