How to paint your kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint®

How to paint your kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint®

Hello! Painting kitchen cabinets is a
fantastic idea I’ve done it many times myself and I know many of you have as
well. I’m just going to give you some ideas about what you should do. First of
all remove all the hardware, then give it a good clean. In a kitchen you don’t
know what splashed on it there could be all sorts of oils all sorts of stuff, so
just warm water and a simple soap, no chemicals because you don’t know what
that will do to the paint. I’m doing Old Ochre Chalk Paint®. I’m gonna add a little bit of, the paint has been open for a little bit so it needs a little bit of water. I’m going
to use this brush which is my Flat Wide Brush and get a good supply of paint on
there, not too far so about that. I’ve already done one of these cabinets and I know that I’ve used two coats. This is the end grain of the wood, and the end grain I always find needs a little bit more paint. So I’m going to put quite a
lot of paint on there now I’m going to spread it out as far as I can. You’ll
notice I’m not painting like that, I’m painting with the end of the brush, and
I’m painting every direction. It’s absorbing in quite a lot. Now I’m going
to start feathering it. This is very very pleasing to do because as you do it the
surface becomes smoother and smoother as you feather out. I’m someone who loves
texture, I also do really appreciate getting a very smooth, even, beautiful
finish. The brush is just hitting the paint, it’s not pressing down it’s just
hitting like that and you’re going across and it’s really really light and
it’s done with a very small amount of paint and it’s usually done quickly. So, already now. This is dry, the second coat’s done it’s looking really really gorgeous. Now I’m going to wax it. I’m going to use
my Clear Wax. Some people think you should varnish and use lacquer, whatever
you call it, I would really recommend wax very very strongly. For me it’s just the
best, it’s got a beautiful finish and it’s very very strong. So I’m ready to go
here’s my brush, my wax brush into there getting some good amount of wax on there,
not too much. The thing you want to do is you don’t want to rub too hard, you don’t want
to, you just want to make certain that the wax goes into the paint that’s what
it’s all about. And going into corners, making certain you go
into corners, I usually have a cloth with me just to remove the excess or any
specks of dust or anything that goes into there. I’ll do one, two three coats
probably to make it really really strong leaving a good gap between each layer so
that the wax has time to Harden. At least a day, a week is really fantastic
if you can. So I did one yesterday and that’s all
been painted and waxed. So it’s now ready for me to polish it. And I’m able to take
some cotton cloth and just start polishing it. Sometimes it’s called
buffing, buffing or polishing, and what it does is make it shine. And it
shouldn’t take a lot to get a nice sheen to it. There’s very little effort here this is getting, to me it’s got a really beautiful mellow sheen. For cleaning purposes what you wouldn’t do is put any bleach on it you, would just wipe with
soap and water for anything that you need to remove. No bleach, bleach will
just eat right through it and really it requires very little upkeep. If you do
have a problem you can re-wax it but it’s not an obligation, it’s just
something you might want to do. But it will give you a beautiful finish and
very solid and very strong.


  • Hilde Wilkens says:

    Simple but beautiful – Thank you Annie

  • The Rusty Spigot says:

    I would love to see these with a pop of color!

  • Tünde Tódor-Nits says:

    Love it!!

  • Michelle S says:

    We did our kitchen cabinets this summer in Provence. We absolutely love them!!!!

  • Vickie Lane says:

    Good to see you!! Thank you for doing that! I feel not so hesitant about doing small sink vanity 🙂
    I've been "collect" your paints and brushes, so I'm ready to give it a go 🙂 Thanks again!

  • Mrs Shaw says:

    Can you paint on old fashioned laminate doors ?

  • Sheila Mesick says:

    Glad to see this, thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets this summer.

  • Just a Farm Gårdsbutik Carina Tropp says:

    Lovely! I have loads of customers wanting this information. This is Perfect 💓

  • Pherine1 says:

    If you wanted to add gold leaf to a frame that you painted would you do that and then wax?

  • Lulu Perez Facio says:

    I live in Nevada, it’s so hot here that I worry that the wax with time will become a problem. What would you need to do if you needed to redo them?

  • Nicola Monk says:

    Hey Annie! When you say 3 coats of wax and leaving a good gap between each layer, do you wax – buff- leave then wax again? Or just wax-leave, wax again-leave, wax again-leave and then buff/polish at then end? PHEW!

  • Nanny B says:

    Hello, Annie, Do you ever use water based poly?? I know it makes for easy cleaning later. If not, how do you clean with the wax on the cabinet? That is my biggest worry. I do love how the chalk paint looks and ease of application.

  • Connie Gentil says:


  • marios kr says:

    hello..i have a question..can i paint over to wax?because my colour's choise diassapointed me and i want to paint again with other colour.ty

  • Gina M. DeCaro Susana says:

    I wanna White-wash raw butcher block (wood)countertop for my kitchen
    w/Annie Sloan white. Is your wax suitable for holding-up to water in this type of application?

  • Julieanne Steedman says:

    My cupboards are painted with a cupboard paint and they are chipping/some peeling in places. Do I clean/lightly sand and then paint with your paint? Or will I need to strip the paint off completely before starting? Thanks so much!

  • Maureen K says:

    So beautiful. This treatment would go so well for a French kitchen cottage look.

  • Curious Explorer says:

    Thanks for sharing your painting tips !

  • mildred rabena says:

    I did my entire kitchen cabinet with Old white. It’s beautifully done, however, it lives dark water marks. The only way to get rid of the water marks, I have to do re touches with paints & wax over the marks. This gets very frustrating. Any recommendations?

  • Maria Rak says:

    When you are watching how to paint kitchen cabinets instead of studying for exams you really start questioning what you are doing with your life.

  • A Cap says:

    Wax on kitchen cabinets is the WORST option!

  • John Gulliver says:

    I was inspired by your video and I purchased some of your paint wax and brush old white.I have just finished doing the draws and cupboard doors on a pine dresser. It was a joy to do following your instructions I now have the old dresser looking fantastic.Thanks for posting your very informative videos.I am looking at what else I can to its really addictive hahaha

  • Donna Compton says:

    Your tone, background, and instructions are so refreshingly direct. You should teach more subjects! A natural born teacher.

  • Rogena Styles says:

    I always use your products but after waxing a coffee table top, that has not actually been used, I might add. I have found scratches on it. Hence the wax did not hold up. What would your advice be on this.

  • Judy Fleming says:

    I've never painted furniture before, but i have a nightstand that is oak and I would like to change it to an offwhite color. I'm terrified I will ruin the nightstand, but my question is, if you use wax instead of laquer, do you ever have to re-wax the piece again or is it long lasting like a laquer is?

  • hipretty says:

    Where is this paint available?

  • Alejandra Ochoa says:

    What do i do if i already have paint on my cabinets???

  • Jasper Martin says:

    head's up… Chalk paint is simply any paint at all with the addition of about twenty five cent's worth of calcium carbonate. No special mixing machine required, a stick will do fine. I hate that companies are so exploitation. They pretend that their "special formula" is worth fifty extra bucks when the ingredient cost them a quarter.

  • Romelia Polly says:

    You can go to woodprix if you would like to make it yourself guys.

  • Tina Jones says:

    What is the wax that you are using

  • Love2Jibe says:

    Hello Annie, will this process completely hide the grain in oak kitchen cabinets painted with the white color, or will you still see be able to see it somewhat?

  • Starr Stroh says:

    I was using woodprix instructions to make it and I did it already 🙂

  • Vanessa Buitendach says:

    If you wax the piece and later on you decide to change the piece, can one paint on top of wax with chalk paint again?

  • Jennifer James says:

    Just painted my kitchen cabinets with your wall paint Duck Egg Blue. Should I still wax them ? Also I did them
    before watching the video and didn't take them down . They look good all the same love your paint 💖

  • Cyndi Toddsause says:

    Do you have or can you mix a williamsburg blue, color. Would like to paint my island blue and the rest of the cabinet a lt grey

  • Sweet tea in my belly says:

    So there is no need to prime? I worry about the color of the old varnish/ wood soaking thru…

  • DavePa little says:

    Tell me if your chalk paint is suitable for painting laminated kitchen cabinets, please. Also, the procedure you recommend?

  • Sean Nelson says:

    Hi Anne, I've painted my cabinets a few years ago and now fancy a color change. Can I put a new paint color over the existing wax finish? If not, how do i remove the existing wax coat?

  • Linda Liriel says:

    I can't use the wax because it has beeswax…Would the lacquer not be as effective in protecting the cabinets & paint?

  • Brenda R says:

    You don’t sand it before pAint ?

  • Layla Naji says:

    Hi, I would really appreciate it if you could please inform me how to treat water damage my kitchen wooden worktop, it would really helpful before to change the whole kitchen because of this damage, with thanks.

  • stephanie delve says:

    Hi Annie do you need to wait for the paint to dry before adding the wax? not sure if you mentioned that in your video.

  • Kingston Dunk says:

    Do you buff wax after each coat or just final coat?

  • Sabine S. says:

    Hello Annie. I would like to use the Lacquer for sealing. I can raise White Wax before? Best regards Sabine

  • Dominican Morenita says:

    Very good instructable video. Question… If I paint my cabinets and use wax and then if I ever decide change the color , will I be able to repaint it without sanding it? Thanks in advance.

  • Debbie says:

    That door looked like it didn't have a finish over it before you painted. Will your paint, work on cabinets that have a finish over them or does it need to be sanded off first?

  • Bobbie Morton says:

    Annie.. I live in Ohio and can't find your products.. any ideas? I can't find it at Amazon either ..

  • magicalexanna says:

    Hello, I would like to paint my kitchen wall tiles with your chalk paint, is that possible? Will the paint hide the dark brown leaf design that some of the tiles have?

  • freeangie11 says:

    Why buffing or making it shinning if its chalk paint?🤔

  • Lydia Duncan says:

    Can you do this on MDF kitchen cabinet doors?

  • Neize Figueira Monteiro says:

    I was expecting to see more about the results

  • Lily M. says:

    Love all the art you do, too bad in my country they don’t sell chalk paint and I’m longing for some company to import it, as I’ve called and visited so many companies searching for your famous chalk paint and no luck at all… congratulations🌸🌺🌸🌺 from Guatemala

  • Nanny's Italian Kitchen says:

    If your chalk paint cracks on the furniture, do you still wax over it and de-stress, then use a dark wax, and then a clear wax.

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