How to Play Paintball : Safety Tips for Paintballing

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Dan Foss and
I am here to talk about paint ball. I am here to talk to you about safety and one thing
I want to tell everybody is to make sure that you are using either a barrel plug like this
one or a barrel sleeve to lower your barrel. It hooks back here so if you ever fire a shot
and it hits someone who is camping or someone who is not equipped for it. The other thing
is if you want to wear a mask or goggles, something with a side shield or visor. Try
to keep them clean. We use Windex. do not use anything abrasive. You never want to take
these off in the field, you want to leave them on at all times. As I said before these
are only rated 325 feet per second and some of those markers if they are not cronode,
you will be shooting at 350 and it will crack these lens and paint can get into your eyes
and it will hurt you. This is in paint ball and this one is a kind of see through wire
and we use these goggles when we are out air soft playing with 6 millimeter bee bees something
that is not like paint or it will break, it’s a 6 millimeter bee bee and we have safety
glasses if you don’t want to wear these. That is the main thing is to protect your eyes.
When you are putting your liquid CO2 on, there has been a couple of incidents where people
have been killed by these brass fittings here. When you are out playing and you are done,
there is a lot of gas and a lot of pressure in here. This is rated over 1,800 PSI and
it has a burst disc on it rated for 3,000 PSI. Hopefully this will blow first before
the bottle blows. When most bottles get to 350 degrees they will start to warp and bulge
so you don’t want to leave them laying around in the trunk of your car or underneath some
glass. When you are taking the bottle off make sure that when you are unscrewing the
bottle that this brass thing comes off with the bottle. What has happened in the past
is they would unscrew the bottle, this piece would stay on the marker, the bottle takes
off and it will hit someone in the head and it can kill them. So this can be very dangerous,
you never want to mess with these bottles outside of putting them on the marker and
taking them off. When we’re out playing we like to kill. A kill to us is a quarter of
a size splat with a 68 caliber. When you are out playing we want to try to hit people in
the torso. What we have is one shot and one kill on any part of the body. There are a
lot of rules that people play with like one shot in the torso and one shot in the limb
so you have one shot, two shot deal so you want to try to hit in the torso area or in
the buttocks but never in the head, side of the head or the private parts because you
don’t need an extra ball there.

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