How to Play Paintball : Different Paintball Sizes for Paintballing

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Dan Foss and
I’m here to tell you about paint ball. We have several different sizes of paint balls.
This is the .68 caliber. We use this size on almost all of our markers. They are all
water soluble. It will wash out of your clothes as long as you get it within the first couple
of days. Levis will definitely leave stains, we have found that out. We like to wear camouflage
and so a little bit of colored paint on us doesn’t hurt. The color of the shell on the
outside does not always tell you what the color is going to be. Sometimes you have a
pink shell with yellow filled. Sometimes you will have a green shell but the inside will
be orange. We have got so many different colors I am wondering when they are going to be coming
up with flavors because we get hit in the mask so much banana flavored would be nice.
Even though we discourage from shooting in the head. Throat shots and head shots do hurt.
The next grade down from that would be 55 caliber which is a little bit smaller and
then 40 caliber for like our blow guns and things like that. And then we also have, this
is not paint but 6 millimeter paint for our air soft guns and there is a lot of air softs
and aerials going on. The paint is manufactured all around the world, The United Kingdom,
the United States and all over. There are different grades of paints, we like to play
with the thicker filled. There are better vests. Some guys like to play with the best.
Depending on how many you are going to shoot, if you are a full auto 30 round per second
you may want to go with more of a medium grade paint than an expensive one. Every time you
fire a shot you think about a penny and a half to two pennies so you have got to be
careful. I like to pick my shots, one shot, one kill. I don’t like to spray and pray.
They are an organic paint and they are biodegradable. They are made from plants. Someone said one
time that they didn’t get sick until they ate 68 of them. That is kind of ironic since
this is 68 but we don’t suggest you eat them. Keep them away from dogs.

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