How to Prepare Cardboard for Acrylic Painting || Art Tips

How to Prepare Cardboard for Acrylic Painting || Art Tips

Hi everyone! Today I’m showing you how to prepare a piece
of cardboard for painting. Cardboard works for both acrylic and oil painting
and you might want to use it instead of canvas, board, wood or paper to save money or to be
more environmentally friendly. I get my cardboard from used paper blocks,
for example. If you paint straight onto the cardboard,
it will soak up the paint and you’ll have the paint many layers to achieve opaque colors. So, it’s best to prime the cardboard first
using gesso. The gesso I use is white, Liquitex Basics
acrylic gesso and I’ll link it below, if you’re interested. But if you want the color of the cardboard
to show after priming it, you can use clear gesso or some other transparent acrylic medium
instead. Use a large, flat brush or a sponge to apply
the gesso. Two layers are usually recommended. One vertical and one horizontal. And then just let the gesso dry before painting
on it. The instructions of this gesso say to let
it dry for 24 hours, but I don’t usually wait that long. If you think the surface is too rough, you
can also sand it down lightly after it’s dry. Check out my channel for more art tips and
speed paintings and thanks for watching!


  • Ivy Lily Creative says:

    You can use the same method to prepare wood, canvas (if it's not already primed) or plastic for painting.

  • LagiNaLangAko23 says:

    This is one reason I can't start painting, gesso is fuckin expensive where I live. $20 is not cheap where I'm at.

  • Ivy Lily Creative says:

    If you like this video, subscribe for more art and tutorial videos:

  • Babbs Fangirl says:

    Hi! Great video! New subscriber here. What grit sand paper do you use?

  • L. L. says:

    Hei, mistä suomessa saa gessoa ja tarviiko tollasta maalia etsiä taidekaupoista vai saako mistään isommasta liikkeestä?

  • Johnson Family Life says:

    Can that paint dry outside in less then 7 hours ? Or should I wait 24 hours. I'm decorating Mickey mouse boxes for my daughter's birthday. I will sit them outside.

  • William Tatum says:

    I drew on my piece of cardboard beforehand and happened to really like it, is there anything you can recommend to me in order to keep my original drawing and paint it without having to gesso it and start all over??

  • hipretty says:

    @Ivy Lily Creative Very helpful video….It always seemed such a terrible waste to not take advantage of that thick cardboard in paper pads! Thank you!

  • Ivy Lily Creative says:

    New video! Do you HAVE TO prime cardboard before painting:
    How to REUSE an old canvas for a new painting:

  • Stavros L says:

    I've tried applying gesso on thin cardboard and foamboard with many different brushes, but the brush strokes are visible. How can I apply the gesso without the brush strokes showing? The reason i got gesso in the first place was because the acrylic paint wouldn't stick on the surface (there were brush strokes in that instance as well), but now another problem appeared…

  • pixelgecko says:

    will gesso or acrylic paint warp the cardboard?

  • priya bhatnagar says:

    hi, is it possible to paint a cardboard without priming it? Can a 2 or 3 layers of acrylic paint without gesso work on a cardboard?

  • Manisha's Innovative Creations says:

    i read all comments, its not here. I want to use cardboard only for practising but in a proper way for online tutorial but I do not want to waste gesso on it. gesso is expensive here.
    is there any way to use in place of gesso or what can be used in place of gesso ?

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