How to Prepare for Intober in 2019! (Planning, Tools, Prompts and Advice for Beginners!)

How to Prepare for Intober in 2019! (Planning, Tools, Prompts and Advice for Beginners!)

if you are an artist or creator you most
likely would have heard about inktober with inktober just around the corner
you might be wondering should I join inktober in 2019 and what can I do to
prepare for this in today’s video I’m going to be telling you everything you
need to know about inktober how to repair for it and should you join it in
2019 hi everyone my name is midnight cross and welcome back to my channel in
today’s video I’m going to be giving you some tips about inktober
should you join it in 2019 and answering some commonly asked intober questions
that you guys may be wondering weave interpret just around the corner you
guys might be wondering a lot of things about how to join in turbo what to do
with it where to begin I know that as a beginner there quite a lot of questions
you might be wondering about inktober so today I’m going to be talking about
these things giving you tips about what tools to use and how to prepare for it
to make the most of this awesome challenge and get the most of it and how
to improve your art over the course of this if you enjoy this video and this
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so as the title of the challenge suggests inktober is a challenge where
artists challenge themselves to draw one ink drawing every day for the month of
October this was a challenge created by fellow artist Jake Parker and on his
website he has an official prompt list for inktober for this year and so a lot
of artists follow these official prompt lists but some artists like to create
their own prompts or even go it day-by-day but the whole purpose of this
entire challenge is to really promote improvement for artists by drawing
something every single day the reason why some artists might be hesitant to
join it is I know it can be rather daunting for some new artists because
the thought of creating something every single day can be a lot of work and it
might put pressure on some creators however the whole purpose for the
challenge is to promote improvement in artists so this is why a lot of artists
and it’s important that if you do choose to joining tomar you really need to
focus on the act of using it as a method to improve and practice different inking
styles rather than something that you have to really be strict about and
strict about following all these deadlines know that if you do join
inktober you don’t have to be super strict with it if you want to create
digitally inked art then go for it if you want to create your aren’t prongs
then you can do that too if you want to skip days then you can even do that
there is no real strict restrictions on it it’s just an event and a challenge
that artists like to challenge themselves with in order to practice and
consistently improve their art over the course of the month inktober is supposed
to be a fun challenge so don’t overthink things and stress yourself out and give
yourself up block by overthinking things it’s nothing that has to be stressed out
about another great reason why you should join inktober in 2019 is it can
really help promote yourself as an artist if you’re struggling to get your
artwork out there and nothing seems to be working inktober is a great trending
topic that you can create art for consistently to really get your art out
there the hash tags hash tag in turbo and hash tag inked over 2019 on the main
hash tags fullest event that are really really going to help you to promote your
art work and get it out there to a wider audience also just in general posting a
lot can really really help your art to stand out more so this is why inktober
can also help artists to get their work out there and it’s another reason why
you should consider joining heaps however in 2019 inktober is also a great
way to get out of your comfort zone I know if the prompts there are things
that I would not normally think about and so by following the official prompts
it makes me think about different things that I wouldn’t have normally thought
about before so this really helps me to get out of my comfort zone it also gives
you the opportunity to be creative and think of something unique and different
every single time so now that I have given some reasons why you should
consider joining inked over this year I’m going to be talking about some
things that you may need to help prepare you for this event so one common
controversy with inked era is that digital art is not
now this opinion differs from art of different artists but I personally
believe that digital art is fine it is still a full of inking and as I
mentioned in the beginning inktober is to focus on improving your art so it
doesn’t necessarily mean the medium if you want to improve with digital inking
then definitely go with that do whatever feels best for you and what you want to
improve with however since most of you will most likely be focusing on
traditional art I want to talk about some traditional tools that you can use
to help you get through this inktober and some tools that I would personally
recommend so first of all look at your paper I’m going to be using this a5
Windsor and Newton sketchbook it’s already something that I do have a few
pictures in as you can see I’ve already got a few drawings in here but I have a
lot of blank pages in this as well and I note from using it it’s a really really
great sketchbook be aware that whatever paper you choose make sure it is not
paper that is going to have the ink bleed through it this paper is thick
enough from me testing it that I know that the ink is not going to leak
through but you need to really test different kinds of paper and decide
whether the ink is going to work on that paper close its inktober you don’t want
to have people that’s going to have the ink bleed through that defeats the
purpose also be aware that if you’re drawing something every day a smaller
piece of paper is probably going to be better which is why I decided to use it
a5 sketchbook rather than and a full sketchbook so think about that as well
when you are making your decision on what kind of paper you want to use so
with your inktober drawings as well you may want to have some pencil sketches
underneath now I’m going to be using my mechanical pencil which is a favorite
castile pencil but you can use any mechanical pencils you want but the
reason why I use mechanical pencils is because since the nib is really really
small you can see that I’m doing like the makeup artist on line
I’m a bigger see so even though so the nib is really really tiny and this house
to create final lines which are going to be easier to erase or remove from the
ink drawing altogether so I’d recommend mechanical pencils over anything else if
you want to have pencil under lines underneath your drawings so when your
pens you a main kind of inking pen that you’re
going to be able to use consistently for your drawings in inktober now I’m going
to be using art line 200 and 220 pens they outline 200 pens 0.4 which is a
really fine nib and then the art line through 20 have a 0.2 nib so this really
really helped and they draw different kinds of thin lines they’re my favorite
pens to use when inking because I’ve used them for a long time and I know
they create really really good effect but try different kinds of inking pens
and decide which pens work for you before you get to October some people
like Sakura micron pens and other people like copic multiliners so really try a
number of different inking pens and see which ones work for you with this you
may also want a thicker pen with thicker lines now I actually don’t have one of
these because I don’t plan on drawing large dark areas but if you want to use
a bigger pen to draw a large dark areas then you may want to look at this don’t
use Sharpie or big markers because I know if experience since they’re
permanent markers they do bleed through and it can cause a lot of problems
so whatever thicker pen you use definitely test it beforehand on a small
piece of paper before going in with your whole drawing because it’d be terrible
if something happened and the ink bled through onto another drawing so it’d be
really really careful I recommend as well you look at pens with a brush tip
rather than pens with a permanent marker tip because the brush tip pens may be
more likely to not believe through your paper onto the other one so just keep
that in mind they also want some smaller color pens I also have these gold and
silver metallic pens which really add a lovely effect this is a uni-ball signo
and I think this is of this is hybrid gel group I never I even noticed the
brands until today but I just love these pens so they are really really nice for
adding a certain pop to my drawings so think about if there are any kinds of
colored pens you want or anything else like Copic markers or anything like that
that you want to use on your drawings so having a white gel pen can help as well
if you want to add some areas this is also a hybrid gel grip pen
which really helps to add some white affects your drawings but you can also
use just plain whiteout or even white acrylic paint to add some highlights to
your drawings I also want to say if you’re thinking about inking your
drawings you can even try the really traditional method of using bottles of
ink and nibs however be careful with this because you’re not experienced you
really want to be careful with this I know there are a lot of difficulties
with doing it in this method so just try out a few different things and see what
works for you so don’t forget things like rulers or no smudge erasers for
your work because these are also very very important and can definitely help
you so before October gets here there are
some things you can do to prepare so the first thing you can do is plan at least
have a look at these prompts you want to use the official prompts or you can make
your own and then maybe just write some notes or sketch out some drafts of any
ideas you may have it can really help to get inspired first before waiting for
October and rushing in with your ideas then this is also the time to decide if
you want to follow the official prompts or create your own or work as you go
along but really planning it out first can definitely help you during this
because I know it can be easy to get art blog once October actually gets there
and you’re trying to create consistently every day so definitely plan things out
just so you don’t get caught in that art block and you have ideas every single
day to really make inktober a success my next tip is find inspiration maybe
collect a lot of images and put them in a folder on your computer for
inspiration uses if you need inspiration fast and you find that you’re getting a
bit blocked you can refer to that you can also go through the prompts and
think about any images you might think of as you look at them and put those in
the folder as well this can really really help you and help you avoid
getting stuck my next tip is set up a strategy by there’s I mean work out a
plan about how you will actually do this you can might want to draw and create in
the morning or you might want to draw and create in the evening maybe you’ll
work on it during breaks at school or work but whatever it is set up a plan
how you are actually going to accomplish completing a single drawing every day
also think about the things you may need to accommodate for if there is something
you have planned later in October that may stop you or you may want to plan in
advance for those days by this I mean you could just sketch those days or work
on those days earlier just so you know it won’t be stressful to complete them
but when that time comes inktober is not supposed to be stressful it is supposed
to be a fun challenge my next tip is find a theme and stick to it even if you
follow the prompts having a certain theme helps you might want to focus on
drawing mostly OCS or having a similar color scheme throughout your entire
inktober drawings but this is really going to help your art stay consistent
help it stay in the same style and it will also help it stand out to people
looking at your inktober art as well my next tip is start practicing now this is
not completely necessary but if you are unsure about what inking techniques you
want to use it might help to practice a little bit beforehand maybe try some
different pens or hatching methods or different kinds of paper whatever it is
just start practicing now and try out a few different things also research old
ink Tobi’s this can really help you to get ideas and see what kinds of things
people have created in the past I would recommend going onto social media sites
and checking hashtags such as hashtag inktober 2018 or hashtag into inktober
2017 to see the older drawings and get
inspired so now that I have talked about what you can do to actually prepare now
I want to talk about some things that you can do for in inktober is actually
here the first thing is balance detailed art with simple art you don’t have to
draw something detailed every day because I know this can get rather
stressful especially if you are really trying to put in all of those details
every drawing so balance it out every single day by having one detail drawing
one day and one more simplistic drawing the other day and this way you won’t get
burned out or you will be less likely to get up blocked so try something new inktober is an
opportunity to practice try and get out of your comfort zone and draw something
you may struggle with it’s always great to try something new and this might be
during male characters or drawing hands because I know those are two things I
struggle with so I’ll also be focusing on those and trying to improve myself
but this is such a great opportunity to improve I would definitely recommend you
try something new and take this opportunity to get out of your comfort
zone the next thing I want to talk about is look at the inktober hashtags for
support it can be really motivating to see other artists in your community as
well working on the same things that you are and going along the same journey
because a lot as we’re all going on the same journey and it can be super
inspiring to see what other people create over the course of this also as I
mentioned the beginning try to keep things simple you don’t need to go
over-the-top in your daily inking even on the more detailed stuff you can just
keep it simple as I said in Trevor’s supposed to be fun
it is not supposed to be something that’s going to stress you out and I’ll
motivate you when it is really supposed to motivate you now as my bonus tip you
could even work on a comic or manga for your interval I know many of you who are
currently subscribed to my channel I’ll make a creators like me so inktober is a
fantastic opportunity to really put in the work for your mega I know that it is
one thing that really really helps with my manga as well but for this challenge
I’m going to be focusing on my traditional art because traditional
inking is something I really want to improve but whether your manga is a
digital manga or traditional manga inktober can be a great opportunity to
try practicing at that manga everyday and see improvement in your inking
techniques so definitely keep that in mind if you are a manga creator like me
and you want to improve your inking it can definitely help
not to mention inktober is a fantastic opportunity to really put in the work
for your manga and show it to other artists so if you are currently creating
your manga or are considering starting one inktober is a great time to begin
why wait until later when you could start putting in the work
in your manga Nell so thank you so much for watching my videos today everyone I
really hope you enjoyed it if you did please let me know in the comment
section down below I really hope this helped you prepare
for inked Hertha before it arrives because I’m really excited for you Tyra
and I can’t wait to see what you guys create so again thank you so much for
watching and I’ll see you in the next video bye


  • KyleDoesStuffSometimes - says:

    My mom does Inktobober every year, she seems to really enjoy it

  • MsArt Garden says:

    I've never had the dedication to do Inktober haha. But I do like to draw things for Halloween from time to time. I'm sure many people will find these tips super helpful to get through Inktober. 🙂

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