How to Play Paintball : How to Buy a Paintball Marker

On behalf of Expert Village I am Dan Foss
and I’m here to tell you about paint ball. Alright there are a lot of different places
you can buy a marker. My thought on it is that whenever I buy anything I like to go
to the specialty shops instead of the big chains and I think you are all familiar with
the big chains where you can get things. Like this marker right here. This is sold by one
of the big chains and most of the problems with them is they bring them to me to be repaired
and they have only had them a couple of months and all the o rings, the valve cup, the valve
seal, the springs and everything is inferior. It cost them more for me to upgrade them and
repair them than they could get this gun for $59 or $69, whereas you can get one for a
couple hundred bucks and you get something that is going to last you a lifetime and you
can upgrade this one. If you bought this marker from me, I will repair it for you, I will
upgrade it for you. I will take care of all the problems and if there is a defect I will
replace it or repair it whichever you prefer. If it is an upgrade or it is something you
broke on it we have a very minimum fee for those guys who buy from us, we standing behind
our merchandise. It’s going to last forever. I have a marker like this one that is about
ten years old and my guys play with it all the time. This one is only about a year old
and it is basically shot. So do you want to spend $70 for a marker that is already shot
or do you want to spend $130 for a marker that will last you a life time. There are
several different companies out there that are selling paint ball markers. You can buy
them at yard sales, you can buy them from your friends, you can buy them at pawn shops.
The first thing I would do is I would get some liquid CO2 or air whichever the gun needs,
like automatics work on high pressure air, and put some air to it and go out to the local
field and fire it a few times and see how it works before I would buy it. I would not
give you more than $10 for this one. If you were to bring this one in aged and needs repairs
I would probably give you $75 to $100 for this one. You can think about this when you
go out to buy a marker. Buy one from a specialty store and they will stand behind it.

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