How to Paint Walls : Common Mistakes When Painting With Roller

How to Paint Walls : Common Mistakes When Painting With Roller

Hi, this is Dan today we are continuing the
demonstration for I’m going to show you one of the common mistakes that
is made by painters and homeowners alike. That is when you are painting your wall you
do not pick up your roller. You just go back and forth and just kind of get on top and
down to the bottom.
Now if you were to look at this wall closely you are going to see a lot of lines in your
finish. You have a line here, you have a line here, here, you can see where it angles where
you have the textured from the roller cover going down one station. Another side is going
up, you are not getting consistent coverage. This is because you are moving your roller
around on the wall. If you just ensure that you go straight up and down, 4 inches apart
you don’t have to apply a lot of pressure. You just need to let the roller free, wait
take care of applying the paint.


  • benjamin97128 says:

    relax there kav hes just trying to help. people here have anger problems. if you dont like the advice move on! or hey here is a novel idea make your own video or dont watch it. how does insulting a helpful video do anything? maybe helps your ego idk

  • gigasnail says:

    Warning: This guy is giving bad advice do not paint up and down. Move on to another video.

  • kthcsh says:

    question to anyone willing to answer. what am i doing wrong? i can't get that kind of spread out of one "dip" into the paint. i'm using kilz paint, it's thick. 3/8 Nap roller and i just can't seem the spread that far. i'm going with the "V" technique and simply running dry in less than a 3 ' x 3' area. of course if you touch the roller with you hand it 's wet but.. not enough to offer any worthy coat to the wall . and no i'm not applying ridiculous pressure. just not getting a good spread.

  • Kirtandsunshyne says:

    Great Comment. I agree.

  • gigasnail says:

    A real painter? I would trust you with finger pants. No I haven't been watching DIY videos other than this one 'cause someone emailed to to me pointing out how indeed you are a horrible painter. Congrats on fooling whomever pays you. Yes I do believe in spreading painting by hand like a skilled worker. Not some lazy guy like you. Get Hit by a Bus Please. kthxbye.

  • gyurtsever says:

    I have painted my walls just the way he described, perfect result, no lines.Thanks.

  • Jay Pill says:

    hes using the wrong end of the roller to eliminate his streaks. use the other end duuuuhh. i see every painter on these utube vids do the same mistake… they are not using the correct technique. the preassure point should be on the outside.

    learn the roller for god sakes… you poeple make me sick.

  • Jo Schmo says:

    A good painter always looks back at his work, and if you do have that problem back roll over it. He should of said some painters make that mistake. I mean at least cut the wall first.

  • liv4daoutdoors says:

    if ur painting with flat this will not be a issue

  • RikWCrlsn says:

    He's Right about going up and down to prevent LINES and then not putting any pressure on the roller

  • Kevin Disla says:

    worst lessons ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billymarkz says:

    wow…lmao ppl dont know how to paint on here..every vid ive seen is terible,just look at the guy..wheres his whites? no backrfolling he lifts the roller of the wall every time n theres roller marks on both sides left to right or right to left bud!

  • 95TurboSol says:


    I agree with you, I have been a professional painter for 8 years, the guy in the video is explaining the correct way to do it. People criticizing him have no clue what their saying.

  • footstomper1 says:

    well said from the two below me

  • MadamTango says:

    why didn't I watch this clip first before I paint my walls? oopps..

  • 95TurboSol says:

    Hi, 1stGenGamers.

    Depends, if you use paint with a sheen IE (eggshell, semi-gloss, satin ect) then you have to cut first or it will flash, which means the sheen dries down differently where you brushed. However, if you use flat paint it doesn't matter if you roll or brush first.

  • WillFury says:

    Hope this works, I'm a noobie painter but already got compliments on the trim around the front door. Now I'm doing the inside and want to make sure I don't get streaks!

  • It’s me says:

    Nice tips BUT, when you are demonstrating the "correct way" the camera is on the painter the majority of the time, and not fully showing what he's doing. Good work, though:)

  • holmesdec1 says:

    Heres a tip from a pro painter, this is just a video about rolling so dont worry about the cutting in for this video, but now the tip, first paint the wall with the roller as he explains but then go back to the corner you started in and lightly roll from top to bottom keeping the roller working the same way, when you get to the opposite corner do one stroke from bottom to top with roller turned the other way this is called laying off and will give you a smooth even finish.

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  • Sam DaBam says:

    after doing it wrong can u corect that ?

  • wpniabbc says:

    After I roll I just down stroke for a nice smooth finish

  • gsf67 says:

    I'm a home owner and have rental properties, I have had much experience and painting and repainting. Painting at intervals of 4 inches or 100mm gives a uniformity to the paint finish. I have made plenty of mistakes as well, and this advice seems to make sense to me.


    I thought you were suppose to paint a w to not get the roller marks

  • FrustratedBaboon says:

    How do you tell a difference between a professional painter painting perfectly flat wall from beginner ?

  • k ly says:

    @FrustratedBaboon because the pro does it flawlessly where as the beginner does it in patches and you'll see all the streaks made from the side of the roller on the wall

  • adrianchen19888 says:

    get a new camera man

  • Rick Hanna says:

    I appreciate any insider tips given freely by the pro's…….cuz they're the ones stopping us from learning their old mistakes……thanks guys

  • Rick Hanna says:

    @adrianchen19888 ………………..get a new computer man…….or adjust the light sensitivity on your old one so you can see the screen

  • James Thomson says:

    u hav missed a bit


    These kinds of videos would need some HD quality and much better lighting!
    But thanks alot still some great tricks.

  • markkennett1 says:

    Every painter knows that you never roll straight up and down. This guy is obviously just a bored home owner making a video for something to do, because he is def not a painter.

  • markkennett1 says:

    Every painter knows that you never roll straight up and down. This guy is obviously just a bored home owner making a video for something to do, because he is def not a painter.

  • icecoldhawaiian says:

    I needed some tips on how to roll an cut painting .Haven't painted in a while. Got what I needed. Thank You.

  • TheChemist187 says:

    @cyber8000 grow up

  • C A says:

    dude, what kind of pro rolls an entire wall with the 6 inch roller? invest in an 18 incher and a roller bucket and cut your painting time in half

  • pully says:

    no…just roll it on and lay it off ??

  • lucas moreira says:

    textura de argamassa

  • CatchHellBlues16 says:

    good tip, however there is no need to pick up your roller at the top of every upstroke… apply heavy paint, spread, and smooth out lines. simple

  • Christian Metatron says:

    If you're gonna put a second of paint on the wall then it doesn't matter which direction the roller is going in. The second coat will cover the lines.

  • Mike Jenkins says:

    Funny,he does'nt tell you the damn paint flick's all over your arm from the roller…this is just a way to get it done quicker…if you want it done properly,use a brush. You get a thicker coat and it lasts twice as long

  • Ro Sheikh says:

    I see..

  • TheDavecroft says:

    I always used brushes until I realised a roller gives a far better finish- if done properly. This guy is going too quick he'll be spattering paint eveywhere.

  • u6crash says:

    These comments are funny. Everyone's an expert.

  • howtopaintinfo says:

    You should always start about a half a roller width away, so with a 9 inch roller you start about 4 inches away or using an 18 inch roller you would start about 9 inches away.

  • howtopaintinfo says:

    The reason why you start away from your previous rolling is so you can spread the paint back in to what you have just roller, this way you won't be left with thick area's in the rolling.

  • ro0ro07178 says:

    Than Q

  • pbaylis1 says:

    It doesn't matter if you roll continuously for the first passes because you lay it out afterwards. You're telling people to lay out from the outset.

  • AskCHRISSY says:

    thats whats happened to my walls…

  • Handyjack says:

    Should always cut in first.

  • Lee Palmer says:

    The open end of roler needs to be facing away from the direction you are painting that prevents hard lines and also latex kinda pulls together looking good even when it looks like ass wet but thanks for the video

  • Pine Mash says:

    I agree with rolling up and down though…the 'W' and 'M' thing is plain stupid…try doing it with an extension pole…you'll look like your trying the learn how to waltz…

  • Shira Nathan says:

    i started out painting a wall the wrong way. Today the second coat I did it your way and it is absolutely flawless. thank you so much! first wall i ever painted easily and flawlessly!

  • swanson6666 says:

    Rolling at an angle covers better, especially if the wall isn't perfectly smooth. This will do a better job of covering tiny pockets. After you finish covering an area, go back over it with your roller brush, rolling from the top down, to create a smooth finish. You're welcome.

  • swanson6666 says:

    I encourage all my clients to purchase a sample pot of paint. They are only about $5 and are worth the investment. It's hard to determine what a color will look like based on those tiny color cards. Paint some poster paper and allow it to dry. Hang the paper in the room to be painted to see how it looks in that particular light. If you are going to use the blue painter's tape for straight edges, remove the tape immediately after painting. Allowing the paint to dry will pull the paint off the wall when you go to remove the tape.

  • Marcello Capone says:

    I see, thank you.

  • Alan Walters says:

    I have been painitng walls this week using the zig zag method,and it left patchy walls,doing it this way,they are perfect.Thank you!

  • Jmndmb32 says:

    I just finished painting my walls with a roller….DO NOT go straight up and down!!! The M and W motion works way better! You can see nothing but lines every 4 inches going perfectly straight down my wall. Repainting them now

  • Alf Calleja says:

    I did this up and down my wall now looks like it has prison bars
    Im going to sand it back and redo it with watered down paint next
    Is this okay?

  • Gollammeister says:

    i always do edging of walls ceilings first with an apropriate brush and then use a roller for main area i find if you rush a paint job your more likely to end up with a poorer qaulity finish and more paint in areas that you dont want paint on which means more cleaning tidying it up after the more patience you put into a project the more better the finish should be plus less cleaning up afterwards

  • william watson says:

    You do not work your back into a painted area !!! Always keep a wet Edge,

  • Michael Ellis says:

    I cannot roller paint, blessed useless at it, painting by brush i am no better. Prepping i am great at… painting sends fear of god into me….

  • Michael Ellis says:

    try going carefully only makes the project worse

  • Michael Ellis says:

    today stopped trying to roller paint out of frustration.. will have to rub down the area i had done today… i am not trying again.. absolutelly hate painting… some people find it a therapy, i find it a curse!!!!

  • Derek Gibbons says:

    I worry when all the so called experts come on these how to videos; and hand out cheap advice because they know better.
    That being the case. If you are that good and do know better. Then why the hell are you wasting your valuable time watching these videos in the first place??

  • TheGreenTaco999 says:

    I learned from all one of these common mistakes

  • craig hoole says:

    Saw literally no difference.

  • Amelia Roque says:

    Wow, that paint covers well, what brand are you using. PS. What color? That's exactly what i'm looking for.

  • Marc Arriaga says:

    You back roll it

  • Brax fan says:

    This is good painting. Can you come and do mine? Decorating is like flat packs, designed to drive you insane! 😖💛

  • Mr. DroCro says:

    Ceiling not even cut in before rolling lol…..

  • Womble Stacker says:

    I'm using a roller and when paint is dry it's cracking what do I do

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