How to Play Paintball: Strategy Tips : Sniper’s Nest at Paintball Fields

How to Play Paintball: Strategy Tips : Sniper’s Nest at Paintball Fields

This feature is one that gives you tactical
advantage. This is a sniper’s nest and the higher you can get up off the ground the more
of the area you can see. The more of the enemy you can see. This again like a bunker it is
critical that you have someone on the ground who is also covering you because if the opposing
team gets right here you are pretty much done in. One of the things to remember is once
the sniper nest has been exposed you are the most high visibility target in the area of


  • minnie9452 says:

    y cant u go paintballing?

  • maximuslt90 says:

    tippmann x7, but its basic, checkout my gearbag vid and you will see what mine looks like

  • xboxman4 says:

    y is he shooting at nothing?

  • dav1dh0ff says:

    people have been killed by flying paintball co2 tanks when the valve came off. but it's rare, and the new ones have safety valves that bleed off pressure before it can unscrew all the way.

  • mars3554 says:

    There is so much wrong with this video. You are essentially making yourself an easier target for players to light up. Modern day military strategy is useless for woodsball. You'd have better luck with civil war era tactics.

  • Adrian Caesar says:

    do people remember the classic low visibility way???find a good spot(not too high for low visibility but good enough to increase your range of vision). it also needs to have some sort of camo!!

  • Adrian Caesar says:

    no need 4 da bitch ass comment sob. dis was from 5 months ago.

  • mars3554 says:


    That was 6 months ago. You must have a thing for strategy.

    I stand by what I said. Modern day military strategies are not designed for weapons that fire a sealed liquid capsule in a parabolic arc at 300 fps with an effective range no more than 70ft. Nor does it it assume every infantry has 300 rounds of ammunition in a magazine.

    It would be like playing war games with Nerf guns.

    I hope you had as much fun imagining that last part as I did laughing at it.


  • mars3554 says:


    Oh wow, looks like I have a stalker now. Better start watching myself.

    My argument is that you design plans knowing what equipment you are working with.

    Bullets and Paint are different, stamped steel and plastic moldings are different, solenoids and striking hammers are different. Liquid gas expansion and combustion are different.

    It's funny that you're telling me to get actual.

    Oh and your flattery will get you no where with me.


  • mars3554 says:

    Hahaha. yeah sure. If you say so then it must be true right.

    Dreaming is nice isn't it.

  • Adrian Caesar says:

    how the fuck was it a dumbass comment? so u think being in a fuckin sniper nest is smarter than something a little less obvious? if u do than u shouldnt reply to this. and i dont feel like wasting my time talkin about an old ass comment. thats what is has 2 do with how old it is.

  • Adrian Caesar says:

    i was sayin dont waste both of our lives replying on an old ass comment. and its not like i was talking like i was some kind of pro. the vid is basically sayin the opposite of what a smart person would do. thats the only reason i even said anything.

  • schnips074 says:

    What he didn't mention is that it only takes one guy with a fast gun to put your head down while a bunch of enemies rush you and light you up as soon as you poke your little head out. Being up in a tree is suicide in paintball because you can not move anywhere and are a sitting duck.

  • foughtwolf says:

    Rule number one for anyone wanting to play sniper, dont get in the sniper nest. Everyone looks in it.

  • Junos88 says:

    Dont go to the nest…stay near it, but hiden. People will look at the top of the nest, not to its surroundings, and, after they see its empty, they don't look again.

  • Liz Gifford says:

    worst. sniper nest. ever.

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