How to Play Paintball : How to Upgrade Your Paintball Markers

How to Play Paintball : How to Upgrade Your Paintball Markers

On behalf of Expert Village I am Dan Foss
and I am here to tell you about paintball. What I have here is a basic Tippmann A5 and
this is a digital camel field marker that can be upgraded. There are so many upgrades
you can do with this one. My boys especially liked this one because they liked the feel
of it, how it handles, and how it fired. They liked the upgrades and that you are able to
keep up with any marker up there. Some of the upgrades are that you can take the barrel
off and this barrel will get you out about 125 feet and we are going to do what we call
a flat line barrel which is this one here and it will get you out to 250 feet. The next
thing we are going to add is an expandable stock. Instead of having no stock you have
it more like a rifle. You can close it up for close combat action if you want to be
close in. We have a low profile feed hopper that reduces the one that comes with this
hopper down a bit so you can see where you are going. The other thing is we like the
response trigger which is a double trigger and we put those on there.


  • NoName says:

    rofl that made me laugh…. "Or a response trigger which is a double trigger on there" lmao thats awesome

  • JimmyyyD says:

    this guy has no idea what he is talking about

  • Adam Chase says:

    where are u int country

  • E-Rock Trader says:

    i just played my first paintball game yesterday and it was so awesome. im intrestested in geting a paintball rifle. not just a gun but a rifle thats almost like special forces style. can someone tell me what are some good brands i should go w/. i want it to last a long time. my price range is 300-350$

  • Ethan Harris says:

    Tippmann A-5 would be your best bet. There are things you can get to make it look like an AK-47, M-16, and so on and so forth.

  • KH2fanatic2010 says:

    im a paintball noob

    wats PSI?

  • Sempart says:

    if im not mistaken, the sign says arizona :p

  • Derek Ono says:

    No. Your tippmann is probably some gay piece of crap. X7's are stupid, you put like 400 bucks into them just to get stupid cosmetic upgrades that make it more bulky and heavy… at least it makes your gun look pretty. The gun's aren't fragile at all, unless you're a dumb piece of crap and take a hack saw to it.

  • bradd1212 says:

    you guys are wasting your time, nobody wins on the internet if you have something to settle, settle it on the field, and stop cluttering up the comments with your worthless arguing, coolguy506 your obviously a bit selfconsience about your gun that you go to great lenghts just to try and prove that yours is better, you dont need to prove it to anybody

  • Derek Ono says:

    I never tried to prove anything, just disprove that X7's or any tippmann are worth getting. I never even said I owned a paintball marker. Guns are personal preference I hate when cosmetic upgrades are confused with practical upgrades. Also, don't be a hypocrite, you're wasting your time away as you speak.

  • Thomas Howard says:

    i would love to get to get a paintball sniper but i cant any good ones near citrus heights.can snipers be upgraded and where could i buy i gilly suit.

  • david roy says:

    why is this guy so dumb oh yea prob never even played paintball

  • Maloney Bologna says:

    id say a speedball marker is better no matter where you are… it has a higher rate of fire (usually), is smaller and lighter (usually), and it takes air, which some woods guns do not…

  • Maloney Bologna says:

    go play speedball and then come back here and say that

  • nukelove50 says:

    Get the a5 if u get the e grip, otherwise get the vs1

  • Maloney Bologna says:


  • oreosoccer says:

    a5 definitely

  • narnianhero says:

    The A-5 is nice for scenarios and woods, but it might lag a bit in speedball where rate of fire becomes more important than accuracy.

  • Phillip G says:

    what do you think is better, apex or flat line

  • Liger0Jager says:

    I prefer the walking trigger i use it.

  • KYkMan says:

    tippmann freak right here…

    I hate people like this that only know about tippmanns and praise the hell out of them…

  • xxxMRXXXxxx says:

    you are so right

  • EagleofTorment says:

    cept me…for now i use my stock x7. but i may get a RT soon

  • EagleofTorment says:

    RT isn't a double trigger, dude.. its a piston firing thing behind the normal trigger. pretty much makes it super sensitive to you can achieve high rates of fire.

  • EagleofTorment says:

    Yep, but it depends if you you want an actual double trigger or the response trigger.

  • CrewNYC says:

    Dump the flatline and go Apex. You'll see a big difference. Response trigger is nice but I prefer the e-grip.

  • Calum Hill says:

    is my gun gd its a bt-4com with a stork spiper barrell laser scope reply plz

  • Tom Hanks says:

    respose triggers arnt illeagal..

  • 3wheeler016 says:

    a response trigger is just a system that uses the air hooked up to the gun to push the trigger back to you faster so that you can pull it again and therefore fire faster. it does not make it full auto.

  • Greg Muller says:

    response trigger is not a double trigger lol

  • Michael Gervais says:

    response triger sucks.

    at my local pro shop they actually recomand not to buy a gun with response triger they just say get one with e triger for like extra $30 if cant afford it buy just regular semi and save your money and start slowly upgradeing your marker.

  • Tom Hanks says:

    i live in bc here they arent illegal just saying

  • Tom Hanks says:

    well if u new that yd u have to negative my comment?

  • geod5 says:

    i got a response triger and stick need flatline !!!

  • Sergio Castillo says:

    what paintball gun do you recomendme the Tippmann 98 custom or the Tippmann 98 custom Pro, bouths are platinum series ???

  • Kenny Nguyen says:

    fuck them
    if your gonna spend 200 bucks on a gun get a proto slg they are faster more reliable lighter and more accurate and use less air that will save you money

  • IsaaxTeddy says:

    seriously dudes, I know you guys are the experts, what paintball marker brand do you guys recommend for a noob like me?

  • xDaRk0psx says:

    a respone trigger is definitly not a double trigger

  • dariunas says:

    Good point !

    To expand on this difference which is big

    Response trigger is a complex trigger setup which allows 3 round bursts and more automatic firing

    Double trigger is a simple upgrade like a double bass pedal on drum kit, you learn to use two fingers in tandem to increase firing rate (also called 'walking the trigger).

  • dariunas says:

    Tippmann are strong durable, very upgradable guns. I love my 98C to bits… but I know it's not the best I can get for the money.

    What these guys are saying is probably right. The Tippmann is highly dependable and good for straight woodsballing.

    But straight out the box? There are now better markers for the money. Ions are a good alternative.

  • Sean Sinclair says:

    The second part is copyrighted.How gay!

  • dariunas says:

    You sure?

    You can do three round bursts with it too… this I know for certain. A screw adjusts the gas inlet to the system and you just have to practice with the pressure you apply to the trigger to 'get' the 3 round burst…

  • dariunas says:

    Er… relax with the caps man… 😮

    …I don't remember saying there was a magic button saying "Push here for 3 round burst" lol. I just said you could do 3 round bursts with it. I know it can do full auto also through the same method of adjusting the inlet screw (although it can certainly push out more than 8 or even 10/sec)

  • cjwalsh7 says:

    you can install them yourself, you dont need to go to an airsmith.

  • Konrad Hansen says:

    can u put a flat line barrel on a m107 version of this gun or do you have to take off the barrel shroud??

  • Robot0Ninja says:

    wow, how can an expert say an a-5 is good. My 35 dollar jt tetra (first gun i bought, i will never give it up, i have lots more markers though) is more reliable and would whoop that. U can have that and when i light u up using my dm8, your "low profile" larger then a regulation size football will break and you will be in pain, hahahaha. Why upgrade a 200 dollar gun with $400 of accessories when you can buy a stock bob long with that.

  • john gillis says:

    My Tippmann X7 can shoot 30BPS and NEVER chops. and a jt tetra is a piece of shit. An A-5 is so much better, more reliable, more customizable, faster, easy to dissasemble. Maybe your should realize Robot0Ninja than not everyone is gay for speedball like you are.

  • Robot0Ninja says:

    no he wouldnt, hes not used to the pump, so he wouldnt know where the ball would go. All u would have to do is a run by. I agree with you half way, it is a lot of the player, but it helps to have a good gun. My friend and i have been playing together for 5 years now and he still has an a-5, were just as good as eachother, but when i use my dm, an 8 bps gun cant really stand up 2 it.

  • Robot0Ninja says:

    yeah, i know its a peice of shit, but an a-5 is defiantely not faster. I shoot 18 bps with my tetra on semi, and i play scenario and speed, and y r u getting defensive? I didnt say a tetra is better than an x7, jst an a-5 and 98. I know for a fact your x7 is better than my tetra, i just use it because i would rather spend more money on scenario.

  • Handgun777 says:

    common spyder tippman & Bt r da best so stop talkin' shit Robot0Ninja youve been seeing too many cartoons?

  • scalways says:

    Get a GEO or LUXE

  • MrHoward93 says:

    tiberius, mabybe, but spyder na. 3 of mye friends use spyder and every time we play the ball breaks in the gun, it stops fireing, it falls apart, etc and i have no problem whit my tippmann A-5.

  • howyadoin434 says:

    ive played with some rich noobs who spent like 500 dollars on their guns and slaughtered them with my 98 so the only thing a super expensive gun is going to do for you is make you look pretty

  • Jeremy Stewart says:

    nice vids and do u have a site for selling markers?

  • RYAN Last says:

    the response is not a double trigger(only if you choose it to be) and im sorry, but the x7 beats the a5 in almost everything or is tied with it

  • Michael Jones says:

    I had a 98 custom that had a flatline barrel and stock and I painted it myself and someone broke into my garage and stole all the paintball stuff I had. There goes a thousand dollars out the door. lol

  • MajorOPayne says:

    x7, in my opinion, is only better if you want to make it look like a real military weapon for scenario games. my friend, for instance owns the g36c conversion kit for the x7. everything else is pretty much equal.

  • daniel franco says:

    did he say digital camel 0:08

  • gs sg says:

    ya he did

  • Henry .Gouthro says:

    that was awful

  • randy rockrohr says:

    um a ion- body, board, trigger, bolt, barrel, feedneck, asa, grips, regulater, frame, eyes, nd qev
    ego- trigger, asa, regulater, grips, bolt, barrel, frame, feedneck, eyes, nd board
    next time u comment actually look into it or don't be a dumbass

  • randy rockrohr says:

    oh ok but still take away board, eyes, nd qev nd bolt right there is all looks but ok

  • johnroneill says:

    yea…no maybe they'll shoot faster but not in reliability. then all you got to do is put on an e-grip and a vortex mod which ,if you get the cheapest one you can find, will cost aout another $110. then you can shoot close to just as fast.i shoot it at 20 bps.

  • johnroneill says:

    yes you can. give it a $20 barrel upgrade and its consistant and accurate. and its actually more air efficient than most people think the cyclone cycles on left over air.

  • johnroneill says:

    theyre just as consistant as any other gun on air depending on what kind of gas your using. y the fuck is the cyclone not a "decent" hopper

  • Ready2Run1 says:

    do flatline barrels shoot farther than a 22 inch sniper barrel? if so, what makes them shoot so far?

  • Kenny says:

    or virute like i have it shreds

  • UnruhlyMedia says:

    This only applies to milsim and woodsball. In airball this would be one of the worst setups

  • Pwndrx says:

    @dfranco209 lol 😀

  • Alex DiazdeLeon says:

    expert my ass! he doesnt even know what a responce trigger is

  • L3G3nD0001 says:

    @dfranco209 He meant Digital Camouflage, short word for saying "Camo"

  • ihaverandomlifevideos says:

    @dfranco209 sounds like it, but I'm sure he said "camo" lol

  • Cameron Henderson says:

    I dont know how to upgrade a valken sw 1 if im correct , is there a website i could buy upgrades ( scopes and hand guards , buttstocks ) etc thx

  • CoD Kool Aid says:

    @dfranco209 lol he did but I bet it was a misreading lol

  • Still Learning says:

    i want to reach through the screen and slap you for every mistake you made.

  • VDlongboard says:


    Press 1 fast to hear it the funny way.

  • a1c4pwn says:

    press 5 over and over. "jizzjizzjizzjizzjizzjizzjizz"

  • Sean Simmons says:

    Mrcommanador definitely

  • Reed Wiesneski says:

    response trigger is different from douple fingureed trigger

  • Young Guht says:

    0:18 – 0:24 ???!??!?!?!

  • LegendaryDrawer says:

    @howdy832 he even does the action! XD

  • Mick Ward says:

    @dfranco209 yes he did. except he said "camo"

  • The Corporation says:

    98 custom

  • Dylan Smith says:

    its 6 bro 6

  • Eduardo Gonçalves says:

    digital camo

  • JOSE RAMIREZ says:

    how much is the cyclone feed and can u put it on the tippmann 98 costum

  • ThunderChanter says:

    Yes, I use one on my 98 custom pro. It costs 60 – 70 dollars.

  • JOSE RAMIREZ says:

    whats better spyder or tippman

  • Rickie C says:

    Tippmann, but Spyders are great starter markers. They last long and most are quite durable. Get a Spyder if you're just starting Paintball. I suggest the Spyder MR4 or MRX. (I have the MRX) They also have pistols which are pretty nifty.

  • JOSE RAMIREZ says:

    gow much is yhe mrx couse i dont have a lot of money

  • Jcer1FTW says:

    It's 6 for me

  • Daniel Bjork says:

    7 "gaygaygaygaygaygay"

  • AlexandreLuis Anjos says:

    after much searching this type of paintball marker I found your site I would love to be acquiring ask me to explain the procedures that I do to make the purchase (such as bank deposit or otherwise) ask you to answer the most soon as possible since already appreciate the attention and congratulations for quality products

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