How to Paint Mirrored Closet Doors – Painting Metal Frames

How to Paint Mirrored Closet Doors – Painting Metal Frames

– Hey everybody, Jeff here. Today we’ve got a great video for you. This one here covers these ugly old glass mirrored doors here. The 1990’s called and they
want their doors back, and we are going to give
it to them in full force. Probably you’ve all been
into many properties and you’ve seen these ugly old types of fake gold looking mirrored trim doors. Today we’re going to show you how we’re gonna modernize these
and make them look like they belong in the 21st century, and they’ll look brand spankin’ new. So let’s get right to it. (upbeat music) [Jeff] So you can see we have this ugly old gold dirty track too. So we’ll probably unscrew this whole track and paint it as well. So our goal here with these doors is we’re going to lift
these off of the tracks. Lay them down on a table
in the other room there, put paper and tape around
the edge of these mirrors. And as soon as we do that we will then spray paint primer on to the windows, only on the frame here. The windowed frame right around the edge. We will spray paint primer on those, and when the primer dries we will spray paint semi-gloss white paint. The same paint that we
use on our baseboards. So it’ll be really nice
looking when it’s done. We’ve done this many
times on other properties. And we will also do the upper crown it’s one whole piece with the track here. We’re going to spray paint
this whole thing as well. So let’s get started
getting this disassembled and onto the operating table. Before you tape up and
put paper on the door just remember that this is a mirror, so it is flexible and in
order to keep it supported you want to make sure that your frame, at least one side of the frame, is always on the table at all times. So that it’s not going to bend. And the other side should be okay. So then we just put blue tape
along the edge of the frame. And bring your paper right up
to the edge of the blue tape. You don’t even have to cut the paper. Just bring it right up to the tape. All right then we just go right along the edge of the door all the way around. And you inspect to make
sure that you don’t see any visible part of the glass. And you also make sure that
the tape is not covering any part of the metal that
you don’t want to be covered. So now we’re ready to spray the primer on. All right so here we’re using this is what we call clean metal primer. This is a special primer
that’s made to be used on the type of metal we’re using. This is clean, smooth metal here. So we’re just gonna go
around, we have white primer. Because we’re going to
be using white paint. And I’m gonna shake it up
for about a minute or so, and then we’ll spray it. And just wanted to remind you to make sure you wear a mask when you spray this, cause it’s pretty gnarly to breathe in. Any of the spray paints are
pretty bad to breathe in. Now I’m going around on this side. Hey everybody, Jeff here and
welcome back to the channel. If this is your first time joining us, be sure to hit that
subscribe button down below. So you can come back and join us. And make sure you hit the bell icon so that it will alert you every time we upload a new video. Because every week we
upload all sorts of videos. The important thing to remember is keep your nozzle far enough
away that it doesn’t bleed. You don’t want your paint running. And you don’t wanna put too much, you wanna keep a nice sweeping motion. Even sweeping motion, side to side. So there we are. The primer’s on and it almost looks like it’s freshly painted anyway. But we have to give this an hour to dry, and then we’ll put the top coat on. Okay, I’ve still got my same
clean metal primer here, and I’m starting on the second door now. [Jeff] All right so here
we have the three doors propped up against the
wall and you can see that we have film all around em’. So we can just walk right up to them and spray them while
they’re up against the wall. And then while we’re at it,
we’re going to be spray painting some baseboards here for
the rest of the house. So this is our preferred
method of doing the baseboards. It’s a lot more efficient to just lay them down on a floor if you can, and spray paint them all at once. It’s a lot, lot less time than painting with the paint brushes and rollers. And usually when you paint with rollers you have to come by and do a second coat, because the first coat’s not enough. All right so we have our three doors are all painted now and it’s dry. So now it’s time to peel off the tape. So we’re gonna get started on that now. And just pull it right off. And you might see a few
specks here and there that you can clean off later. But overall it’s lookin’ pretty good. Just peel off all of your tape. See somehow a little bit of
overspray did get in here, and we’ll just come in
with some paint thinner and clear it off that. It’s amazing how it can still find its way around paper and tape. So if you don’t have good 100% contact with the tape onto the
paper like this here you know sometimes it’ll
blow under a little bit. All right so now we start the second door. [Jeff] And here is the finished product, our mirrored doors are put
back into place here now. And it’s really makin’ the area look a lot nicer and brighter now. So, that’s how you do it folks. And you know, is it perfect? No. Does it look a million percent better than it did before with that
ugly old yellowish metal? Yeah, you bet it does. Really makes it look modern and inviting. So this is our video for today. And I hope you found this useful, and we’ll see you folks next week. Have a good one.


  • jeffostroff says:

    What tricks do you use to paint your metal framed sliding mirror doors? Let us know in the comments below and we'll also answer any questions you have.

  • Mario Briseno says:

    Thanks for the video, would you recommend sanding before priming or not needed for the paint to adhere

  • The Art Show says:

    This is Amazing

  • IpanemaShirley77 says:

    shouldnt you have CLEANED THE METAL FIRST, before priming? maybe with tsp? also, for SURE you should have removed all wheels and hardware, since painting them damages the sliding of the doors. excessive paint in the bottom and top rails ALSO causes sliding problems. and how is someone without a spare unfinished room supposed to do all this spray painting? and without a prossional spray painting machine?

  • bella0418 says:

    I tried this but I could not take the mirrors off the track, yep I messed do I get the paint off the trim?? I was going for a different color and didn't like the color of the test area. Now I need to get it off, Or can I just prime it and start over,? Thanks Jeff

  • Gloradine Havner says:

    did you use oil based paint? you said you had to use paint thinner to remove the over spray? How did you paint the bottom and top tracks? you missed that part on the video

  • Mitch Davies says:

    Thanks for the video, doing my gold ones at the moment.

  • Phil M says:

    mine have a thin little strip of black rubber between the mirror and the frame. Seems it would be hard to mask at the rubber/aluminum joint. Any advice?

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