How to Paint with Acrylics : Brush Techniques for Acrylic Painting: Pt. 3

Hi I’m Melody on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m going to show you some more on how to use the brushes that we’ve been describing
and the tools to make an end result of acrylic painting. This is a fan brush and I showed
you before my two sizes that I brought with me today and I just wanted you to see what
kind of a stroke it will create and I can show you a couple of strokes but there are
more things that you can do with this it just depends on you. Whatever your painting, whatever
your trying to and I’m just going try to show you what it will do. So you load your brush
and you make sure that it doesn’t have to much on it, until your use what its going
to do once you learn how to do it. Load it to the comfort level for you. I just wanted
to show you the kind of marks you can make with it. This is using it from both sides
and say that you have a tree that you wanted to have, kind of oozing my paint here. This
is good for ferns also, I’m not doing a very good application to create a fern right now,
I’m just putting out the beginning kind of unique looking tree. We have to have some
the limbs sticking out from the front, we want to get some highlight color. See if you
can fill in some of the blank areas. The fun thing about acrylic is you can go back over
it when its dry and put highlight and not put enough in or you just want to change a
little something. I seem I’m having a little shortage on green but we’ll work it out. There
is the, it doesn’t really fit our landscape but it does look like sort of the beginnings
of a weeping willow and that’s one of the uses for this particular brush don’t let easel
fall down if you buy one of these easels be sure its screwed tightly so you don’t loose
it. I’m going to show you grass with this brush. Usually I have a paper towel sitting right
next to me so that I can brush off any access without dipping back into the pot. We’ll come
back and show you this application if we can’t seem to do it right here maybe I can get a
little grass going for you right there. Visualize a foregrounding grass you’ll see this later.
I’ll be doing it a again a few minutes.

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