How to Play Paintball : All About Paintball Projectile Speed

How to Play Paintball : All About Paintball Projectile Speed

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Dan Foss
and I am here to tell you about paintball. This marker works on a seven to eight hundred
PSI, that is what we need in order for it to fire. We are talking about more like three
hundred feet per second, of course, coming out of the box this will probably do three
hundred fifty feet per second. And we want to make sure that you guys understand that
you do not want to be playing with a marker that is shooting that hot, you want to do
a radar or chrono graphing and dial them down to two seventy-five, because of the goggles.
The goggles are only rated for three hundred twenty-five feet per second. And if you shoot
any hotter than that you could crack the goggles, and you only have two eyes. Those paintballs,
those point sixty-eight caliber paintballs are harder than your eye. We have done some
demonstrations with eggs out there, hard-boiled and soft-boiled and we have cracked them.
So think about it when this marker is being fired. There are a couple of options that
we have for propellant. One most everybody has is CO2 or liquid CO2. As liquid CO2 gets
warm, it forms a gas, and a gas is what fires the marker. Sometimes when you are out there
playing, you start out there in the morning and it is cool, the liquid CO2 you set your
velocity with the chrono and it is firing at two seventy-five and a couple hours later,
it is warmer, the gas has been able to build more into a heavier gas in the marker which
means that it is going to firing at a hotter rate. So you need to rechono periodically
as the day wears on to keep the marker down where it is not going to hurt anybody.


  • Ozchuck says:

    300FPS is as fast as my hunting bow which will shoot an arrow right through a wild boar and come out the other side and get stuck in the ground.
    But thats a different projectile mass.
    I got shot at 280fps yesterday and didnt break any bones, so i dont think 300 will be that much worse, or will it?

  • MrFirmbottom says:

    300 fps will break a finger joint but a bone…. no it duz not have the Gs it needs to break bone.

  • Sean Bremer says:

    300+ fps like zombie said could break a finger but I highly doubt that it's gonna break any bones though. Unless you froze your paintballs or something but I'm like 99.99% sure that it would not break any bones though

  • Christopher Koffel says:

    it doesn't matter if it breaks bones (well it does but there's something more important) goggles can crack if its over 300 fps which is worse than a broken bone

  • p8ntbal37 says:

    300 feet doesnt hurt tht much it only starts to hurt around 375-410

  • John Tran says:

    wow paint ball guns so much harder to maintain then an airsoft gun itll allways have the same fps! lol

  • Marcos Ramos says:

    i play at 420 fps

  • Brian Velasquez says:

    how mcuh would a good starter paintball gun cost me?

  • Adleist says:

    Smart part vibe. Very good starter gun.
    Vibe 150$
    Compressed air bottle 80 $
    V-force profiler (mask) 60 $
    Electronic hopper 60 $
    For 350$ you got a VERY good kit

  • Adleist says:

    You're dumb or what. A paintball CANNOT break a bone. In ANY circumstance CANNOT break bone.

  • Christopher Koffel says:

    when did I say it could break a bone…i realize that a paintball gun couldn't break bone in any circumstance

  • Adleist says:

    you got the best starter kit I've ever heard of ^^ The Bob Long Vice might be a little complicated in the beginning as it is an electronic gun but you'll learn. Have fun, you have a killer kit 😉

  • cjwalsh7 says:

    it's too small to be an X7

  • xXxtwizkidxXx says:

    i play woodsball and that is a smexy set up …

  • MultiAnthony96 says:

    i need a gun what do you guys think of 1 from walmart????????????

  • KulhaviGuy says:

    Generally not a good idea from walmart. However, if that's your only real option i would say get a Tippmann. (As a beginner gun it is pretty strong and can be upgraded very easily to make it suitable to your tastes)

  • MultiAnthony96 says:

    well the 1 i was thinking about i saw on a website but i am not sure cause if i get it from there i wil have a hard time to learn about it but if iget 1 from a paintball shop down the street from my house i wil know the psi and the other important things

  • cmzangetsu1993 says:

    LOL my airsoft gun
    Soots around 400 FPS

  • 713daehkcarc says:

    @Ozchuck No, at 300 fps, a paintball will actually liquify a femur. Uncle said so, and he's a whiz.

  • Brenden Hall says:

    just bought a Tippman Carver One. Is that a good gun>=? havent got the chance to test it

  • Luke Barrow says:

    how can you test your gun so you no how fast it is shooting ?

  • Aidan Adams says:

    HPA is easier and better

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