How to paint Fire and a FIREPLACE Beginner Acrylic painting Tutorial

How to paint Fire and a FIREPLACE Beginner Acrylic painting Tutorial

Hey everybody is Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa and by popular request i am bringing you this fabulously easy, even first-time painter friendly fireplace. In fact, if you haven’t painted before this is a really great place to start. But if you just also need something that’s a little lighter in a little fun it’s also a great project. Listen, I don’t have a fireplace either where I’m at because it’s just too hot, but i do miss them and kind of like Texas snowflakes I’ve got to be creative on how I express some of my holiday fun. So I’m going to show you how I made this step-by-step on this really fun easy lesson. Get your paint, get your brushes, get everything you need to start this go ahead and hit the like button on your way by because you know you’re going to have fun. Alright, let’s go! So let’s get started and take a look at our materials. Today I’m painting on a 16 x 20 pre gessoed black canvas, but listen, you could just paint a canvas black with Mars black or any black that you have. My acrylic paint is heavy bodied and the colors i’m going to use today are cad yellow medium hue, cad red light hue, I’m using napthol red medium, but any crimson would be fine. Titanium white and Mars black. That’s it. I have brushes for acrylic painting. This is a bright with synthetic bristles and what that means is that it’s not going to over soak up water and let’s just get started painting this fabulous fireplace in. I’m going to sketch in a couple of things that I need to know right off the bat and one of them is, is the placement of my stones. Let’s get this done. I’m going to measure 3 inches from the top and I’m going to make a nice little light line that i can see it’s a very light. I’m using a charcoal pencil here. I’ll get it dark so you can kind of see it. Just to let me know about the size I want my stones to be. They’re going to go over this line a bit. These sides are two and a half inches. You can adjust this for a bigger canvas or smaller canvas. I’m going to sketch in my stones. I’ll do that in white chalk. The chalk will disappear into my paint so i don’t have to worry about that. I’m going to make a really irregular weird shape. If ever you had trouble drawing a circle right now you are in your element because these are not circles. They should be unusual shapes and i’m going to try to draw stones so that it feels like a bricklayer was here and i’m going to lay these in. I’m going to come around curving in curving out, back up, around the corner, and then maybe do one down here. I’m going to curve like this stone was cut or found to fit next to its friend. I’m keeping my lines uneven and very organic. OK, once I’m happy with my stones, I’m going to go ahead and sketch in the placement of my logs. Because you use chalk you can actually erase these lines with a damp paper towel or just go over it with black gesso. My log is going to be at a diagonal. The first thing I like to do is a foreshortened circle or an ellipse, but i like to make it a weird shape. Can you see the ellipse that’s right here? Then I pull down the sort of burnt irregular log shape. Now there’s going to be two parallel lines that start to diminish and come together and converge as i go back. That’s because the fire is absolutely eating at this log. I might even put a little branch up here to say that it had some of that going on. Right, you can see that happening here. Now I want another little log over this way that the fire is also going. So i can do another foreshortened circle. You know, make it uneven, make it organic. Tuck a little line behind the log. Tuck another little line behind the log. You can even dash if you need to know where it would come out at. See how you can dash? I’m going to make one coming out about this side and maybe it’s going to be like this. You can also make another little log that would be placed here that’s coming at you. So once those are in i can get right to my favorite part which is the painting. I’m going to pick up that number-10 bright with the synthetic filament fibers and get painting this in. I’m going to make the color gray. First I’m going to take out a little my white paint all from the edge here. You can see it’s just on the edge of my bristles, and a little of my black paint. And I’m going to make a dark stone gray. See that right there? I might get a little water on my brush but not a lot. I don’t want it to be too wet or the paint work well. I’m very carefully going to paint in my dark grey to this stone. I’m gonna use the edge of my brush to follow the line. Sometimes I like to think of it like a racecar and when I’ve got to make a turn I come off the flat here and i turn the brush on its edge and that’s how I get a turn going without the brush getting away from me. So I’m going to come up the stone same thing I can go back to the flat if I want to and then I’m going to paint this all in a nice gray color. Gonna get a little more moisture my brush but i’m going to drag off the extra because i don’t want it to be too wet. I’m going to make some more of that gray. Which is just really a one-to-one mixture of my black, adding a little water to that, and my white. Let’s do this one here same thing. I’m going to use the edge of the brush. See, I just flipped it over to get to the other side where it had a little bit of paint stored. I’m using my line as a guide so that I can paint in the shape and where the corners get difficult i’ll move to the edge of the brush. See? Paint on the edge of the bristles. Paint that all in. Just paint that all, all in. That’s pretty easy. You can do that. Get one more Coming along the edge here. Now if my if I’m brushing and this is all i’m getting and it’s not really covering, I don’t have enough paint on my brush. So one thing I can do is come back over here mix a little more. I don’t mix these together I always mix from the outside. I might need a little water so I’m going to just tip just the very ends of the bristles in there so don’t get too much and because i have a firm filament synthetic brush it doesn’t over take-up water. Let’s do this to all of our stones. So once you have your stones laid out, a nice trick that you can do, something that makes your painting look a little more finished and a little more resolved is to take a good small bright, whatever small brush you’re comfortable with this is a number four bright. I’m going to take a little bit of the black color that’s on my canvas and I’m going to paint carefully around the stones and that’s gonna get rid of my sketch marks or any of that stuff that I’m going to want gone later when my painting is done. So now that I’ve finished cleaning that up and getting that exactly how i like it and you get to do that in your painting is making exactly how you like it I’m gonna grab a smaller brush this case it’s a number 8 bright and i’m going to use this to paint in some highlights on my rocks this is actually really easy thing to do and I’m really excited to show you how I think you’re going to be surprised at how much fun it actually is. I’m going to come over to where I had my darker gray and i’m going to get a little black and I’m going to mix an even lighter gray. Now it doesn’t take a lot of black to make your white gray so just add it slowly otherwise your paint can get overwhelmed and you might need to start a little bit over. I’m looking for just a shade lighter. I don’t have any water on this brush if you notice i didn’t add it to the water cup that’s because I want to be a dry brush. I’m gonna come here to this corner stone. I’m going to very lightly, very expressively and loosely add some texture here and there to my stone so that it feels three-dimensional just a little bit. Just a small amount. Doesn’t take a lot. Definitely doesn’t. Makes a big impact. See I’m just brushing this around lightly and you can see how the lot of the canvas is showing through underneath this brush. You can see how light the paint is on it. That’s how I get this effect. This one right here, i still haven’t gone and gotten any new paint. All that canvas is showing through but I’m not painting the whole stone just here and there making rough stones. OK, that was pretty easy and fun. Now just to be completely adventurous, we’re going to do one more value, so we have three values of stones and that’s going to give us a lot of dimension in this painting. So not going to rinse my brush it’s already got some black pigment on it and I’m going to pull out my white paint and just let the pigment from the brush get into the white paint and then where I know the fire is going to be casting some light on my stones i’m going to add just a touch, here you can see me going even on the corner of my brush a little extra highlight. These are those round kind of stones aren’t they? The trick is I don’t put too much on them. I don’t get too crazy. Come right here and again I’m not going back and getting paint too often wherever I put this light color it’s going to feel like there’s a highlight. Gonna come right here and I’m going to just keep doing this. We put one right there on this edge of my stones towards the fireplace and a little bit to the back but not as much. OK, now that we have the exciting part of the stones put in we can add our fire, our dramatic fire. I’m really thrilled to do this. Fire is a really easy thing to paint but it can be really mentally challenging to people. Whenever they find out the secret to fire they get really excited and start adding fire to all of their art. I hope that’s going to be true for you. The first thing i’m going to do is create a glow value here around the canvas and to do that I’m going to use my napthol red medium. I’m going to take my napthol red medium, I’m going to bring out a little black and I’m going to mix it in just a little bit. I want this red to be dark and put a little you see I just kind of did that just tip just the edges of my bristles in there and again because this is a synthetic brush and a bright it won’t take up too much of this. I’m going to start painting in this glow. Far away from the fire it will be quite dark and then we get closer it will be light. But first we’ve got to put this color in. Another dip Now, right about here I’ve got to start brightening up the color a bit to show the glow so I’m going to pull out some of this napthol red. I’m going to softly Get a little bit water right here. Drag off the extra if you think you’ve got too much. Pulling out some more red and painting around my logs with it. This is a number 10 bright. Again very firm filament. Painting around these rocks a little bit because a lot of this heat and energy would be happening down here. Take a second coat. Alright! So we have our first bit of the glow in, and I always think that’s really fun to do on this type of painting because it really helps define it and make it kind of exciting. Now i’m going to start putting in my logs and creating their sort of embers and heat. Something to think about fire. Where fire is the hottest it gets the brightest so white would be the color where the fire has the most energy in the most heat and the further away the darker the color right to black. So that’s why this red is like this but we’re going to have to put some black and some embers on these logs to make them feel real. Let’s get that going. So I’m going to put out some more napthol red. Some out of that. And i’m going to take a little of my yellow. Haven’t even rinsed my brush really, and I’m just going to get a little bit of that pigment on there, bring it over to my red. See that and along the edge of my log kinda put this color right here. Here we go. Just a little bit right here. Back and forth just dragging it along making these like branch-y bark shapes. Now I’m going to scrumble a little bit down here. Scrumbling it means i’m going back and forth being kind of relaxed with my brush. Might even follow that in. Might even get a little more yellow on my brush. Put some right here between these two. That’s sort of interesting, isn’t it? Take a little that yellow you can even dance that there. Come right here. Let’s get a little more of our napthol. Just putting that right here. On the underside of this small log i’m going to maybe add some to the right side at that branch there. You can see I’m just moving it around, being very expressive with it. Keeping it to one side. I’m going to get some more and put it maybe right here, at the top lip. Now, go ahead and not rinsing your brush, get some black paint. You’ve got this orange right here so that’s actually just a little bit of this yellow. You’re mixing it into this black and this red. Let’s scrumble in the rest of this log. We’re letting a lot of that black canvas show through but we want this to be very dark up here with just a hint of a feeling of yellow. Gets more black paint if you need to. Crimson, little yellow. It’s a weird color that you might not ever think to mix. Just dry brushing and pulling it back here. Painting out our white chalk lines. It’s not a problem. It’s pretty easy. You can totally do it. Coming on the edge sometimes where I need to have like a little control. Even here along this edge, dusting that out and then right here coming along this log here. You need to put a little of your black back, just go ahead and grab it, load it on your brush. Just got on the edge here. Come along the top of your log and just running it on the edge of my brush making little bark-like strokes, having a good time. Hope you’re having a good time. Come right here, the top of your log. Definitely in the top of this log. In front of this one, around the front edge and right at the top of this bottom log and its front as well. That’s pretty good. I like that. Let’s rinse this brush out really well. Either you need to get a new brush now or make sure all the black is out of your brush to get the vibrancy that you need in your logs for the next segment. Now it’s time to start creating that flame, that fire, that heat that shows that this canvas is the warm and toasty campus that you’ve been hoping for. I’m going to come over here and i’m going to start putting in my areas of warmth. I have my cad red medium and I’m gonna take a little … Not cad red medium, cad red light over to my napthol and I mix them together and I come under the logs. I’m going to dry brush in a glow. All around them. Come around the sides here. You can even come up between these guys. You just want to do a little glow. It is the cad red light and the napthol together sort of an interesting combo. Hope you’re having fun. It’s probably the most ecologically friendly fireplace I’ve ever painted. (laughs) Alright so once we have that nice glow going we’re going to start building up our fire and it’s very important on the fire that we make sure that we get those hot points in first and those hot points believe it or not you’re going to be white so I’m going to get a nice number six bright here I’m gonna pull out some white paint and i’m going to pick a couple places right here that I’m going to just have the hottest part of my fire. I have my paint on the tip of my brush I come above my log. I’m going to brush out just a little bit of a shape of a flame and i’m going to curve it up and taper it off. Maybe a little bit of this here. Now around here just on the other side this log I think that there’ll be a super hot spot and i will match that up. Maybe that comes here. Definitely some heat back where this is burning. Some fuel. That’s what you want though. I’m going to get a little water on my brush. Don’t want too dry for this but I still am doing a dry brush. Just putting in this nice white. I also like a little bit of it right here, a couple of places where things just are really heating up. Coming around this log and i’m going to just let my flames lick around the log, so to speak. These nice white hot ones. A little bit here. Well that’s lovely. Now you can go into your yellow now and start to get a little moisture. You can see me just getting a little moisture. Let’s start putting the yellow around the flames. Don’t want to lose the shape but the yellow can take its own journey. Some of this yellow might even be coming up here. I’ve just grabbed some more of the just cad which around on this log. We’ll just make sure that we are showing the distribution of this energy, the fuel that is burning in this fire. Grabbing some just cad yellow. Now a couple things you can do is that when you know where the fire is you can put a little reflection, even on things like on this log. See where you can put just the yellow along the top? Because it would have that wouldn’t ít? That glow would be warming it up. Let’s put a little bit that’s peeking out between this log and this log. On the edge my brush and I’m just traveling, curving back and curving in. Like to let my flames do unexpected things. So I have that. Definitely needs some yellow around the front here. If you’ve got white, what needs to be next to it is definitely yellow. Definitely, definitely yellow. Just paint this easy fire. If you’ve ever been feeling challenged by fire this is just a great first place to start learning how to paint it. Going to just paint a flame happening here maybe one here in the fireplace. I’m going to take this yellow still on my brush over to my cad red light. I’m gonna make a bright orange. I’m going to start working some of that into my fire. Maybe that comes out here and wanders out. Some of that right here. Now it feels like our fire place is getting hot guys! Cad yellow medium and cad red light makes one of my very favorite oranges. And the wonderful thing if you use real cadmium pigment is that it almost glows at night. A little more of the cad red on there. Layer up the fire. Come around this yellow flame. Just enjoy painting this energy. Right between these two. You can just see this fire is roaring now! You can even take some of this orange down here between the two logs and make sure it’s just nice and glowy right here because that’s where it’d be glowing. Just fun upward little brush strokes and here I come around the lines that I made with my orange. Just an enjoyable painting. Now just get your cad red light. Add some of that around these flames. That’s going to help define them. See how we’re doing? I’m just taking that super fun dry brush. Notice I don’t get water very often for this project. Being very expressive with my brush stroke. I’m using the tip of my brush. You just see me curve around. I love my curvy lines. They are my favorite. You can practice your lines on a scratch piece of paper. Just make sure that this is a very cool flame right here. A little bit there, then we can come here and even along there. A little bit line around our logs like that there’s embers. Now the last fun thing that we can do. I’m going to wipe my brush off and I’m going to get some yellow paint but I haven’t gotten off all of the paint that I had on earlier from the cad and i’m going to come to my stones just lightly with the dry brush, just a little firelight. Get more yellow think it’s too orange on you because you want more to the yellow. The next thing that you can do is you can just very lightly and very carefully apply where the grout is along your your fire. You still want to have a little, you want it to be yellow but have a little bit of that cad in it, just to make it feel like you know there’s a little solid fireplace that’s happening here. Touch it up and put a little of this color here at the bottom. Anywhere you’re feeling you need to show this like light, and reflection. Maybe a little there. Alright! OK let’s sign our painting. I’m going to use a detail brush. I’m going to load it up with a little white paint. i always like to start my paintings in unexpected and surprising ways. I like to find some little shocking place to sign. I’m going to go right here. You can sign or not sign, it’s your painting. That was fantastic and fun. Thank you so much for spending the time with me today. I hope you really enjoyed this painting. If you had fun be sure and hit the subscribe button, the like button, comment and definitely maybe share it with one of your friends you think would like to paint this too. I’d really also like to see your painting so be sure and share it with us at one of our social media places or Take care of yourself, be kind to each other and I want to see you at the easel really soon. Bye bye! (music)


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    Thank you!! I love it! Yours is the only one like this! I need one with stockings hanging and tree neer, and there are none I could find! I hope, you do one kinda like that before Christmas! I can't be the only one who needs it! Lol my grandkid wants it, that's why am looking for it. I will probably use this and tweek it to fit. Am so glad I found yours! Thank you so much!!!

  • Olga Vernygorova says:

    What's not to like in this painting? Those must be very sad people. For me all your painting are similar to Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales. Thank you for sharing your brilliant talent and good cheer.

  • Carolyn Noyer says:

    I love how your doing this fireplace and I adore the hat you have on

  • Shaw shaw Mclean says:

    Love this painting!!

  • Кира Логозова says:

    I know you can get solutions for that on woodprix website.

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