How to remove paint from metal with the Norton Mini Angle Grinder

So today, i’m here to show you how to remove rust and paint from carbon steel and difficult to reach places using a Norton Mini Angle Grinder alongside the Blaze Rapid Strip disc. So, this is the Norton Mini Angle Grinder as you’ll notice, it’s small and compact but it’s very powerful and it’s going to enable us to take off this paint and rust really, really quickly The beauty of it is, due to its size, we’re able to get into difficult-to-access areas such as areas like this, around here and around here the body of the tool is not going to get in the way conventional angle grinders just cannot do this But first of all, you need to stick your disc to the back up pad Now we have a full range of different types of back up pads for every application The smaller 25mm pad can be used When you need the edge of the disc to flex a little For softer applications or parts with contours and complex geometry If you need the disc to act more aggressively, then use the larger 50mm pad which supports the whole disc, enabling it to act much firmer with very little give But before we start, let’s make sure we’ re doing this safely So make sure you have your safety glasses, your ear defenders, and because we’re doing paint, a dust mask also. Right, let’s get going. Norton Blaze Rapid Strip SpeedLok discs are ideal for removing coatings on a variety of surfaces including carbon steel. With an open web construction for an aggressive cut without loading The thick, strong synthetic fibres and extra coarse ceramic grain efficiently removes rust, weld spatter, and scale It can be used at a 10-15 degree angle, to quickly eliminate coatings And corrosion with minimal stock removal The disc cleans the surface thoroughly And leaves the surface ready for coating, painting or welding. It’s a truly versatile product, as you can achieve a more aggressive cut as you increase the pressure The high performance ceramic alumina grain, offers a faster cut And doubles product life compared to competitor products It’s comfortable to use without damaging or gouging the workpiece As long as you only apply light pressure So, we have removed all of the rust and paint Leaving a clean surface so we can carry out further work if necessary The Norton Mini Angle Grinder and the Blaze Rapid Strip product Are a great combination together and deliver really great results For more information about our products, please visit our website

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