How to Paint the Human Figure : How to Mix Paints for Skin Colors

How to Paint the Human Figure : How to Mix Paints for Skin Colors

Hi I’m David Clemen on behalf of Expert Village
and today we are going to pain with acrylics the female figure. Now that we have our basic
lay out we are going to start building, I mean it is mostly skin and one of the colors
we use mostly for skin is a burnt sienna mixed with white. This is actually a raw sienna
but it will work for what we are doing and I didn’t mean to put that big of a dollop
but it happens so we will just roll it around. Now in looking at this drawing or painting
my proportions are a little off so I am going to go ahead and fix that before I start painting
and that way since everything is still light right now I can fix it. If I go dark right
now and then I need to change it a lot more difficult. So if I just go ahead and change
it now and take the time I will save myself a lot of trouble. I just kind of dropped the
shoulder down after further review and this angle comes a little bit sharper so now that
I have changed this will go here and then turn, go this way. Now I feel better about
this and we will go into colors in the next segment.


  • museofink says:

    That sucked! that didn't tell you anything about mixing paints. For those of you that watch this and waste your time. You can use yellow, a tiny bit of red and lots of white. It seems to do well for me. for the african american skin, you can use more reds than yellows, and alittle bit of orange and burnt sienna.

  • orangutanjuice says:

    or even "wasting your time" geez

  • The Truckscenestore says:

    jajajaja!!! i get what you say in the video but try something harder. man

  • misternylon says:

    Excuse me but where is the canvas, the easel?
    Only schoolkids paint on paper pads layed out flat on a desk like this.
    There are very talented people out there who wouldn't dream of promoting themselves on youtube, but in this age of no humility or modesty, we get this goon?!
    Move aside and leave it to people who can actually paint buddy!

  • EchoBade says:

    you do a horrible job of explaining man!!! I cant understand a word your saying!! Im 14 and i can paint better than that!! Really sad!

  • Jocelynxxo says:

    expert village i've noticed are some of the worst how-to videos.. this isnt an exception..

  • Jennifer Poet says:

    how do you know what flesh tones are right, maybe they look good to you and rotten to a better painter, in other words there is no correct incorrect way, just paint what you feel, honestly there are so many fake painter's now that just paint pretty pictures, yuk

  • snapy48 says:

    LOL so many dislikes poor guy

  • Dino Francisco says:

    One word "AMAZING"

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