How to Play Paintball : All About Paintball Pistols

How to Play Paintball : All About Paintball Pistols

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Dan Foss
and here to tell you about paintball. Well, we have another little marker that the guys
like to use, and this one is an ACP2.0 from Ariakon. It’s a combat pistol. It can be worn
in your holster, and also you can take the barrel off of it and put a longer one on if
you like. This has got a ten round mag sitting on the top, you got ten rounds in here and
we have extra mags that we carry in our holster. We’ve got quick draw holsters so we can do
quick draw scenarios. We can even re-enact the OK Corral; we’ve done a few of those too.
That’s a lot of fun. This one here, particularly, works on CO2, but it works on 12 gram CO2’s.
What you need to do is just take this plug off the front and you drop your CO2 12 gram
in there, put this back on and it punches a hole in it, and this one CO2 cartridge is
good for about twenty-five rounds, depending on what the velocity is, because we make sure
we crone all these too. Especially when we’re at seventy-five feet from each other and we
do a turn and fire quick draw. This marker, here, actually works on the same caliber as
the regular markers, the sixty-eight caliber. We have an alternative for the smaller kids
and for ladies that would like to play. We have a fifty-five caliber, which is a smaller
ball. It’s less impact, less velocity and it works on a regular CO2 just like the rest
of the markers. There is an accessory that you can use on these type markers or any of
the other ones that the guys will carry out in their vests, which is this little housing,
right here. You drop a 12 gram CO2 into it, screw this back on; this is already on your
marker, like this, it’s already on there. The 12 gram goes in there, and now you’re
good for another twenty-five or thirty rounds. Just in case you run out on your regular.
Some guys will take these fifty-five calibers, put them in holsters, and have them for charging
up on somebody and just to light them up. So, it’s a lot of fun doing that too and that’s
why we use a short barrel.


  • Antwan Cabrera says:

    2nd comment w00t

  • Ninja1058 says:

    i agree

  • Justin L says:

    i also agree

  • Daniel Liebman says:

    Does anyone actually use the pistols? Never really see 'em when I play

  • Setitenut says:

    he realy isnt that knowledgable, about 60% of what he says is true, the other 40% is fluff and salesmanship

  • Teh EasygoingPants says:

    I use one sometimes.

  • kabriel martinez says:

    shut your old ass up tecnolgy rule

  • xXxShadowAxelxXx says:

    I bet he knows more than you. Why is there always negitive comments

  • Setitenut says:

    I watched some of this guys other videos, in almost everycase he talks about what guns he sells and suggests products that really are not that popular on the field. In this video he suggests the 55 cal Black Max…. it is a marker that failed and is not highly respected. Most shop owners are trying to give them away after they lost money on them. 55cal feels the same as a 68cal shot and thus I am led to believe that he is using the video as a way to sell his products rather then educate.

  • Setitenut says:

    I already stated that most of what he says is true, but as someone who has played for 12+ years I can tell when someone is selling a product as opposed to talking seriously about it. I was basing my opinion on my impresion after watching 5 or 6 of this guys videos. The guy does know alot. But am I the only one that notices his advertisement in the background and that he talks like you are making a purchase from his store. Whether he knows more than I do is debatable and mute…….

  • psychoticpengwn says:

    I live localy where he is and hes a complete ass he dosent know shit and is always trying to make a quick buck and sell you shit you dont need even if it will fuck up your gun he charged me extra to fill a tank that he claimed was to hot when it had been in a ice box with ice And he would fill my co2 for me when i was alone but not my hpa because i wasnt 18 wtf I have also had him try to sell me marker oil for my ion and that will totaly screw it up you have to use a lube or gun butter hesa dick

  • Setitenut says:

    preach on brotha….. testify…. your my new hero…lol

  • Setitenut says:

    I will admit that Mike at TechPB is awesome and he realy knows his stuff….. but dont limit yourself to just one source of information…. there are tons of websites that are very well informed and helpful….if you want to be better at paintball then never stop reading and researching…. I have been playing for years and I am still learning new stuff all the time……

  • Setitenut says:

    I question any review that is so biased against the guy. I have my issues with his videos, and I have no personal experiance with him, But I dont get the impression that he would do some of the stupid stuff you say he does. Normaly reviews this bad are from competitors that are just bad mouthing.

  • Setitenut says:

    he already hit it about 2 weeks ago…… way to sell out dude

  • Cian P. says:

    Dude wtf is this 55. stuf about theirs like 7 year olds and lots of women playing with 68. like that guy is retarded

  • psychoticpengwn says:

    Hes the only shop in the area so there is he dose not have any competitors in the area I have to drive almost 50 miles to get my hpa tank filled because he wont fill mine some of his information is helpful and hes fairly nice hes just extremly cocky and has a im better than you attitude that is why I have a problem with him that and the fact that my first dealings with him left a sour taste in my mouth. He knows his mechs ill give him that but when it comes to electros i wouldnt trust him at all

  • Logan Caligagan says:

    is there another mag that can fit on this gun that has a ten round tube feed port

  • xtOutlawtx says:

    lol good times

  • Luke Navin says:

    it depends on what type of paintball u want to play speedball or woodsball

  • Dalton Gillick says:

    wow how is he sexiset??? all he said was he has a smaller gun for some of the ladys and YOUNGER kids that would like to play and u people need to quite lashing out saying shit like that syaing hes fucking "sexest" that could possblie trun into a legal ish u (ya i no my spelling sucks)

  • IndustrialHaze says:

    i had a chick kick my ass a paint ball, she was brutal :

  • jay kellogg says:

    man your ass had to been sticking out. Not saying that girls can't play as well as guys. But hell you deserved it.

  • HA Smith says:

    yeah, right. Just talking out your ass, I see.

  • HA Smith says:

    That one gat at the beginning was bigger than one primary gun.

  • Tom Hanks says:

    i know girls wholl use that mp5 in the background like jeez keep it 68. for everyone noones less

  • Zabatsue says:

    mt fav pistol is tiberous 8 (spelled it wrong)

  • Chandler Doucette says:


  • John Devivo says:

    If you ask me guns really dont matter to much. As long as their consistent their fine. People make a big deal out of weight but come on a five pound tippmann isnt so different from holding a 2 pound mini. As far as rate of fire goes i play with a stock class phantom and i still can compete with people with egos so that doesnt really matter as much as people think either.

  • plmason12 says:

    which paintball pistol is the best and shoots real accurate?

  • BringerOfD says:

    was that a PMI blackmaxx?

  • Christian Bowles says:

    Is it worth it getting a pistol? I'm not sure if I want to get one or not.

  • SSasskicker says:

    if your playing speed ball i dont recomend the pistol since it would be pretty much useless.

    If your going to play Scenario (Forests, Swamps, Mountains ect) id recomend the pistol if your entering an abandoned building or going into tight spaces as it would benefit you more than a rifle in the fact that you can raise it faster and squeeze off a couple of rounds at the target faster rather than having to raise your rifle and aim (if you have a paintball rifle)

  • AGEdude says:

    i think that a pistol would be much too front-heavy for 1-handed use. put some more weight in the back, won't ya?

  • cautiousfox says:

    paste this to 2 other videos
    go to your channel and see your comments

  • longshot67 says:

    useless video. fuck expert village

  • kwstikas82 says:

    that's "all"? where is the rest? crap!

  • michoi2 says:

    how to play paintball

    step1 dont watch this video

  • Bruce Willis says:

    im getting the rap4 RAM combat pistol this summer

  • airsoftfreak1994 says:

    i have a question, i was wondering what the thing that he screwed the 12 g. into is called, im talking about the second gun that uses the 55 cal paintballs, if you could get back to me on what that adapter is called it would be apreciated

  • Pahkasika says:

    something like 300 balls.

  • Tom Hanks says:

    i have the p99

  • EagleofTorment says:

    That'd be cool but sadly no.. but they got the RAM pistols which are made to resemble a real firearm. pretty sweet, i personally like the RAM X50 most

  • batmanofni says:

    Why would you have a 'pistol' that is the same size as you're arm.

  • EagleofTorment says:

    Glocks are semi auto and fully auto (depending on the model) and yes they have one of those but its only semi auto. its called the RAM Combat

  • Gob3l says:

    cause most markers are close 2 teh size of your chest, its cause of the Co2 propulsion because the air system is much more big than the bullets with propelant in em, with a spring trigger

  • cj397 says:

    nope, and what the joker was using there was i think a G18c, fully automatic glock with extended mag

  • cj397 says:

    outside in the winter about 350

  • cj397 says:

    haha how is it scary? i own many handguns and rifles/assault rifles and shotguns.

    well, dont know of any Real Metal or Copper bb and pellet guns that look like glocks, you can always google that and see what ya come up with.

  • RobertHZa says:

    they call that pistol a glock 🙂

  • johnboyu says:

    yeah, it's also a weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

  • chowmain25 says:

    t 8.1 all the way!!!!

  • TacomaRacing7 says:

    goddamn must be a desert eagle 50cal holster size.

  • jhauss1 says:

    He seems to be like "Oh we reanact this and that""Oh thats fun" alot

  • picsmics4 says:

    so…. ladies like smaller balls…?

  • Tanner L says:

    @picsmics4 its amazing how i said these exact words in my head before i read the comments… great minds think alike!

  • Bischoffski says:

    whats the seconde marker

  • mike says:

    damn thats a big as marker

  • Stephen Shuman says:

    Chill out. if your going to hate, dont post anything. this guy is probably really cool.

  • Stephen Shuman says:

    and 9/10 times women WOULD like to feel less pain when they play.

    its not sexism, its just trying to make female players possibly more comfortable when they play.

  • BOOST ‘r BUST says:

    no they dont they are smaller than the "average paintball which is .68 .68>.50

  • BOOST ‘r BUST says:

    * "average"

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