How to paint  succulents by a flat brush, Tutorial

How to paint succulents by a flat brush, Tutorial

Hello! Welcome to my channel! My name is Irina Lyamshina. And today we will paint succulent plant I have the black paper and a flat brush number 12 Load up one edge of the brush with the dark blue color and other edge with the green color Blend this colors on the palette And now we will paint the big leaves outside Save some black space between the strokes A little bit here Now I take the flat brush number 6 You can use number 8 We will paint the center We need the white color and the green color Blend this colors on the palette Small stroke here here and here And now let’s paint the strokes like this Maybe here I think it’s enough for the center And we will paint strokes here by the same brush A little bit here We can paint some stones around our plant. Let’s take brown or gray color We can add a little bit blue Maybe you want to paint the sand Let,s take the brown color and the old dry brush Let’s take the raw sienna And add light dots Maybe a little bit naples yellow Let’s take the angle brush Load up the sharp edge with the white color Maybe a little bit gray Also we can make some shadows Let’s add the dark blue color on the sharp edge of the brush We will make some shadows Take the small brush number 1


  • Art By Katy Cain says:


  • theangrykitten says:

    I think this is one my favorite tutorials you've ever done, Irina. I grow succulents and this is beautiful! Fabulous. ❤🌱

  • Christine Wolanin says:


  • Мария Розова says:

    композиция -само совершенство !где можно применить такую роспись? можно менять цветовую гамму, или вместо квадрата – прямоугольную форму. очень все нравится спасибо.

  • Painting with Irina Lyamshina *irishkalia* says:

    Подробнее читайте тут

  • K- potato says:

    This is brilliant! Going to try this on my pot soon after I practice a bit

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