How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with General Finishes Milk Paint

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with General Finishes Milk Paint

what if you could completely change the
look of your kitchen with just some paint and a little elbow grease let me
show you how I’m Jenni with Roots and Wings Furniture and today I’m starting a
kitchen makeover so we’re gonna walk you through the steps that you need to know
to makeover your kitchen I’m actually working in my neighbor’s
kitchen today we are gonna completely transform the look of this place so
let’s jump in and get started I’m gonna tell you I think the most important
thing about painting your kitchen is not necessarily the products you use but the
prep work that you do beforehand so that’s what we’re gonna do now let me
show you a few things we’re gonna do to get this ready start by removing all of
the hardware I would recommend using a drill for this and just unscrew all the
screws both on the handle set them aside if you’re going to reuse them or toss
them if you’re all done with them and then take out the hinges in the same way
save all of this screws because you never know if you’re gonna need them
even if you’re replacing your hardware also if you want to take new hardware
and now it’s a great time to do it get it all ordered so you are ready to
reinstall it in your cabinets are finished okay here’s the really important part
you’ve got to clean these cabinets so well so I start with cuz cutter
it is a degreaser get it nice and soaked all over the cabinet doors and then I
use a scotch brite pad to really scuff it up as I work and also scrubs off any
grease most kitchen cabinets like this have not been properly cleaned in about
20 years and that’s fine that’s just how it goes
but you’ve got to get all that grease off so the paint has something to really
stick to so give it a really good scrubbing
you’ll be amazed at what will come off okay and once I was finished cleaning
with the crud cutter and the scotch brite pad I grabbed a second cleaner now
this can either be a TSP solution or like the denatured alcohol and water
mixture I use a lot on furniture I sprayed the cabinet down again and wiped
it with paper towels and you can see how much you’re bringing up from both of
these products it’s just really cleaning these cabinets really really well and
getting anything off there that needs to be discussed and being on any flat part
it’s up to you if you want to do them on the cabinet doors or not I did end up
going back and hitting the doors of these cabinets in the flat areas and
around the top edges just scuffs and it with 220 grit sandpaper and then clean
it the way I just showed you get all of the hot stuff off of there so we’re
really starting with a good surface for the paint and the primer to stick to
it’s tedious but I’m telling you this part is the most important once the doors are all removed we took
them in another room and set them all aside and then we could prep the boxes
the exact same way this kitchen had quite a few drawers so we standed them
and clean them in place and then remove them later now here’s a tip with the
drawers and this is a life saver take a piece of tape and make two labels the
same number you can use any numbering system you want but number the inside of
the drawer as well as where the drawer goes so that in all the shuffling and
moving around you get the drawers in the right place now we also did this with
the cabinet so we did all the upper cabinets and all the lower cabinets we
labeled all of them so we knew exactly where they went when they were all
finished it was really easy to put them back in the right spot and you’re not
having to guess which one goes where don’t forget you can find links to all
the products I’m using and recommending in the description below this video I
will also write down there for you a little bit of a timeline of what we did
on which phase we completed this kitchen overall in about a week working just a
couple hours a day on it when we were available between kids schedules and
everything else going on so I’ll give you that outlines down in the bottom as
well okay once the cabinets are all cleaned
we are ready for primer so pull out your primer and your paintbrush I chose to
use dixiebell vos as my primer on these cabinets these are oak cabinets and if
you do not use a primer with any light color they will definitely bleed
especially over time so I wanted to use a good stain blocking primer I chose to
use dixiebell box there’s a few other options that you could use as well but
get yourself a really good stain blocker and start painting it on watch for drips
some primers tend to be a little bit more runny so just give it a nice even
coat so we did a lot of prep work in the
kitchen and now we’ve got all of our cabinets ready to spray now here’s the
deal with spraying I think it’s well worth it to invest a little bit in a
paint sprayer I’ll show you mine none of this is sponsored whatsoever but this is
a great little paint sprayer that’s great for home use if you’re just doing
in your kitchen you got your dining room chairs to do something like that so
here’s the setup for spraying I’m in my garage I’ve got the garage door open so
I’ve got lots of air circulation and then we just set up the spray tent and
you don’t have to get a spray tent necessarily you could set up plastic
bags that you know make yourself a box or something you’re gonna want something
though because the overspray does tend to it does it gets around so you don’t
want to spray everything else in your garage definitely you don’t want to
spray your car so don’t do that and then I’ve got also a drop cloth down
on the floor this is a little post that I made and
I’ve used now for every kitchen that I’ve done all it is is some scrap wood
on a post and I made it to the height basically where it’s easy for me to be
spraying and I’m not bending over or doing anything funny with my back
because you really do you just kind of get in a groove and you just grow so
that’s something that I made super easy just get some scrap wood make yourself a
post and then here’s the cabinet doors I did prime these yesterday also with this
paint sprayer so everything you see I did the exact same thing yesterday just
with primer I use water-based primer in the spray gun and this is about what
they look like so this is where we got to yesterday what else to tell you you
do when you use this little sprayer this is the one I’m using it is a home right
finish max it’s really easy to use even if you’ve never used a sprayer before if
it’s your very first time grab a piece of cardboard and just kind of go to town
and get the feel of it but it’s really easy to use
you water down your paint just a little bit like 10% and put a little water in
here just to get it a little more liquid so it goes through your sprayer easier
but that’s really all there is to this it’s easy to clean there’s directions
it’s no big deal and this little guy is a powerful machine you definitely need
protection for a mask if your eyes are sensitive wear
some glasses but this is our setup so let me show you how to do it so right after I finished filming the
part where we’re talking about the sprayer the sprayer stopped working on
me and I’m sure it was user error it must have gotten clogged or something I
could not figure it out for the life of me so I ended up grabbing my brush
because I was so frustrated at that point I just needed to get these doors
done I grabbed my paintbrush and just started brushing and it worked fine it
took a little bit longer than using my paint sprayer but this just goes to show
you if you don’t have a sprayer or you don’t want to invest in one you can
definitely just use a brush and apply coat by coat just like you would either
way so that’s it I ended up in total doing two coats of primer three coats of
paint and one coat of top coat that was what it took to get these cabinets fully
covered they turned out beautiful once the drawers were all finished I brought
them back and we started reinstalling the hardware we picked all new hinges
and hardware so it would really contrast with the cabinet’s so we just installed
them one at a time as we found the labels that went with the cabinet’s
and it was starting to come together and turn out beautiful one thing I didn’t
show you before now is my neighbor wanted to do her island a different
color so we actually chose Queenstown gray for the island because it was a
darker color not the lighter one I did not prime it the way I did with the
light colored cabinets so this got a cleaning and prep just like you saw and
then it ended up getting two coats of Queenstown grey and one coat of top coat
so the island stands out a little bit from the rest of the cabinet in less
than a week we took this kitchen from the old oak cabinets to bright and fresh
and airy and my neighbor loves it so I’m so happy with how this kitchen turned
out we changed all the hardware and all the hinges we painted the doors and
antique white and we’ve got the accent on the island here it is a beautiful
space to be in now so don’t forget with just a little bit of paint a little bit
of work in a few hours you can transform your kitchen
see you later thanks so much for watching this video I really hope you
enjoyed it don’t forget to check out my website roots and wings furniture comm
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