How to Paint|  Halloween Pumpkin Man| Easy Art

How to Paint| Halloween Pumpkin Man| Easy Art

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Oh yeah. Absolutely! Hey! I am Cinnamon Cooney. I’m the Art Sherpa. And in about an hour I can show you how to do Spooky Hollow. Step by step process. I’ll show you each step as we go. Grab your brushes. Grab your paints. Grab your friends. Come back. We’ll do this together right now. Yeah! We should paint! Ok! Hey! It’s Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa Out of breath cause I danced across the room. [chuckles] Yes, I am working on getting in Sherpa shape. Doing all those healthy “lifestyle changes” but I’m learning about it on YouTube! So that’s the important thing. Thank you to all you other YouTube content creators, creating all these fabulous health and wellness programs. I actually really love them. I’ve got my beverage today. I’ve got my…….. Spoooooky palette. Ooooohhh… I don’t know how long spooky palette’s gonna work but I love that we have spooky palette. Today on spooky palette we have…. What colors do we have? We have Phthalo Green. Cad Red. Phthalo Blue. Yellow Oxide. Burnt Sienna. Which by now you figured out is just raw sienna with a little bit of black. Cad Yellow, Black, and Titanium White. Yes. The white matters. And of course this is that Mars Black. Cause that’s a nice, true black. I got my cups of water. I have my… Mister. This keeps my paint from drying out. You guys ask about that a lot. And remember, you put it in one of those cake trays that you get from the grocery store, paint’ll stay fresh over night Just mist it a little bit. Put a wet paper towel on the side. Store it. You’re all good. Ok, now special tools we have for today. Toothbrush. This is the beginning of a set of skills I’m gonna teach you. Ooh! My new hat! This is the beginning of a set of skills that I’m gonna teach you. So that you can get things like waves. Snow. And stars. In a really expressive way. And also is a very good way for sand. This is… This is a bit… Terrible thing! My daughter has taken to… Putting tooth brushes in the toilet. The youngest. So, I find my tooth brush collection for the art studio is growing and growing. Cause I don’t really believe that I’m gonna get that tooth brush clean again once it’s been in the toilet. So, every once in a while you’re gonna hear my kids. They’re being supervised, though. No worries. Aaaaand here we go, the close-up cam. Putting that in there so we can see what’s happening on the canvas more close up. Palette going. We’ve got a nice little filbert, which is the round, one inch brush. I have my half inch brushes, a number six square detail. Mmmm… A number four square detail. And then a number fourteen and a number sixteen filbert. That’s just what I’m doing today. These should be enough to get us through. Our little branches. You might wanna pointed detail brush. You know. If you get that in your packet. And let’s get started. So here is the deal. We’re doing our spooky hollow. Fabulous painting. I love this painting. And it’s going to teach a bunch of landscape skills that I see you guys wanting to have. We’re gonna expand on some of those twiggly branch skills. And we’re gonna learn about object layering and how things are brighter when they’re closer and they’re grayer when they’re further away. This is gonna be great for beginners. Great for new artists. But, hopefully you have done a painting or two with me in one of my other videos. So like, if you’ve never ever painted before, it would be good to do some of the other paintings cause we cover some of those basic fundamental first skills, and then come back and do this one. Or do this one a couple times. Either way, it works. I just don’t want you getting into something and getting the crazy idea you can’t paint. Cause we know that’s not true cause what do you need to paint? You need big P- perseverance. Big D- determination. And that turns into big T- Talent! That’s how that works. I’m not gonna use my, uh…. [chuckles] Bubbly thing. For paint water. Now I’m gonna come up to about a third of the canvas. And I’m gonna make just a little blue line across it. That is… That’s going to be essentially my horizon line. So I know everything up here is kinda sky and everything down here is my up close objects. And that’s the room I have. This is a general thing. I don’t have to be that specific about it, but if you’re very stressed about it, I understand. Now, if you have phthalo blue and cad yellow, you can mix them together to get a phthalo green. Or something a close approximation to it. And then add black and white to get the background. We’re gonna just basically take the phthalo green, get a little- Not that much black! No! Not that much black. A little bit of black into the phthalo green. And we’re gonna gray it out. Gonna get a little white. Ok? Bringing it out. And up at the top of our sky, ok guys? We’re going to want it to be its darkest. Ok? That is the darkest part of our sky. And in general, when painting skies, if you apply this fact, when you guys are doing a blue sky or whatever sky you’re doing, if you remember, up here at the top, will be your darkest color. Then- Oh, do you love my Halloween spook-tacular bubbling? Yeah! It’s spooky style! Spooky style. Hart Party spooky style! Get some more black in there. Getting a little white. I’m going wet into wet, on the flat of my brush. Pulling the brush at the metal. Making sure I’ve got good paint management, right? Graying my color a little bit. Look at that! These little streakies, as I’m going, are gonna help make it look like a good sky. Right? And that’s gonna be fantastic. Alright. Hope you guys are loving my new, goofy intros. Just trying to be goofy and have fun. So you guys remember that art is fun. It’s not serious, stressed out business. Ok? Thank you for sharing your art work with me! I love everything that I’m seeing on Facebook. It’s amazing! I love the shares. Please keep doing it. Two hundred and seventy something pins on pinterest right now of you guys sharing art work with me. I’m getting more white as I go. See how it lightens the sky a shade? And I’m blending wet into wet. So how do I get this nice blend, guys? I get the nice blend cause I’m working very quickly. And also because there’s enough moisture. See me dip? And enough paint on my brush. That’s the trick to make it work. Ok? So now we’ve got this grayed out green. And that is the trick for this nice spooky hollow painting. Is this grayed out green. Bubbling over there? But it’s not smoking so I don’t really understand that. I guess that water’s not… Oooh! So they’ve left me with the dry ice experiment. And I don’t really know how that’s gonna go. Right? [laughs] Now I picked up a little bit of a darker color there and blended it in. See, I’ve got enough paint. I’m blending on the canvas. And here’s the other trick. Right here. My shoulder. Squared up. And lord knows I can be square. To the canvas. Painting level. Level. Your dot matrix printer, if you’re old enough to remember what those are…. I don’t really know what the young person equivalent of that is today. I’m sure somebody will tell me. Um…. Just keep it level. Water, skies. Keep it level. When you’re trying to paint any of that, that’s what you wanna do. Ok? That’s wonderful. Now I’m getting real light at the horizon. Now you see I’m coming in and getting this white. I’m getting real light. At the horizon. Ok? Alright. [sighs] Beverage…. That I’m not drinking. This isn’t happening. [chuckles] Awe. Some of my spookiness is…. Not as spooky. Spook it up again. I lost my spookiness. That’s a bummer. Mm-hmm. I’m looking right at you, willing art into you. Willing art. I’m gonna rinse out my brush. Before I do my little ground up front. I’m letting this dry so I’m gonna say to you, where’s your art? It’s in your heart! Van Gogh believed you had to paint with heart. That there was a type of soul poetry. I’m telling you it is. Art comes from the soul. Don’t argue with soul. Soul is true. Soul is honest. Soul knows what it’s about. Be nice about your art to yourself. I love how supportive you guys are on Facebook with each other. Um, at the end of this, if you hang in, I’m gonna show you, in my “Sherpa-corner” some art work. That people have been doing, and talk about different hart-ists. So you know I’m listening. You know I’m reading. You know I’m paying attention. Cause I actually am, and I really do care! Like, what’s happening! I just- I just heard from a girl scout’s mom about some advice on art, and I’m gonna stop and give that advice, cause it matters to me. The girl scouts get to paint. It does! Alright. So now I’m gonna do this up foreground. And what I know about this is I’m gonna add a little bit of the burnt sienna to the green. That’s very nice. And I’m gonna go darker again. I still want it grayed out. But this… Is my foreground. Now I might gray that a little bit more cause it is further away and I want it to get darker. I want it to be different from the sky. I want it to have some grass and stuff come up out of this. Right? I want it to be darker than the sky. Brighter and more vibrant. But… It still needs to be a little grayer at the horizon. There’s gonna be grass blades and some things here, so try not to get too wound up over this space. I know sometimes it’s hard for you guys. Just try. It’s a goal. It’s not a commandment. It’s just a goal. Alright. See, there we go. And I like to…. Not necessarily, and hopefully you can see this on my brush. Not mix…. See the variables, the paint here? I am allowing things to mix on the canvas. I do- If you follow me you know I jury into fine art shows. Ok? And I paint and I have paintings that I take days on and a lot of what my long years of art experience has taught me Don’t mix… Don’t mix the paint on the brush. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Let it be. [sings] Let it be. Let it be! Let it be, let it be! Here these words of wisdom… Let it be… Oh yes. You should sing in your art studio. You should have music in your art studio. I don’t have it playing while I’m painting with you because you guys have to hear me teach. But when I’m on my own…. I do have music. See, I’m getting darker and more vibrant as I come forward here. Alright. Now, I have pretty good coverage with my paint. Why do I have good coverage with my paint? Enough on my brush. I have enough moisture. And I’m painting with a heavy body professional acrylic. If you’re painting with a student acrylic, you might run into some opacity problems which is just too translucent. It’s too see through. Ok? A couple of solutions. One is You may need two coats on your background painting. You may need to do this twice. Sometimes you can get more coverage if you add a little white. To your paint. Cause there’s a lot of pigment in everybody’s pigment line on the white. Ok? I got some just green and black on that one. See, so I’m creating these very vibrant different tones here. Did it again. Getting just more intense as I come forward. I am covering the whole canvas. You can see that. Right? I am covering the whole canvas. I’m losing my bubbly-ness! We’re losing out spooky style! Hart party! But we still have heart! And you guys really have some heart. I gotta tell ya…. You guys give your paintings to your family members. You guys give them to charities. Once you realize you can paint, you’re painting everyday. We have a lot of people showing and selling and getting out there with their artwork now. Alright! So that’s pretty good. [blows breath out] Yeah! Take a dance break. Take a dance break. Gotta dance. Gotta dance. Gotta dance break. You should always take a dance break when you’re painting. You should always take a dance break when you’re painting. Even if you have no music and you’re crazy! Why should you take a dance break? Cause you should be having a good time! Ok. Gonna let this dry a second. Gonna pass some Sherpa wisdom on ya. When I was in art school and if you’re lucky enough to get to go to art college it’s really spectacular at any point in your life. I don’t care when you get to go. I would be in the studio working on something. You know, life drawing which was just drawing a lot of different naked people with charcoal. Which is SO exciting at the beginning of the semester, and… [chuckles] Not by the end of the semester. But there was always music going, and there was always fun. And sometimes when we get into the business of our lives, we forget the fun and I have talked to so many people and you get on Facebook and you talk to me. You get on Pinterest and you share your lives with me, and you’re fighting for your right to be happy, and I gotta tell you, I admire that. Cause you have a right to be happy! And happiness is… It’s a valuable thing. Painting can help get you there. It’s not the only thing, but it is a helpful thing. I love my… Spoooooooky sound effects. Alright! Twigglyness! Twigglyness. Let’s talk about twiggles. Twiggles, twiggles, twiggles. Ok. So we’re gonna get over here. I’m gonna paint in my background twiggles. What do ya know? My far away twiggles should be lighter. Than my up close twiggles. So here is this brush. I’m gonna paint… On this edge right here. And watch! Just painting the thinnest….. Little twiggly bits. So what do we remember about trees? Well, we remember that they’re thicker at the ground. And skinnier at the top. Wish I was. Thicker at the ground, skinnier at the top. Ok? They branch out. They have little wander-y bits. They are not straight. They are unruly, unpredictable little bits of creation, ok? Practice these brush strokes. Painting on the edge here. If I push harder, the stroke gets thicker. The lighter my pressure is…. The thinner the brush stroke. So we’re back to that wet cat pressure I’m always talking about. Happy cat that’s just fed. How hard can you pet them? You can pet them and pet them and pet them. You just took the cat to the vet and gave it a bath. How hard could you pet that cat? I don’t care where you live in the world! You know! You can’t pet that cat! That cat is gonna hurt you. And it can. I love cats, but the cat will tell you that… No!!! So just imagine the canvas is that or you can imagine a sunburn. If you’ve ever had a sunburn. I used to just say sunburn, and then a whole bunch of people pointed out that, um… I, with my fair and freckled skin, might really understand the sunburn experience but that was not a universal experience. And I was like, “Oh, well….”That’s very true.” But we’ve all dealt with a wet cat. We all know what those are like. We’ve all- We’ve all come into those! Maybe you live in the [?]- Well, Bengal tigers. You don’t pet those. No. No. [chuckles] You leave that really alone! [laughs] Just so glad I don’t live near one. Alright. So now I’m gonna do my background branches, and I’m gonna make a very very light green-gray. Darker- I mean lighter than my little sky here, that I’ve got going on. And I’m gonna make twigglys. I’m gonna start over here. Let’s see if I can…. Make sure that is really on what I’m doing. Starting at my horizon line, I’m gonna wander up. Light pressure. I will even, if you see this, allow the lines to break up. That is because it’s so far away it has lost resolution. That’s how it would say it to somebody young. So far away, it’s lost resolution! When you guys are painting landscapes, and you guys often send landscapes to me, that you’re doing. These skills will really help you. Practice this set of skills. You know, our very favorite Mr. Ross spent a lot of time observing… And practicing those art skills. And he realized that there was some truths about landscape that you could very expeditiously represent on canvas. And he shared that with us, and that was wonderful! Gonna leave a little space right here where the trees don’t get too crazy because I want to put a moon up there. Ok? So they’re gonna be here. They’re not gonna be too crazy. Another thing you might notice as I’m going. So I’m not all that concerned about this little area here, cause there’s gonna be grass and stuff and more stuff and more stuff. So I don’t really have to stress on it too much. I’m gonna enjoy my twigglyness. Some of my trees will be heftier and… More interesting than others. Every time I do these paintings you know, it’s… We are not copy machines. We are artists. All of us. Creators. Inventors. Thinkers. If you’re thinking about doing this with your space, you’re probably an open hearted person who just wishes to put good into the world. That’s my experience of artists. People who wanna create and make, they’re just trying to…. Make the world they live in more. They’re not subtractive people. They’re not trying to take away from the world. They’re not trying to make the world angry or lonely or more divisive. They’re trying to show the beauty that they’re seeing. And sometimes even if they’re showing something that’s not beautiful and they’re trying to get us to pay attention to it, they’re trying to get us to pay attention to it with our hearts. So we can really see it as it is. Special stuff. I love that people from all over the world paint with me. Because no matter what, I hope we never forget that we are all family. Alright. So I’m gonna get a darker green now. Of my- I’m gonna get my brown green going. Right? It’s gonna be darker. And I’m gonna get some… More…. Prominent trees going. I guess I might take him all the way down to the horizon line. I’m gonna think about him. Make sure you keep enough moisture and paint on your brush. On your brush. Notice what I’m doing here with these trees. Always practice your trees on paper. If you don’t have a lot of tree….. Experience. Practice your trees on paper. Make sure that you have a sense of what you want to be doing with your trees. Yes. Acrylic paint is very forgiving. You can always erase if you dry. And then paint over. That’s all it really takes. Dry and paint over it. Don’t try to fix it when it’s wet. That is… Gonna make you unhappy. In every way. See how we’re layering these twiggles in. Layering them in. Have one coming up here and it’s gonna go kinda like that. You know, we have another big tree. He’s our focal tree. He’ll be coming in. If you guys looked at the picture. The thumbnail. Before we started, you know kinda where we’re going. You might be going, I don’t know if she’s got a plan that’s gonna get us there, but… I do. It’s about layers. Layering. Object, canvas, placement. It’s about layering. It’s about objects that are far away are gray and as they come closer they are more vibrant. Things that are farther away, less detail. When they’re up close, they’re more detailed. More vibrant. Kind of like our lives. Things that are far away in our memories, they’re not as detailed. Things that just happened last week, we’re still feeling. We’re still grinding our teeth over it. Don’t grind your teeth over it, guys. Just let go. Paint it out. If something has really upset you. Something has really worked your nerves and you’re having trouble letting it go, dude, take that to the canvas. Go free- Go freestyle on it. Just, whatever you’re thinking, just get it out there. You may not like the painting when you’re done, but the shocking thing is you will feel better. If you’re a very young person and you are just really having a hard time I can relate to that. I had that in high school, of course. Being a free thinker. [sarcastically] That’s always so celebrated in the youth culture. Is individuality. Um… I could take it to my art. I could put it there. Get it out of my heart. Anger. How I was feeling. You put it in the canvas, and it’ll stay there. Doesn’t have to get better later. It could get better now. Right? Painting can make things better today. You start to release it and let it go. And you know what’s weird, is you can tell people how you feel with your words. They don’t hear you. You can show them with your tears. But they don’t see you. But when you paint your pain, when you put it in a picture, people hear it, see it, and feel it. All of a sudden it’s real for them. So I know when I was in high school, and I was having a hard time, I could put that into a canvas. And it would really, really reach people, where they got it. Poetry is a little bit like this. I noticed musicians have this power. These arts that we do, it’s how we authentically communicate. It’s soul! We don’t argue with soul. Soul tells the truth. Alright, so we got this here. Now, grass. Grass grass grass grass grass. Grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass. There’s my little one looking for me. She has care. She does. She’s the most magical person in there right now. Alright. So we’re gonna go like this. Harder at the bottom. Oh! I don’t know if you’re gonna get to see her. She’s [?] at the camera. But Greta, my new furry family member, has just walked in. I don’t know if you… Hi Greta! She’s awesome! She’s a German Shepherd. She’s so very German. She is. She’s just fantastic. She’s like… She’s like a real German German German Shepherd. Like, the dog speaks German. It’s great. Alright. So let’s get some- Let’s get some, uh… We want some- I’ll gray this green out a little bit. I feel like graying it out a little bit for this grass. Ok? I’m gonna put this kind of grayed out green. And I’m going to visually kind of break up stuff. Break up my eye line. Notice it’s just these little brush strokes. I’m just trucking along, doing my thing. Making little brush strokes. Have fun with it. This honestly is just… This is the art therapy, right here. The…. These little dashy brush strokes, making grass. Oh my god. Landscape painting. It’ll just…. It’ll just take you away. From it all. And that’s why I’m gonna be teaching some of these skills, is because I’d like to get us where we could do some plein air painting hart party classes. Where I could go on the road around the world and we could paint some locations. I could teach you guys how to turn those vacation memories into vacation art. That is super fun. We have a hart party viewer in Hawaii. That I hear from a lot. And I always think, man! Visit her. Do some paintings over there. Of course then hart party would be filmed out of Hawaii cause I would never leave! Ever. Ever would I leave. Hawaii. I would not leave Hawaii. Alright. So, some of the things that you see me do with my grass here, I’m gonna show you some more examples. Is, what you might be tempted to do. Is go like this. Make these little, neat things. But what you want to do is break it up. Change directions. Change style. Even if you’re type A, you guys know I love type A. I do. Break it up. Break it up. Your eye needs it. That’s where the order is, is actually in the disorder. That’s how you get the look. So not… Not… This. No! Right? Not that. We’re not making train tracks. [laughs] Ok. So now I’ve got to make another layer of grass that’s darker. The de- Do you see the details? This is a little more reality than you might want. It’s the details. I will it to you. I will you into the details. Ok. Back to the painting. Now that I’ve completely spooked you out. Freaking my hart party viewers out, going oh god! No, this woman is mad! So…. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your likes. Thank you for your subscriptions. Thank you for coming by Facebook and sharing with me. I appreciate it. I do. Alright. The darker color. Now, this I will allow to come down a little bit past the horizon line because I’m trying to create the layer. Ok? Get some of that brown. Get some of that green. A little black. Darken this up. Right. I’m not painting over what I had before. I’m putting a harder pressure on this cause I am erasing my obvious horizon line. Cause you don’t want like a- A line there. Nature doesn’t do that. It breaks it up. Camouflages things by breaking up the pattern. That’s how camouflage works, right? So, some shorter, some longer. Different directions. Have fun with it. Learn how to do it. It’s just a skill. It’s not a talent, it’s a skill. Like typing. You can learn it. It may not be easy for everybody, but it’s doable for everybody. And eventually anyone can be good at it if you put in the time. Do the crime. Ok? Gonna be breaking up that…. This is what’s gonna impress your friends. Now sometimes I’ll pick up some of the lighter tone. And here’s what I do. Remember- Remember the Bob used to say there’s no mistakes, just happy accidents? So like I’m painting along and a little bit of white color is there and picks up on my brush and then I just work with it. See, that… That is what decades of art experience gives you. [chuckles] Is like, when it gets there, you’re not like Oh god oh god oh god! There’s some white. I’m like, Oh, good. White paint. Lovely. Lovely. Maybe we’ll have to do that a little bit in life. Too. And learn… Some of the stuff I’m able to do in the studio, I’m able to apply to my life. Look. If I don’t have to freak out about it in a painting, I don’t. There’s no point. It doesn’t help me. Being angry or upset while I’m painting doesn’t make me paint better. The painting might make me feel better. But like if I’m painting along and a tree isn’t going well and I get really really mad, that’s not gonna get the good tree out. Ok? Calming down. [inhales deeply] [big exhales] Letting it go. Drying it and just doing the steps is gonna get a good tree out. In life… If you don’t have to get mad about it… Don’t. It doesn’t help. Panicking that you lost the keys will in no way find the keys faster. That same breathing technique you use to get through a difficult part of your painting will help you find those keys. I mean, it is amazing how much the stuff that happens in here applies to out there. These are life skills that you learn in the art studio. There was a psychological study done about this. Artists have a unique set of psychological resiliencies that help them in life. Yes, I wear a funny hat. Yes, I’m a complete goof. But I wake up happy about it, and I go to sleep ok. I am enjoying myself. Right? I’m having a good time. Now you know how I liked running into a little bit of that light color? Watch this. I’m gonna get a little bit of my light color that I saved over here. And I’m gonna throw a….. A monkey wrench into it, and I’m gonna dance here. [sings] Da da da da da daaaa. With my little grass. That’s what this is. I’m gonna show you again here. That’s sticking. {sings] I’m dancing. With my little- It just looks like a mess here and yet when it’s on the canvas, it’s so nice. [sings] Dancing with my little bit of grass. Having a nice time. Painting with you. Cause I am. [laughs] Ok. You can tell I have kids cause I sing everything. Alright. Look at that! Horizon. That easy. Ohh… [breathes deeply. Alright. Moon. Oh! I almost forgot the funnest part! I almost forgot the funnest part… Stars! The thing I was gonna show you. Into clean water, get your brush. Dip your brush into some clean water. Pick up a little bit of your white paint. K? Come back here. Flick. Stars. Yeah. Could do it earlier in the canvas. [chuckles] Probably, normally in the pai- I just got to having a good time and that happens. You just- I was having a good time. But you just get this up here. If you feel like you lost some of your branches… Some of your darker branches, you can always come back and put them back in. And bring them forward. Now normally you would do that before you put in any of the trees. I just, you know, again, I’m just an artist and not like a…. Just a regular person who loves to paint and helps other people paint. I am Sherpa. Doesn’t mean I don’t take a detour on occasion. Sometimes it is the little weird turns on the trail that make the journey interesting. Again, and see this is what I mean. Art resiliency. It went in a slightly wrong order. Do I freak out? Do I go, “Oh no!” I’ve gotta film again! The only reason I film again is like, because sound was off or… It’s something catastrophic that we just can’t get around. That does happen to us a lot more than I would like. But, you know, what are you gonna do? Alright. So you see I’ve got my branches. My foreground branches back in and it’s pushed my little stars back into the sky. So we’re ok here. We’re all good. Everything is as it should be. The layering is fine. Alright. So. Moon. We have our stars. Trick… While I’m thinking of it. Cause probably some of you are sitting at home looking at your toothbrush that you grabbed from your child. [laughs] Or from somewhere. The icky toothbrush. Trick it. Well, guess what you should do. Before you do it on your canvas. You should do it here. You should do the flick here. Make sure it’s working for you. Make sure you’re loaded. You can flick twice here. Flick flick. And then flick. Right, like I’m flicking up here. Flick there, and flick. Ok? So the trick to this flick is your brush needs to be a little bit wet. But not like drip drip drip drip, where you’re gonna get a spatter. Don’t panic if you get a spatter. All your friends will love spatters. Like, a huge amount of my fine art is spatter based. I can directionally put a spatter anytime I want. People to think it’s so accidental, it’s not. It’s tactical. Here’s the deal. Practice before you put it on your canvas cause I know you guys freak out. You go, “Oh my god!” First of all, it’s fine. Dry it. Start over. But practice first. Get it up there. Get a spray. Master this, cause if you master this with me, guess what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna paint a wave with you. I’m gonna show you a translucent, cresting, crashing wave, that you can do as a beginning artist. Mm-hmm. That’s gonna happen. So work on your spatters. You’re gonna need them for our christmas episodes. You’re gonna need them for our water episodes. You’re gonna need them any time we have a beach. So work on them. Ok. Now. Through the magic of the hair dryer if it is plugged in… [music plays] That was… [?] Alright. Rinsing out my little brush. Notice I’m doing a lot of the painting with this. This is by Fundamentals Creative Mark It is a size six shader. Very squared off thin brush. So I’m gonna get it. I’m gonna get a little of… My white paint, and a little bit of this yellow oxide. Get a little bit of your green. You don’t want it to be too true of a color. It will… It will be a little off in your… In your sky. And today’s moon is going to be brought to you by the letter C. Now what can you do if you don’t feel like you’ve got good brush control? Right? You can rest your hand on the canvas. To get control over what it’s doing. Ok? Once I have that in…. Get a little bit of this. I’m gonna dry it off on my paper towel. I’m gonna make some very soft- This is a very angry dangerous cat. We now may be at Bengal tiger level pressure. I have found a wild Bengal tiger. He may or may not be suffering from zombie cat disease. How lightly would you pet it if you must pet it? Probably pretty lightly. K? So you’ve got your little moon happening here. And I want you to grab a little bit of your white. Very lightly. Give your moon a nice little white highlight. With the pure white. It’s really gonna pop. You still want some of that gold to show. K? This is about being painterly. Let’s put some of these white highlights in this little “U”. You see that? This little “U” under here. And that’s gonna feel like moonlight dripping down. Ok? Come here. Sometimes I get a little crazy with my highlights. But that is the basics of the “C”- C——– Moon. Ok? Now. Now…. Now… Now is the fun part. Alright. The pumpkin does not require drawing. It just requires squishy circles. Pumpkins, as with all squash, are hot messes. So this is an area for which you could be very forgiving of yourself and your drawing skills. In fact, it may even be a benefit. So we’re gonna do- So we’re gonna place them in first. I’m gonna sketch them in with white chalk. I’m gonna give you a drawing example here on my piece of paper. And then I’m gonna just put them in. Ok? So I’m gonna give you lots of opportun- Watch me. I’m gonna mist my… Misting. My paint so it stays wet. Umm…. So first I’m gonna show you basically what we’re gonna do here. Basically. Maybe I’ll use this. Ok? Our guy has this big sort of pumpkin at the bottom. Ok? And then there’s sort of a smaller pumpkin for the middle. That’s just a circle. Notice that this circle is into this circle’s space. So when I draw it, and I’ll show you when I get my black line out, what I’m going to be doing, I think. And then the head is bigger again. Ok? Now in gesture what I want to do is make sure that I got this as the gesture of my drawing. You’re studying art, that’s what you are thinking about. Now I’ve got a hat, and it’s gesture continues out this way. When you talk about gesture drawing, this is some fine art wonderfulness. What they’re saying is it’s not a stick figure, it is what line, what over all lyrical line, does the drawing make? Our pumpkin guy makes this curve here. And that really helps us place our hat. So this is our little curve, and then we know our hat. So our hat has a bit of a round bit here. Comes up. With a break, and goes back. Sort of just a messed up triangle. Then…. The brim comes around. I like to curve it up. Cause I just like some weirdness with everything. Ok? So when I go- I’m gonna show this with a sharpie. Let’s really put this in. Right? There’s an overlapping… With these objects. That’s a little bit wet so it’s messing with my sharpie. I’m gonna out my eyes in. This one will be like this and this one will be bigger. And then… Kinda went a little funny with this one. You know. And then we’ve got a little pumpkin friend, that’s gonna pop out. And it’s gesture is much more this way. And so it comes up like this. And then it has a little round friend peeking out. K? A little stem and a little stem. That is the basic… Pumpkin… Arrangement. I may go do a good sketch of this. And put this up on my Pinterest page. Umm…. Probably under Hart Party, direct. So that if you want to print it out, if you’re just having a panic attack- Though I highly suggest trust yourself. Draw it. Enjoy it. It’s the journey, not the destination. As long as you get to the end of the painting, or “top of the mountain,” the view’s gonna be good. And every time you hike, it’s like getting in shape. You’re supposed to get better at it. Now, that’s what the people at the gym keep telling me. If I just keep going. It’s gonna get easier. I’m telling you the same thing. And I’m trusting, based on my art experience, these people are not lying to me. [laughs] Hope so. Alright. So my pumpkin- I know, like, I need about this much room at the bottom. So he’s gonna start here. And maybe… Three fingers over from the side. So I’ve gotta have about that sort of placement. Cause I wanna have room for my tree. Right? And I know… I know I’ve got this gesture happening here. [?] Gesture! Oh! I get it! Ok. Smaller circle. The torso is smaller. And then the head. Bigger. Hat. Hat. Ok? So that’s what I’m gonna do. And how I’m gonna paint that in, is I’m gonna paint… In acrylic paint, if you paint watercolor, if you paint something else, acrylic paint. As long as it’s a good professional paint, generally I like to paint the darker colors first and add the lighter colors. Obviously that’s not always true. Cause we have landscaping rules. Things that are far away are grayed and near by are brighter. But in this particular case, for this pumpkin, I’m gonna go my darkest color to paint him in, or her in, and then light it up. How do I get the darkest color, you ask. Oh! It’s so wonderful. You will love it! Alright. So I’m gonna come here. And we’re gonna use contrast. To get our darkest color. And so I’m gonna get a little bit of this green and I’m gonna take it over to my red. and I’m going to mix them together. Because green is red’s contrast. And so what they do is they make the grays or neutrals. This is the darkest color of my pumpkin. And you’ll notice that- See if I, um…. Gosh darn it. Hopefully you can see the sketch. My other one. I’m still getting used to the up close camera. You know. It’s a moving target. For all of us. Right? So I’ve got this right here. K? Now I’m gonna use a little bit of my black. And red. To go right here. Just pull down about a quarter of an inch of a shadow. Ok? I may even let that curve around. Here. I’m just trying to show that I’ve got some difference between. Like I’ll even do it right here. Where I’ve got the top pumpkin. Let me…. Sort of sketch this guy in. Just in case you’re having trouble seeing him on your computer. Right? And then like this. So that’s what I’ve got. And then I have this hat that goes like this. Ok. But see, I’m so confident I just sketch things in with paint cause I’m like, ah. It’ll work itself out later. It really does if you just stay at it and mess with it. This is the, um… Red and green mixed together inside the black and red right here that I’m doing. [sighs] Having fun? Or panicking? Hopefully having fun. Hopefully having fun with friends and family. Enjoying your art experience. Together. Ok. So that’s a basic pumpkin. And then I’m gonna need his little friend right here. To come out. Right. And we remember that that sort of has this gesture to it. So our little pumpkin here can come up, have a little thing and… We’re lining these sort of up. And then he’s got that little friend. Peeking out. Little squished friend. This is sort of like one of those longer squishy pumpkins. I’m gonna go you have a stem, and you have a stem. We all have stems! With my Oprah moment. Alright. Same thing. Take a little of this with a little of the black. Get a dark color. Darker than everything else you’re painting with. So you get this sort of outline. Especially right here. Where the two are overlapped. Cause you’re trying to give the illusion of object placement. Trying to say that there’s a shadow between them. There’s darkness between them. In this super adorable dark pumpkin forest. [laughs] How’s that looking? That’s looking pretty good on the up close cam. I’m trying the up close cam because on the all seeing owl, which you guys are doing so well and I’m gonna show you some examples of some of the art work I’ve seen. That people shared with me. You guys are doing really well with that. Is the eye bugged everybody cause they couldn’t really see it well enough. And so I was like, oh, ok. Let’s see how could we solve that, and we decided that what we needed was this detail cam. But I’m still learning how to operate it. So this is that red… Cad red and phthalo…. Green mixture. When I say phthalo blue, I mean phthalo blue green, not phthalo blue red. Sometimes some of the paint companies will give that to you. When they say Phthalo blue red, it’s really so close to ultramarine blue you might as well use ultramarine blue. And has all the problems that I don’t really love in ultramarine blue. Ultramarine blue has a purpose. Sure. But it needs to sit in the corner. And mind…. It’s own business! Alright, we’re gonna put in our hat. If you happen to have blue… You can use it if you didn’t, you know, put it out you don’t have to use it. I like to use it.. I’m gonna mix it into my black. A little blue into my black. See how I do my paint management? A little white. I don’t want it to be totally… I want some of these highlights to show. Right? And this…… Right. It’s this and then it’s gonna come up. K? [chuckles] You know, there worry so much about the kids making noise, but I don’t really care. I know you guys don’t really care. Nobody really cares. But it’s sweet that they try. Alright. I’m gonna go up about an inch here. And I’m gonna swoop down with my brim. And come up. Cause I like a curved brim, and you need it over there. And again, you’ll have this drawing on Pinterest if you’re like, I am not doing that! Now, to make sure that I know where my brim is, versus my hat top, I’m gonna add a little white to my paint, for just right here. I will have to darken all this up. I just want to know where my… That is. Come back into my black and blue. That’s very dark. Black and blue, which is really payne’s gray. I really hope you guys are loving this. I know you are. I’ve got people who’ve painted everything I have up. It’s… I’ve told my husband, we gotta get on a daily painting schedule, and he’s agreed. I don’t know how close we’ll come to that. And then again, anything is still the speed of editing, cause in real life I have a job, where I create video games. That’s very time consuming, but that’s where the paycheck comes from, so I gotta you know, make the world better with video games. Go figure. Come support my video games. Sticky Pigs. Out in six to nine months. Be awesome. And of course, you know the sherpa made it and you know it’s family friendly. You know, it cares about what you care about. Truly, truly it does. Alright, we’re gonna let that dry for a little while. And we’re gonna come over and we’re gonna think about the tree. Ooh, the tree. The tree. Alright. I see that. Alright. So, trees. Trees are what? Trees are wider at the bottom, ever narrowing at the top. This is a dark forest tree, so it should be, like, bending and twisted and entertaining- [Cinnamon growls] Have fun with it! Seriously. Have a goof! Be like, “Errrrnn- I’m gonna give you a pretty tree my pretty!” Enjoy it! Have some fun. You don’t have to do the voice, but you know. So… You know, the tree’s gonna come up and bend, and… Come up like that, and then I’m gonna have a trunk. See, and it’s gonna get narrower and narrower and narrower and narrower. And then branches that come off and get narrow, and what is the rule about branches coming off the trunk? They must be skinnier than the trunk. The branch has to be skinnier than the branch or trunk that it is attached to. Has to. Yes, I know in some parts of the world there are trees that break all those rules. [sighs] But this an evil dark hollow forest tree and it doesn’t. It just obeys those rules. So if you’re very nervous about painting it in black, which is what we do first, you can sketch it in. I’ve got the camera here. Hopefully seeing it beautifully this time. I’m gonna also give myself about three fingers from the bottom. And about a whole hand from the side. I want some room on my tree. Just to know where it is. And I’m gonna come over here. And I’m gonna come up. With my trunk. I’m gonna make a bend out to the right. And then I’m gonna go back to the left. And then here I’ll go here. Really to the right. And up. And off. Since I’m not doing that- And I’m gonna do this tree differently every time I paint it. So, just so you know. It’s your tree. What did we used to say? It’s your world. It is your world. Literally. This may be my hollow, and this is my idea, and I’m sharing it with you, but at the end of the day, you live with this. This is your world. You have to make it what you need it to be. I think that’s seeing it. I don’t know if it is. Whoops. Nope. I want it to zoom in! Really on it. Alright. I guess that’s as good as I can really get it. K. [sighs] My husband will doing something funny with that complete weird moment. Alright, you’ve got roots coming out and I like my roots to run all the way to my pumpkin, so I go up a little bit. And I go down a bit, and I come here. And right here at the bottom I’m gonna come out. My roots must be smaller than my trunk. Ok? And then I know I’m gonna want a root coming in this way. So I come right up here. Make this line. Very very twiggly. And I’m gonna have some come off this way. I’m gonna have it go off the canvas. Very interesting when things go off the canvas. And then of course we’ll want some twiggly roots. Happening. Off of these, cause that helps it. And then we’ve gotta have twiggly branches and we’ll paint them in. But first we’re gonna get the base of it painted in. And the base of it is, again… I like to add a little blue to my black. I like it a lot. I think it keeps it vibrant and interesting. I’m gonna use my half inch angle brush and get a little more black. I’m gonna paint that in. Now this I don’t lighten with any white initially. I want this to be very dark. This is a dark twisted tree. Actually, it’s just hibernating. I think the hollows should be a happy place, where it’s hollowing all year, and a little Tim Burton-esque and we’d all want to visit. Alright. See, I’m using…. I’m using the edge of my brush to get that crisp line. But look. If you’re stressed out, change brushes! Don’t be freaking out, painting with a brush that is annoying you. Ok? Don’t do it. If you need to paint with a little brush, just cause I’m painting with a half inch, I’m not in your house. I’m not gonna smack it out of your hand. And if I was in your house, I wouldn’t smack it out of your hand, so that’s how that is. Ok? I would just be like, go for it! Go for it! You can do it! That’s like my whole thing. Whoo. And the dry ice did not keep the studio cool today. No it did not. It did not do it. Ok, I’m just gonna come here. In this space. Alright. Need a little blue. Need a little black. Oop. I grabbed some yellow but I’m not gonna stress on it. Didn’t intentionally so you don’t need to. Alright. So that’s what I’m doing today. I feel like having a little branch off this one and a little root off that. Alright. So I got my tap roots in, I got my big tree in. Gotta give it some branches. Gonna put in my big branches first. I’ll switch to my smaller brush once those are in. Alright. Just put this one in here and then let me switch to my smaller bush. Let me switch to my smaller brush. See? You just switch when you’re ready to switch. Just do it. Just do what you gotta do! You gotta do what you gotta do. Ok. I feel like I need a nice little branch coming off here and bending back that way. Trying to make sure they’re crookedy. That’s the big thing. I want a crookedy tree. You know, a crooked tree. This is not the giving tree. Maybe it is. Maybe it gives candy corn. Maybe this tree told that kid, “No!” I want my leaves, and my apples. And it’s just having a nice hibernation, where it is protected by the dark creatures of the hollow forest from greedy little children who would like to take all it’s leaves and cut it down and turn it into a boat and a house. That’s how my kids feel about it. Like, we always read that book and we love it. But really, honestly, everybody’s always upset that the kid didn’t protect his tree more and didn’t love it. Which I suppose was the intention of the story, right. Like that was- That was totally [?]. Now I’m gonna need a branch here. And I’m gonna need to have a branch here, because I have to have space right here to hold my spider web. So this is important and hang with me here. Ok? So we’ve got this upward branch. Happening here. And then I’m already gonna go in…. And make this lower branch. Ok? Because I’m gonna need it. You can make these little weird twiggles that go odd directions. That’s always good. This is a- This is not a giving tree! This tree is like, “NO!” Give you nothing! Give you some candy corn kid and step off! I’m a tree! I make air. Back off of me! I don’t want to be a boat. Make your own- Make yourself happy. That’s what you- You know what? That is the enlightened answer from that tree to that kid. Just go make yourself happy. You know. Plan your day a little better. Open your Heart. Be the change you want to see in the world. Stop trying to cut me down. Take my apples and run around. I loved you unconditionally. I still do. But I’m not gonna be you know, cut down so you can feel better. Some of you are like, I’ve got some people in my life I need to say that to! Probably. You’re never gonna be sick enough to make somebody happy. I mean, sick enough to make somebody well. Poor enough to make somebody rich. Sad enough to make somebody happy. It’s never gonna happen. Absolutely be a kind, giving, contributing person in the world. But it does not help somebody to way lay- Waste to yourself so that they can get by. That doesn’t actually help them. The thing that will help people is that you shine. You show them how happiness looks. You show them how joy is. You are a lighthouse in the dark. That helps people, and remind them that they are a lighthouse, too. Awesome tree! Loving it! NOT A GIVING TREE! Tree’s not giving. [Cinnamon chuckles] Alright. So I’m gonna put a little detail and some stuff back here because I need a little tonality. I’m gonna get my little brush. I’m gonna get my little brown and mix it back into my green. Get some gr- I mean some white here. There. Maybe a little black. And I’m gonna come here and I’m gonna make some little short little- You’re not seeing that. You’re gonna focus back on the pumpkin. Ok. Get some… A little.. tonality around our pumpkins a little bit. Paint around carefully. You’re just- Your’e just implying some ground texture here. Just saying that this is not flat. Devoid. Meaningless earth. Get some ground. Some black. This says…. Stuff is happening. Come around this side. Same thing. I want you guys to add a liitle depth and texture and… A little more brown than that. Painting is really really about layer layer layer layer layer layer layer. Ok? Now, grab your half inch angle brush. We’re gonna go whack-a-doo. We’re gonna have a blast. We’re gonna improve our ground texture. You’re gonna grab some of your iron oxide. You’re gonna come over to this mix that you got. And you are going to make…. Try to add some tonality and stuff. Very light, short brush strokes. Ok? And you’re gonna notice that, again, not getting crazy…. About the mix. Ok? We’re just trying- That’s a little bright. Get a little crazier than that. Mix it in something darker that you’ve got going. This is when you’s pick up it’s a weird paint and just have a blast. We’re just creating some… If you get something too light, get a darker color and just go right into it. And blend it in the canvas. It will blend right back. You’re just- Now I’m gonna start curving these strokes. Maybe a little brown here, into it. I’m gonna start curving it like this. See those little curves? They’re like little U’s. Ok? Little brown. Little green. Little white. All the way through here I’m going to… Improve… My foreground texture. Grab a little oxide. Get right back into it. Come here. Short- You can see it. Short little strokes. Don’t take out your roots. If you do, you can always put them back in. Look, if you get crazy and you take out your roots, you can put them back. You just want…. A little more brown. You just want some tonality here. Trust me. That’s what you want. Hi, Greta. You may or may not see her, but she’s coming through.This is- Hello, Greta! Hello! You’re such a good girl! Hopefully you can hear her. She’s very sweet. I like her. It’s good to like your own dog. She’s awesome. Alright. That was a little brown. A little yellow. I’m making some lighter little bits. Little bits. Light. As if I was putting cayenne pepper into this space. That’s about how much I’m using. Ok? I’m not looking from Louisiana. Not that there’s anything wrong with being from Louisiana. It’s awesome. Ok? Seriously guys. It’s awesome! Just making sure… I got a little… Darken that back up. It’s too much. Little texture happening here. And we’re gonna add some more to it than this. We just wanna make sure that we’ve got this here. You can add some back here a little bit if you want. We’re just creating… This fabulous fun fall ground feel. Which is very painterly. Layer’s gonna be awesome! You can see I just sort of mix up this brush stroke. Get very relaxed about it. I’m just like all, this is how I want it. Whoooo, yeah! Whoooo! I’m having a blast. Alright. We could finish either the tree or the pumpkin right now. My tree is dry so I’m gonna go into my tree. And I’m gonna give my tree a little finish. And the tree is real simple. It’s just a couple shades of gray that I’m doing in little dashes up the trunk. And I’m saying, here is the moon and the moon’s light is shining… So it’s gonna lighten this side of the tree. If you’re painting from vacations, you’re wanting to paint landscapes, really take a minute. Stop worrying so much about a tree is here. A rock is here. A thing is here. And look at, and just take a minute, almost in a meditative state, Look at where the light hits. Paint the light. Paint the light. Really experienced artists paint the light. And that’s whether they’re digital artists, working the gaming industry, or whether they are, uh, fine artists painting landscapes. They’re painting the light. You have to be able to do it. You’ve gotta be able to do it. So I’m over here. I’m gonna get a little of my blue. Get my black. And then get a little white into it. I’m gonna make a very dark gray. Fifty shades of gray. I always make those jokes. But there are fifty shades of gray. You can see ten. I can see about forty. If you train your eyes, you could see about forty. Alright? I want to make sure this is on… The tree again. Seeing the tree. Alright. So what I’m doing is to about half way to the tree, I’m gonna leave- I’m gonna leave a little bit of the dark dark black here at the side. I’m making little dashes. I’m making little strokes like this. Alright? And I’m following the direction of what the trunks would have. Ok? Alright. A little bit of this here. Coming down here. I’m gonna do the main body of the trunk first before I worry about the branches. I’m just getting these little dashes in. I am not- Other than I am creating lightness over here and leaving darkness on the left hand side, I am not that stressed about it. Ok? I will get into some of the branches. Again, the moon’s here so I’m gonna highlight this underside. Oh ho! You didn’t know I was gonna do that! And the underside here. The underside there. Maybe get a little more of that. And this inside- Oops. A little lighter than I want. Darker darker darker darker darker. It’s not hurting anything, it’s just a little lighter than I want it. And then this inside of this branch. And then maybe a little of that. Underneath here. Underneath this little branch, I’m gonna highlight. I’m gonna highlight right here. Need to rinse out. Sometimes when these brushes, if they get a little thick to do the detail, what it is is I have too much paint And you’re like, wait! What do you mean?!? Now there’s too much paint on the brush? Yeah. You can have too much. Gonna highlight… Where it would be. So, like, a little bit here. But on this branch, maybe the top here. The top of this one. So that’s what I’m doing, is I’m playing this game in my mind. Where would the light hit? And you can play that by using your brush and drawing a line down. [dog barking in background] Ooh! Greta! Someone must be near her grass! [dog barking] She hates that! [dog barking] They’re near our grass! Have none of it! Now right here I’m gonna make a much more specific sort of highlight coming up. And almost making an outline of this root. Cause I’m trying to define the shape of this root.
[dog barking] Oh, puppy dog. She’s gonna tell them. She’s gonna tell them, uh uh. Don’t you start nothing! You don’t start nothing, it won’t be nothing. Ok. So I’m just right here. Coming right here. Highlighting the top of this root. Ok? If you lose black that you needed, guess what? You can put it back in! It’s not lost forever. Ok? Now another thing I can do in my gray, this lighter gray, is I can get a little of this yellow oxide, and add it. What does that do? Well that implies this weird little moon glow. It just takes a little bit. Just a little touch. I’m giving you guys some more complicated stuff, but you can keep it simple. This is like Yoga. [chuckles] Like I do yoga. I’m trying to do yoga. Believe it or not. Bad at it. Slow. But I show up. And I use my studio skills. I go, it’s not about competition, it’s about completion! I just have to finish this class. All I gotta do today is finish. Don’t run out screaming. That’s all I gotta do. Maybe in six months it will show. Who knows. Maybe not. Maybe it will only be evident on the inside. That I made good life choices. I don’t really know. I know it’s good for me, and it helps me, and so I’m gonna do it. Alright. Here I am, coming up with my nice little highlight. A little bit here. Adding a little bit here. Having a good time. Having fun. Aren’t you having fun? I am having fun. This part, this is just nice. Seriously. This will lower your blood pressure. These little types of painting things, don’t even worry about like how it’s really working out for you at this stage. You know, I mean, enjoy it, but seriously it’s sort of like my work outs. [chuckles] It’s about invisible rewards sometimes. And you just gotta be like, Ok. That’s ok. It’s good for me. It makes my life better. Makes me happy. I know it’s worth it. I love how the dry ice has bubble the entire time we’ve been filming, but not, like, we imagine that it would, like create this, like, film of smoke low to the ground, and create spookiness, and it took us forever to get filming on this video. Cause we want to do that, and then [laughs] don’t even do any of that. Alright. I want you to make this lighter gray gold color. And just right in this sort of little area here, a couple spots, look right here, we’ll go dash dash dash dash dash. Dash dash dash. Make this little highlight. Right through my little root here. Then I’m gonna skip over like a quarter of an inch. I’m gonna do it again. Skip over like a quarter of an inch, and I’m leaving this darker gray area right here. And what that’s doing is that’s creating a little dimensionality to my tree, and then right here I’m gonna make a little more dash dash dash dash. But not everywhere. Cause what I’m saying is there’s just some… See, it just gives it some dimensionality and that’s just nice. Couple spots. Ok? Couple spots. Don’t go crazy. I feel… Like that tree is looking pretty good! That tree is coming together. You keep at your tree until you feel it’s looking pretty good. It is, after all, about you. It’s your journey. I’m a guide. But you’re the one who’s trying to make the climb. This is your spiritual trek. So make sure that you spend the time you need to with a piece. To feel that calmness inside. Ok? That’s what your- That’s what the goal is, is there’s a calmness. This is why I think Bob Ross and some of the oil artists had this really sort of peaceful- Peaceful way of speaking, and they’re- Because they’re so zen, and it’s the very act of trying to paint and talk that causes that. It’s the Bob Ross Effect. That’s what I call it. It’s the Bob Effect. Ok. Pumpkin. Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin . Alright. So we’re gonna do this bottom pumpkin first, and the first thing that we need to know is that he’s got these dark dark ribs. So I’m gonna get some of my black and some of my red And I’m gonna mix it up. I’m gonna get a very dark color. Very very dark, like what I have under here. I’m definitely gonna go under here and strengthen that shadow. Ok? Strengthen up that shadow. Coming right here. Strengthening it up. And then about ever quarter of an inch. Right? We’re gonna say they start all here, right? We’re gonna have these little ribs. They’re gonna curve up and curve in. Maybe this one goes right up the center. Curve up and curve in. Hopefully- Oh, wait! I’m doing it again! I’m gonna repaint that. I’m gonna just show it to you again cause I forgot to move the camera. Alright. So I had created a highlight down here. Wooo. Highlight highlight highlight. And then I came down here at the bottom and I’ve been making these upward ribs. Ok? Come around here. Upward ribs. Alright? Upward ribs. And again, the wonderful thing about pumpkins is that they are hot messes. Alright. Ready to go to the next pumpkin. We’ve got this fabulous, dark color. And we’re gonna do the same thing. I’m gonna… Bow this out maybe in the middle and come up to the top where the stem would be. Just trying to say it’s got some ribs. Ok? And then this guy’s got some of these round ones. Don’t really hit the face yet. You can, um, do this upper one, but we’re gonna wait on the face cause we’ve got some stuff going on there, obviously. Cause we’ve got a face. We’re making these nice ribs. Just make them like I’m making them. It’ll work out. Ok. And we know where they are now, cause we drew them in. So the next thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get a slightly brighter grayed out orange color. Slightly brighter. Orange color. Alright? And we’re gonna paint inside these ribs. And I’m gonna have to go back and make some darkness down here again. I wanna create some shadow, but right now I’m doing, I’m blocking stuff in. A lot of painting is knowing how to block in and paint out. And just being cool with that process. Alright. You’re just trying to create…. Some layers of paint. These pumpkins, and this is a very important skill for you as you’re painting, is you’re growing those art skills. Which you can do, all it takes is your perseverance and determination. It’s really all they need. I know a lot of people who did not even have a sherpa who just like, I’m just gonna paint at fifty, and that’s what I’m gonna do. And they do. And they are in my art league. And they are awesome. Really talented. There’s one lady, who was just at a critique I was in. She’s like 53. She just took up painting at 50. She just took up art. She does cut paper collages. And honestly, her stuff was like the most popular stuff of the night. Of the night! Yeah. That’s how that went. Cause it was awesome. Ok. And now at this point you kinda gotta sense of your pumpkin’s ribbies. So go back in here. I’m gonna get a little bit of my dark color again. I’m gonna go get a little of my dark color. Right? Ooh! DH, Dear Husband has dropped some more spooky! Ooh! Are we gonna finish up spooky? Oh my gosh, I hope so! Back to the spooky. So I’m putting this little bit of shadow down here I’m putting it down here to create weight. To create shape, and that is why it’s here, and why it’s there. I’m not painting out that much of what I have. I’m just, quarter of an inch. Just take this at a… If it gets away from you, don’t panic. Just do what? Dry it with your hair dryer. And do it again. Don’t go running through the house screaming. It will not help you with your painting or your keys. Sometimes it’s good stress release. Ok. See I’ve done that darkness up there? Around to here. Darkness right here. And the darkness down here. So I’m darkening the tops and I’m darkening the bottoms and I’m keeping these middles lighter. Ok? Right? You’re gonna do that a little bit here. Oh! I love that. Bring that closer. Spooky! Right? Spoooooky style. Cause, see, even doing this with you, I gotta have fun. It has to be a little bit of a party. You know? Hopefully, by the time this video is released, my new Hart Party song is on it and you guys are like, Oh my god! I love your song! I totally wrote the lyrics to that song and then Ryan O’Niel wrote the music and co-wrote the lyrics for this one. And I’m excited about it. Super excited to see what he does. Hopefully it’s on here. If it’s not, it’ll be on an upcoming one. And you’re always singing it. And you’ll be like, Oh my god! It’s a Hart Party! It’s a happy little art party! And I’ll be like, I know! It totally is! Alright. So we’ve got this sort of shape happening here. I’m gonna let that dry for a minute and I’m gonna talk to you about Mr Pumpkin Face! And Mr Pumpkin Face, ok? Alright, so this eye’s going to be smaller than this eye. You know why? Cause this eye’s farther away. Ooh! You’re learning perspective! We’re gonna do a wonky little smile, and this is your pumpkin. You can do it your way. You can make it really scary. Mine’s a little child like. Mine’s a little silly. But yours could be any way. And I’m gonna draw in with chalk first so you can see it. Small little oval. Big oval. Ok? Little triangle. Alright? Oops. Triangle the wrong way. Try and go up. Ok? It’s an upward triangle cause of the skullness of it. And then I’m gonna make a nice big smile coming across here on a curve. I know that I need a tooth down. I know I need a tooth up. And so I know where that is. I’m gonna get my detail brush right now. I’m going to get my black paint. And I’m going to block that in. So I can start doing my upper pumpkin. Ok? I know this class is a little longer than what we do normally. I’ve got lots and lots of easy easy easy easy peasy beginning beginning, But some of you guys are ready for some more challenging stuff. You’re just really needing it, so we have to… We have to make sure that everybody has that room to grow that they need. So if you’re watching this, like a lot of people just watch this, and you’re like, uh…. No! Hey. Try one of the easy peasy ones. Try the blossoms. Try the sunflowers. Try one of the little hoots. You know. Give it a go. Trust yourself. There’s a really good chance the disruptive art teacher that told you something cruddy and jerky when you were a kid, about whether or not you were talented enough to be doing this, like that’s real. [sighs] Didn’t know what they were talking about. I mean, I think you felt it at the time. But… Now you know it! Really seriously should we be making any lifelong decisions about what we could do for the rest of our lives based on how we felt about things when we’re young? And if you are young, don’t make lifelong decisions about what you’re gonna do for the rest of your life based on how you feel right now. Give it some time. Put a pin in it. That’s what I like to say. Put a pin in it. My husband cracks up when I go, put a pin in it. What a pin means is I’m gonna deal with this later when I have more information. I’m gonna put a pin in it. And come back to it when I know better what I’m doing. Alright. So Mr Pumpkin’s face is blocked in. We’re gonna come and put his ribs in, which is the red and…. Black. You can’t see dear husband off screen. Is… [chuckles] I’ll tell you about it if he makes it work. Or this may be the end of the video. If this explodes… I’m not kidding. And it’s all over me, and that’s an outtake, isn’t it? That’s an outtake. Alright. So… Ok. We’re here on the pumpkin face. I’m making a rib. Ok? And the ribs are closer together here at the bottom, and I’m just putting some of these in because I have to be careful. I don’t want to lose my facial features to these ribs. Right? And I’m gonna allude at the top that I’ve got some of these ribs, but I’m gonna be careful in the center. Ok? Oooh! Ok. It is gonna explode. Do it. It’s gonna explode. It’s- It’s- WHOA! Ok. Well there’s- There’s- I think it’s just- [laughing] Wooooo…. Should I drink it? Ok. I’m gonna drink it. I’m really afraid to drink it. Super yummy! Ok. This is so awesome. I make this at home. This is hibiscus tea that I make from scratch. Sometimes also known as Tai Chai Tea. Oh, so good! Can I have more? More more more more. Creep it up. Creep it up. Creeeeep it up. Creep it up. [gasps] Look at that! Oh my god! Oh my god. Totally had wanted this for my Halloween outfit. So I am afraid to drink it cause I’m afraid my lips will get burned off by dry ice, but…. It’s so yummy! Ok. This is so fun. I know you guys would- I- You do what you’re doing, and I’m gonna drink this for a second. You paint and catch up. [sighs] Oh my god, I love this! This is the funnest thing. Have some more. Alright. Oh my gosh. Mmm. Mmmm. He’ll cut this down. We won’t make you sit here and watch me enjoy this forever and ever and ever. I’m gonna put this where you can see it. Can you see it? You can! [chuckles] My coolness now. Oh my god! I love my husband. That just makes it so worthwhile. All those little things he does. He really does some things. I’m gonna put a little shadow right- Oh. Now you’re just watching me. Come back to Mr Pumpkin head. Ok. I’m putting a little shadow here. We’re rounding out the face if we need to. I do. Putting some shadow under the hat. Put some of the shadow under the hat. And then some shadow under the mouth, Yes. We want a shadow. You do. Alright. So I’ve got the little face here. And he’s a little more turned up than my original one that I did. Which you guys might have noticed on Facebook if you follow me. Or here in my preview. Alright. The next thing we know what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna make that slightly lighter dark color using contrast. We love contrast. If we were painting zombies then that would be what we would do. And if you really want to paint zombies some of the youtube people who have art lessons on here have a good zombie lesson. Coming down. Painting in that nicer color there. Enjoying that experience. Alright. So- Ok, he’s in that stage that we have, if you’ve been painting with me, with pretty much everything, we call that the under painting stage, where stuff that should be cute is kinda ugly. Don’t panic. It gets better. So take some iron oxide over here and mix it in. To this little spot here. It’s ok if some of your contrasting color gets in there. And we’re gonna come in. And it’s interesting. We’re gonna be painting out a little bit of the center lines that you painted in. Just… To right about this outer one, and then we come down. K? I’m gonna let Some of this dark- I’m painting a very light dry brush. And the reason I’m painting a very light dry brush… Is because I want this darker paint to show through. I’m gonna take out the center of that rib. Right. And you may have to put some of your dark back in to rib it up. You may have to. And if you do… Then you do. You don’t worry about it. You just enjoy that you’re getting some quiet time to yourself… To paint. That’s the whole reason why I have Hart Party. I love that I get to teach you guys to paint plus I get quiet time to meeeeee!!! That’s wonderful! Alright. I kinda took a little bit of that out. So see, now I’m gelling out that shape. I’m gelling out that shape. My gosh, this is like totally froze in the bottom of my glass. It’s like totally- It’s bubbling. Hibiscus flowers or Jamaica flowers into your own brewed tea. Not only really good for you. Super yummy. Yes. Yes. That was a YouTube discovery. Thank you for asking. [laughs] See, I watch too. I have stuff that I subscribe to. Got my little health channels that I watch. My little cultured foods, and… How to feel better, and… You know? Cause I’m a sherpa in art. But some people are a sherpa about food, right? Or they’re a sherpa about how to fix your dishwasher. That’s what makes YouTube so awesome! I love it! We can just all come here, and just share and learn something. We can do it globally. I love all my global viewers. When you guys get a hold of me and you’re like, I’m in this whole different country than you, and I watch. I get so excited! I’ll be like, Oh my god! Deutschland! Or, Oh my god! Taiwan! Or, Oh my god! India! Or Oh my god! Algeria! I get really excited. You know. Sometimes the news does not put the best face on people and it’s so wonderful to be meeting people from around the world…. The way that I get to. It’s really special. You see how I’m doing that? I’m leaving these little dark lines coming down. If you lose them, just put them back. Remember it’s dry. What do you do? You come back and you paint it! You don’t freak out. You just do it. Alright. Now, gotta paint in his face. Doing that dry brushing again. Get some ribs happening with him. I want you to put some back on his face. Cause of just how he is. He’s really just about working the layers and layers of color. Until you get him where you want him. Ok. Yeah. I’m gonna go back in, I’m definitely gonna add some dark back, cause I’m like, Dude, I feel like I lost some of my dark. On my detailing. See? Coming back with my dark. Where I felt like I lost it. Putting it back in. Ok? Now this gets to be funner. Now really….. I’m gonna mix some of my cad red over here with my bright yellow, which we’ve not been using a lot of. Ok? I’m gonna come in. Just… Dustings of it, right? Just dusting. I’m gonna dust here. Dusting it. Dusting it. Now this is that more complicated painting that you guys have been asking for. And this is how we do that. We just do everything we do on a simpler painting. There’s just more layers. And there’s just slightly more considered placement of paint. Ok? Now I am doing stuff. Like I’m tending to pay attention to where my ribs are and dust. To highlight that, like I’m dusting to the outside edge here. But now I’m dusting to the left edge. And a little bit there. And I am just emphasizing…. This pumpkin structure that I feel like I’ve got going here. I’m gonna come here. Get this outside edge here. Maybe a little bit up here. Top is nice. Yellow. Dust light pressure. This is the trick of this. This is how you guys get this and if you wanna go on to those more advanced skills, you gotta work out this pressure issue. Internal pressure and the external pressure have to be resolved. They just do. In life, don’t they? See, I’m just dusting. I’m really letting the paint layers from previous things stay there, be there. Ok? It’s alright with me cause I know what I paint out I can paint back. I do. I know what I lose, I can put back so it don’t so I don’t have to stress out on it. If I lose something, and I’m like, Oh my god! I lost it and I need it! It’s fine. I’ll put it back. Alright, so we’ve got some more happening there. Oh my gosh, this is so fun! Now, here’s a little trick. This is gonna blow your minds. We’ve got this little mouth here. I am going to take a little bit of my yellow. Come over to my black and I’m gonna mix those again. Yeah, I am. Get that white in there, and make this yellowish gray. And then, check this out, I am going to highlight. The left side, half way… Of… The eye. Then the left side of the nose. This is like a sliver. This is a sliver highlight. And if I over highlight it, I’ll have to go back and put some black back in. And then I’m gonna come under here on the mouth and I’m gonna do a little highlight here. And then on this side of the tooth. And then on this side of th e tooth. Maybe the tops. I got a little too much going there, so I come back and I’m gonna paint some of that out with black. And it’s good for you to see me have to do that. I have to do that still. Painting for years, and sometimes I’m like oh! No. No no no no no no. I don’t know what I was thinking there! Never mind, never mind. I left some of it, but not all of it. K, now I’ve cleaned up that mouth. Look at that. That is the face taking shape. Right? You’re like, what about the arms? We don’t get too the arms until these pumpkins are all done. Now you’re gonna get a little bit of just yellow ochre. Guess what! I’m gonna be dusting my shape, just a little bit. Ok? Trying to… Help define… These center bits. Just some. Not everything. It’s about this multi-tonal…. We are dusting here. Dust where I dust, and you will be ok. But you know what? There’s a term called sand boxing. You use it in digital art a lot. And video games. Your child plays minecraft, it’s a sand box game. It means there’s a bunch of tools, and you do what you want with them. Art is the ultimate sand box. Get your tools. Screw around. When you were like in a sand box as a kid, did you just like freak out over your castle everytime, or did you just like build it, and some kid would destroy it, then you’d build it again? The trick as you get older is to retain the child. Within. Like that childish love of life while garnering a little bit of wisdom. So you don’t kill yourself. That’s really all it is. You don’t want to get so jaded and so sad with life, and life can do that to you, man. You guys share some stories of some stuff that’s happened to you, and that you guys are positive. It’s impressive. It’s not easy everywhere. For everybody. Just not. It may not be easy for you. It might not be. Alright. Now I’ve done that. I’m loving my pumpkins today. Very pumpkin-y. He’s very pumpkin-y I’m gonna get some just- Ooh. And this is the pop right here. Some just cad. Some just cad. [chuckles] Listening to my- I hope my glass doesn’t break for my…. I panicked a little bit, but having fun. Ok? Putting some of this cad in. Alright? Some of this just straight cad red. It’s necessary, guys, to have it be cad. [sighs] Especially in this green environment. Color’s just color theory. If you remember a really fun artist, Thomas Kinkade. Someone I actually have met. Somebody that, actually, I weirdly admire. I do. Amazing artist. Really talented. He figured out how to reach a lot of people with his art. Made some beautiful stuff. And he really paved the way for artists to make a COMMERCIAL living. Not that I don’t think fine art is fantastic. I do. It can be really hard to live on a fine art pay. And having the option to say, alright. I’m gonna be a commercial artist, but I’m not gonna work for a card company is pretty terrific. Just straight up. Alright? I’m gonna just enjoy this. I don’t know if you can hear her little pads tapping through the studio. Greta’s back. I love that she just checks on all of us. She’s like, I don’t know what’s happening in this house! Filming all the time. It’s easier at quiet time. And I swear this dog is awesome. She, like, totally knows it’s quiet. She’s actually not barking, which is usual. Alright. Now I’m gonna make a very light orange yellow, and do a final highlight here, and then… We’re going to…. Put in some grass details. We’re gonna put in our little tops here and some little squiggly’s. We’re gonna higlight up here. We’re actually getting close. If you’re tired, and you’re hanging in with me, I really appreciate it. It’s a little longer than I want. Um… Yeah. We’re getting there. We’re nearly there. Hang in to the end. Click comment subscribe. Tell me what you think. Go to Facebook, share your art. I pin it. I comment on it. Try to comment here. I’m gonna show you some art at the end, if you hang in. And then of course, don’t forget, my husband does those outtakes, where he makes fun of me. He’s pretty good at it. Then I come over here, mix my red in my yellow. Lot of yellow. If I need to, really clean my brush and just get a lot of yellow. And then I’m gonna get some white. I’m gonna get… This very… Light color. I’m gonna put some here and there. Ok? See where we’re putting it? I’m sort of highlighting… Some of that space that might have seen a highlight. From the moon. Mm-hmm. You can always take it out. Get too much. Get a little crazy. You do something you don’t like. Now one little tip is, don’t try to paint stuff that you don’t know what it looks like really really really well. If you can’t remember what a pumpkin looks like, you’ve got a smart phone. You have a tablet. You’ve got a computer. You’ve got something cause you’re on YouTube painting with me. Look it up. Look it up. Look up a pumpkin. Look up a pumpkin and then use that for your inspiration. Now I’m going to make some stems. Ok. I’m gonna make some stems. This is a little darker than the last one I did but I’m loving it! We went a little darker. We went a little more. The odd Tim Burton-y kind of darker into the forest. Little less Disney. I’m gonna make a little stem. I’m gonna curve. That’s all it is. Like a little comma. Comma comma. And then I’m gonna make another little one down here. Black and brown. Ok? And then… Also… Going to, very carefully… Make some little…. Vines. Alright. That’s what I’m gonna do there. Now I’m gonna get some white. And yellow here. I’m gonna make a highlight. White and yellow. Little color mixing on this, guys. Highlight on my stem. A highlight on my vine. Alright. So we’ve got that. It’s looking good. Ok. Arms. Black. And a little bit of brown, but mostly black. I’m gonna come here and I’m gonna make kind of like a little pocket. A little round shape. I’m gonna come down about- Ooh- Inch and a half. Two inches. And then I’m gonna angle. Bend in the joint. And two little fingers up, which are like little commas. I’m gonna come here. Little arm coming out. Little arm going up. Ok? Alright. Now I’m gonna come over here, get some yellow. And some white. I’m gonna, on the inside edge, cause the moon, right? I’m gonna line my little stick, letting the black still show. A little bit of this highlight. Catch the top of the fingers. Seriously, that’s all that it is. It looks so complicated. You’re gonna be so impressed with your delicate, twiggly nature. Alright. And here is the trick too. We’ve got some more tricks happening. We’re almost down to the spider web, which is our finishing thing. We’ve gotta put in some grass. Alright? Cause we need that little layer in. We need the layering effect. You know, happening here. So the first color we’re gonna make is a dark color. And we’re gonna get our brown. And we’re gonna get out green, and we’re gonna make a very very dark green. If you need to grab some black, grab some black. Make a very, very… Dark green. Make sure you don’t have you’re brush overloaded. And we’re gonna come in. In a couple place around here, we’re going to make some little grass. We learned it back here. We’re just doing it again. You guys are pros. We’re gonna add a little detail where I show you how to make the little grass tops that look like blooming grass. Right? So now, all of a sudden, you’re creating some depth. Right? Now, a couple of these, it’d be nice if they went up high. Like that. Ok? Into the- Into the root we need some grass. Little patches of grass. Ok? Right here in the crook. Little patch of grass, right here in the crook, and then give me some long, bent… Give me some long, bent, thin fines lines. In the dark green. And then another one, and another one. And then at the edge here…. Ok? The edge here, on the tip of your brush, you can go dot dot dot dot dot. Dot dot dot dot dot. Dot dot dot dot dot. Dot dot dot dot dot. Dot dot. You need to come here. Dot dot dot dot dot. Dot dot dot dot. Ok? Dot dot dot dot dot. Dot dot dot dot dot. Give yourself some more little bits Some textures here, like there’s grass. Mmmm… I want another little bit right here. Yes! Ok. Now. Get some white paint. Make a highlight. Add some yellow. Make a highlight. Come in here. Gonna highlight this grass. Very lightly. Look at that! Suddenly, these pumpkins are sitting in this sort of little grassy area, aren’t they? That’s extraordinary! Ok. I still want a nice dark shadow under them so make sure that when you’re lighting it up that they still have this sort of… There is some darkness under here and we’ll come back and we’ll add some highlight. But you do want that. I lost mine, so I had to put mine back. Now I come back in and… Like, Oh! But you know… There’s some highlight. Then I’m going to- I’m going to- I’m going to highlight my little grass blade here. Very carefully. Go dot dot dot dot dot. Highlight it’s little bloom. Dot dot dot dot dot. Ok? And that is really important. Highlight this little patch. Highlight that little patch. That little patch needs a highlight. This gets to be a little fun and this is where you can kinda just lose your mind. So. Nice curve. Dot dot dot dot dot. Curve. Dot dot dot dot dot. So that’s some nice grass happening. And it’s a nice little grass there. And so now you have this nice grass and you get to do the spider web. Ok. And actually I see… See, sometimes you get to your studio and you’re missing something.I need one of my detail brushes, so… I don’t know. My husband will do something interesting. Let me get that. I am back. With the number four detail brush. Detail. Let me see if it’ll do this. Det- Focus! There it is. Detail brush. Detail. Alright. I’m gonna get some white paint. Just white. And I’m gonna load it on the tip of my brush. Now one of my tricks, if you watch me here, is I’ll get some out, and maybe it’s heavy bodied paint I’m painting with, so it’s a little gloppy. Another trick I can do is sort of spray my white paint. At this stage cause it’s ok if my palette is a little over wet. And just get some on my tip. Ok? Cause that’s what I’m doing. I’m gonna get some on my tip Alright. Now what I’m gonna do… Let’s see. Make sure you can see this. Is I’m gonna make, in the center here, I’m gonna make a little dot. Ok? And then I’m going to run it to the branch. Dot dot dot dot dot dot. dot dot dot. That’s it! Come over. Start- Don’t, on the same dot. I’m over a little bit. Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot. Trust me. Tired. I get it. Wait and do the spiderweb People love the spiderweb. They want the spiderweb. Being able to do a spiderweb in your paintings, in your crafts, in your creative space, it’s awesome! It’s awesome. Ok. We’re gonna come out here. To this little branch. Dot dot dot dot dot. So, that has to end at that branch. I can put another little run here between them. If I’d like to, and obviously I do cause I’m going to. Now my next web has to come to that branch. My spider has to have something to connect it’s web to. So I’m gonna come here and go dot dot dot dot dot. These are very light dots. Again, my world is full of angry, overly bathed cats who want to get us, and so we have to be careful. [chuckles] Ok. I’m gonna come down here. Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot. By now, the radial of your spider’s web should be appearing to you. Right? Look at that. Love this piece. This has really been a lot of fun to design for you. A lot of fun to get ready for. Um… I really like what I get to do here. You will maybe notice that I have not run ads… On my videos, and that I’m not… I might be telling you about what I buy but I’m not hocking wares right now. What you can do for me is to pass it on to your friends. To spread the word. To subscribe. Go to Pinterest. Follow stuff. Become a Hartist and paint along with me. That’s the best way that right now you can support me in this goal. Then hopefully over time, we’ll get more followers and the movement will grow. And I’ll figure out ways to monetize this. It just don’t necessarily… Have to come out of your pocket. That’s the goal. Hopefully that’s achievable. You know. I’m like that in the video games too. I really don’t like, uh… It’s very important for me never to rip people off, or… Be user-ous of people. You know. You’ve got players, and they love ya, you gotta be loyal to them. You should monetize, but you know. You gotta be a reasonable person. Alright. So I’ve got my web in. All the radial spikes are out, and you’re like Ok, now what? Well now we just do the interior dots. Which is to come around, and the trick I do is a slight…. U. These dots are smaller than my outer dots. Keep reloading the brush if you need to. Light pressure. And that’s how this is done, and it’s a ton of fun. It can take a minute to get a spider web. I’ve got an upcoming painting that if you have these two skills down you’re gonna die. It’s called webbed heart and you’re gonna freak out when you see it. You know? Can hear my husband conducting business in the back. [chuckles] He’s come by and he’s helped us with this- I have this ball of frozen drink in here. So good. Hibiscus tea is insane you guys. It’s just really good. [music starts playing] Oh my gosh! Here we go! [gasps] We’ve done it! Look at that. Wooooo! Oh yeah! Do the dance! Do the “We did it” dance! Wooo. Painting is done. Look at this, it’s so good. So it’s really good. I really love it. I’m really proud of it. Here’s what I want for you to do. Keep painting. Work on your art skills. Do it a lot. Make it a part of your life. Help it lower your blood pressure. Maybe be a little more optimistic about the world you’re living in. I’m gonna keep making videos. You spread the word so I can keep doing that effectively. Uh, you know. Click comment like subscribe. Comment, all that stuff. I’m really happy with this. I hope you’re really happy with with this. You know. Enjoy. And I wanna see you at this easel again really soon, for the next painting. Bye bye. We did it. We did it…. We did it… Did the painting. Oh, no….. [laughing] Alright. It’s all done.


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