How to Paint Walls : How to Clean a Paint Brush

How to Paint Walls : How to Clean a Paint Brush

Hi, I’m Dan today we are still working on
our demonstration for Now we are going to discuss washing out the brush
in between color changes. What we want to do is we want to take hot water. Now the hot
water would break down the pigmentation of the paint. So it is going to water it out.
But you only want to use water if you are using a latex paint. If you are using a oil
base obviously you are going to want to use like a mineral to a paint thinner. What you
want to take and fan out your bristles and you would see the paint leaving the brush.
Now the clean up on the brush of the end of the day is going to be quiet a bit more extensive.
We are going to clean out just a simple oil change. The reason that is because I’m going
to take any dry brush at the end of the day. The way to tell if your brush is clean is
just bend it over and until the water is clear that means that the brush is clean. This brush
is clean. Now in order to dry it out do a couple little shakes at a time against your
hand until you get the water out. Then you just give it a little spin with pushing the
back of the water out of the brush. And there is a clean brush.


  • jake watts says:

    if u am going from white to a other col u dont always have 2 clean it out you can just work ya brush in to the paint

  • 206ernesto says:

    a bucket of water + soap, thats it!
    less contamination PEOPLE!
    I can't belive it lol, this people should get a court citation or something, there is the proof! he made a video!

  • wereallmadhere9 says:

    @diesal1232 the white paint in the brush would affect the next colour you wanted to use by making it lighter.

  • Mr. Fixer .Six says:

    i saw a comment on 60.00 brush down below. u got ripped. most expensive brush at sherwin williams is less than 30.00 with tax. the 3 inch i like holds paint cuts great. used 4 times 2 bedroom apartments, doors cutiing in tops and base. still brand new, 15.00. use comb green scrubber, and paint spinner. ps that lambs wool 1/2 inch rollercover has done more than that. 12.00 still brand new like. no dripping

  • 206ernesto says:

    let it sit for a while, so the sediment goes to the bottom of the bucket, then drain the water into the sink, keeping the as much sediment as possible

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