How to paint with Complementary Colours

How to paint with Complementary Colours

Hello and welcome to the Sennelier Atelier Today, let speak about how to paint with complementary
colours. It is very important to know this simple rule
as it helps to create amazing contrasts and deep shadows in your paint. Firstly, what are complementary colors ? Well
the answer is very simple : you know the primary colours. Mix two of them and the result is the complementary
colour of the third one. Let try : I mix yellow and red : The result
is orange, complementary of the blue. I mix red and blue, the result is purple,
complementary of the yellow. I mix blue and yellow, the result is green,
complementary of red ! What is it for ? Let see : In your abstract
painting : Create wonderful complementary contrasts by juxtaposing two complementary
colours. In your figurative painting, never forget
to add complementary colours in the shadow of the subject. That means that if you paint a red apple,
add some green in its shadow. That’s all,
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  • Naughty Boy says:

    Comme toujours, une vidéo très instructive. merci beaucoup.

  • Art By Katy Cain says:

    Thank you!

  • Gerrie Louden Bell says:

    I love how you defined complimentary colors in a very basic way, using the primary trio instead of the typical “color-wheel opposite” way. Seeing the trio and then mixing two to create a color complimentary to the unused third color made something click in my mind. I knew this before, but having such a clear visual demonstration was amazing. I wish I could have written this in French but I only know English and Spanish well enough to say it. Your English, Mr. Yves-Marie, is very good! (You knew that of course 😊)

  • Fernanda Gonçalves says:

    I always struggle when trying to find the right colors for the shadows, thank you for the tip!

  • Mrs T says:

    Fantastic! Love your vids! Learned so much in 1:21!!! I get so frustrated when I watch vids that suck a minimum of an hour out of my life. Multiply that by a minimum of 3-5 and my life is stuck on you tube just trying to educate myself… and I lose time to create. Thank you for so much info in condensed time. I wish all you tubers were so succinct. Thank you!!

  • Ece Muhit says:

    Thank you so much for all videos 🙏

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