How to Paint | Easy Clouds | The Art sherpa

How to Paint | Easy Clouds | The Art sherpa

hey it’s Cinnamon your art Sherpa and I’m going to guide you through the fun and joy of really simple
clouds and sky for new artists and sometimes even for
artists have been painting a little while sky and cloud and atmospheric elements can seem really overwhelming actually they’re really easy and there really a
lot of fun and we’re going to start which is the most in basic principle
behind this simple blue sky simple white fluffy
clouds you can do really quick we’re gonna have a lot of fun make sure
you have your heart open so that you can get to your art Lets get right into this and start
painting them because i’m really excited to show you guys easy clouds today alright common, so it got my pallet here and I love my phthalo gonna put my phthalo blue out cause i just love me some phthalo I’m gonna put my burnt Seinna out because that’s what takes
it out of those cartoon colors and put it back into some happy colors
I’m gonna take some yellow oxide ocher however you like to refer to it and I’m going to take some of my titanium white today I am painting in matisse paint I’m painting matisse paints thery’e
level 3 they’re my favorite level 3 right now in this price point into that’s what I’m working with today
but you can do these but what you can do this with a level one paint level2 paint or level 3 paint it’ll all
work all right now the first thing I may get am gonna get this nice big brush this is a number sixteen I love
this number 16 now you can get these on SALE for the
cost does not have to be so overwhelming I actually took advantage Jerry’s Artarama
amazing brush sale got this just for just a few dollars (shhhh)
okay first get your brush wet and what we’re
gonna do is were gonna start putting in the background
sky some to take a little bit my blue and
I’m gonna mix it and I’m gonna get a little bit of my
brown I’m gonna put it in there and grey my blue out with a little bit this brown just need to
great it just a bit and then add some white to it and i’ll get
to see right away where I’m at it’s fun to use these big brushes alright I’ve. got the value that I wanna start with I’m starting
this upper corner right here my darkest color on my sky is going to be at the top of my canvas alright I’m going to get a nice amount of that in I making sure …. I love the big brush
(cheering) big brush awesome Okay now what I do is I’m grab a little
bit more white paint because I want this
sky to lighten up like an Ombre as I come down closer to my horizon line
my imaginary little horizon line So see how I am grabbing some white paint
expect to really go through a bit a white paint I grab some water
right there cuz my paint was making me work and what’s our Hart party rule? painting is easy if it’s not easy the brush the paint the teacher or the
cavass broken so fix one of those things I’m going to come
here and very lightly like CAT pressure blended the space. Cat pressure you say? so i’m talking about. pressure I’m
talking about how happy is the cat is your cat just been fed and feeling
very friendly? or does your cat just have a bath ? light cat pressure it angry wet cat! this cat does not want to touch it so
tread lightly and be respectable or you can go for the sunburn analogy whatever
works for you grab some more white paint here
grab some even just Basic Cause i gotta get a really go through my white paint today… get a little more
water go along real fast fast fast I’ll see we’ve got lighter here lighter lighter lighter lighter lighter were lightening it up light-pressure blending blending blending pull across pull across now another thing I’m doing it’s even though
every once in a while i will go up and down on my brush strokes I’m
actually pulling most of this paint grab a little more brown here …grab…
I’m pulling most of this paint horizontally so I might go up like this to get it
into the canvas but I will start to go over it lightning my
pressure Imagine sunburn angry cats wild feral armadillo where really you have to get
your mental state into to recognize that pressure is a big part of painting and you have to be able to
lighten it up need to lighten up in life but
probably we all need to lighten up in our lives pulling this down pulling that softening
that softening that up very exciting because painted my hair dyer there move that out of the way for just a second alright coming down here picking up paint
every once in a while lets go fast fast fast fast coming up leveling that brush stroke out some time to the directionality stroke a
really impacts your result skies are one of those the directionality
this brush stroke let you know if there is wind lets you know how settled the sky is let you know kinda Day is and this is
one of those perfectly fluffy cloud days that we’d all like to paint so we’re going to keep this very placid
very peaceful very static and we’re gonna do that with a
horizontal brushstroke alright that looks really good now I’m gonna get one of my
fabulous painting assistants to come in here and help me dry this painting with the hair
dryer so alright there to be on their way in…. oh
wait I hear her right now here comes my eldest honey her actual name come on in Honey this is my painting assistant she’s a
very good artist herself and she helps me in the studio all the time I find it’s really nice to let the kids
help in the studio are you Honey will you dry the painting
for me beautiful painting assistant that you are (laughing)and the brushes are down I think we’re okay so I want you to
tell everybody you like to paint? Tell every body. I like to paint How does it make you feel when you paint? it helps me express how i feel. tell them It helps me express how i feel. well thats important is’nt it? all right we give me a hug thank you
for being with me in the studio Honey okay all right that was Honey I’m gonna start cleanest beautiful sky
it’s got beautiful atmosphere feel to it it’s darker the top it’s
lighter at the bottom a grayed it a little bit with that Sienna so that’s a really lovely happy blue sky
blue the next thing and I’m gonna do. it I’m
going to put in these clouds and I’m gonna do that with the helpof this wonderful old round brush I can’t even see the size on him right
now I think he’s probably in that 16 to 20
range he’s old he’s abused he’s got kinda
stiffer Bristol in sometimes in this case is your most battered most heavily used brushes
that really help you get that cloud in but as long as you got a fairly stiff
bristle brush and you can do a good dry brushing
technique with that you’re going to be able to get this cloud it’s the first
thing and I’m gonna do them to come over to my palate and I’m gonna go in and mix a little
blue into my brown and this time I’m gonna be a lot
stronger in the brown because I want to be gosh almost gray i come over my canvas
and tap a little this excess off on my paper towl I’m gonna come in I’m
gonna make these little circles make these little circles into the
canvas little circles up and down and you’re like oh my
god it’s like this crazy brown that’s okay you want it to be a crazy brown you do you want to be this crazy crazy
little brown are clouds well their highlighted at the top and they’re
gonna be darker at the bottom and that’s a little something you know WE
think a clouds as being white or gray but they’re really very
reflective creatures they have a lot of personality I light this is where we are like “ooh my canvas is very sunburned” or My canvass and this is very very angry crazy armadillo whatever it takes to get
you to lighten up that pressure on your canvas this is what is really important and some getting its first layer in
getting my first little layer in fabulous gonna be wonderful I’m gonna
take a little bit at this across the whole canvas clouds are often about layers and when you’re trying to just get a
really wonderful set of clouds in you got it sorted commit to a few layers
of paint and an odd stage You needed just accept
there’s gonna be an odd stage there’s going to be an awkward moment
you know but you gotta get the paint on I am using today for reference you should
really try to look at something when you’re trying to paint it so I’ve got
some pictures and some clouds here I like I like to use Pinterest as a resource thank you to all your fantastic ans talented
pinners out there your PINTASTIC! and yeah we do have a Pinterest board in
you can check it out and you can follow it and these lessons go up on the Pinterest
board as well we incurred you to pin our stuff alright
so I’m getting this nice really really dark dark layers going
down here my I know what a nice amount of this and I want it be quite dark I’m quite grayed out ohh just little circles were going to come back there’s gonna be a whole buncha layers
here you will be able to get this in real fast now I do not even rinse out my brush at at this point try did not do that
my crab some just white paint I will come come up here very lightly am gonna start adding all my pressure is getting so light some
of this soft fluffy top of the cloud thing ahh fluffy tops of the clouds Just working down coming right into my
gray because I know a lotta thats can
disappear into the upper cloud structure what i am trying to do is break up my
patterns here see that trying to break up my patterns and make sure that that you know you can really really see that
the patterns are breaking up there’s another new lighter layer coming
in that gives us some depth in shape have a little light coming here and a
little layer that some other dark peek out…… up and
down we go no patterns make this wonderful happy
fluffy cloud bank every once and a while to have to come in and dry with out hair
dryer see that? there you go having come off the side coming what’s
more fluffy the cloud bank little bit lighter little bit lighter and really once you sorta get this !Some times artists refer to this as scrumbling almost actual term that they use this sort of
rounding soft twirling brushstroke you know and you can do this with
different had some brushes I just really like to do it with either
broke down brush come up here and break up this just like that needs to be broken up a
little bit now I’m gonna dry it with a hairdryer
and I’m going to pick that up with my foot I am going to dry with my hair dryer it will be a little faster this time all right now that that’s dry bring in and some white paint we will get some more white paint going I mean add some this today get a nice amount going brush up on my paper towel over here him
I’m gonna get some just white paint but I have it rinsed
my brush i am going to dab it off to have too much Excess i coming here work my little I am going to come in with a nice little bank of much Whiter fluffier little area here little area light pressure letting some of the blue of the canvass show through now its just starting to become just starting to become what it is in my
mind it’s coming here some highlights breaking up that space just wanna break up the space what break
these clouds up and make up fight like they’re on Bravo yeah get these clouds flipping tables flippin table mad these clouds aught to be these these can be happy clouds today
I’ll oh we’ve said happy clouds now invoke the Bob Ross whenever you invoke the Bob everything
gets better in your studio and everything gets better you paint
better because he comes in and he inspires you if you don’t remember
Bob Ross he was a lovely man on Channel 8 that encouraged
people to paint for years and years and had a really wonderful spirit about
and we just think he’s wonderful here. Some more white come in work this shadow back just a little bit fair shadowing and we want some shadow
here we do remember when you take something out in cloud if you take out
too much you can always put-back what you take out in the cloud you can come back with darker and you can
the shadows in you can put those shapes back in which
is scrumbling along lightly here shrumbling along softening these edges because clouds have soft edges they’re not s sharp they’re not made of knives their made water droplets of with soft edges they
like a little gasp of air they’re really fun
to paint their just I’m telling you what we weren’t talking right now I would
practically be meditating now it looking working good nice layer going there it is thin there its thin I am letting the paint be thin thin allowing the blue to show through that’s where the magic is just when your
paint does the work you just remember
what the rules are you let your paint do the heavy lifting how’s that for that how’s that working
thing now at getting cloudier and cloudier and cloudier and these are a little stormy we’re gonna brighten them up and listen i want you to know something I got a Facebook page and as you do
these if you have questions send me your pictures tell me about
what your doing Tell me about what your painting if you want some help some advice or some tips i am here for you Were happy to help you out
that’s literally what this is all about is getting you guys painting getting
your remembering that your just awesome and you can trust that you can be
treated with kindness and respect I I love when anyone brave enough to
paint so I will take good care of ya now we are going to get our next later going wipe the excess paint on the brush on the paper towel get another layer just white get the just white come here lighten up some of this this yeah
lighten it up it’s some just white we are lighting up the sky
we want this to be much more we want to be cheerful want to be happy just a happy little
clouds paining thats all were doing today happy little clouds happy little clouds happy little
clouds kid love to learn to do this Got some paint on my face. they really want to learn how to paint clouds they really understand this once its explained
to them and they can really learn this it
helps them get this technique this language under
their belts if you’ve got kids that are interested in painting this is our real good thing have them
watch in paint along with they can do this on this on a smaller canvass and with smaller brushes they can do this on an eight by ten this a 16 by 20 to just you know have it downsize have them work on an 8 by 10 have them practice and that’s really what you gotta do for
skies as you get the basic technique 0 either skies down about how you get the
paint down and you layer it and then you find
other ones that you like go on vacation take some pictures paint
the skies that you see you can paint on a cruise ship may get seasick but you can do it somebody want up (shhh) (baby in background) somebody wants us so many things are wonderful really really brighten this area up i go right into the white bringing it up creating highlights here children!! (kid noise) I have a bunch I have three I like them their noisey though when I decided to do this I just gave up
on it would be just like this quite film studio where nothing was happening and I
realized is probably most of you have the same thing happening at home
were probably living in the same amount of noise with the same a crazy that’s why have
them in here helping me sometimes with my Hart Party Step by step so that they understand you know that they’re part of this but
they matter (Laughing) theres dad… dad says no we don’t mind were painting clouds today and its all good there when I get right into tap it tap it tap it tapping tapping tapping we do not mind free cloud video Wow that cloud bank thats getting to be a set of clouds getting to be fluffy its feeling very light and doesn’t it seem easy and possible for you you can do these clouds you can actually! all in this research
is coming back on drawing and art and these are all
really learn able skills now I can teach you to be you i cant
tell your story for you and thats really where talent, expression, and creativity comes from
but I can show you the little languages that we have here in art
you can do to day to start putting this in your life to start making as part of your world you can do this you can you can be fluffy like a cloud you can be fluffy like a cloud today lets get some more white paint lets be fluffy fluffy fluffy Oh so cute and fluffy oh people get so impressed when you can do clouds I love like you know in the different locations i get to teach art artwork morning at you get a student to
really do their first real clouds scape and they realize that they they can totally do clouds and it’s so
exciting for them exciting for me too very exciting just getting here in doing this or
clouds were just coming to the end of this now our little cloud banks taken some shape it’s
got some got some layers and dimensions these are
floating past each other now they’re they’re having their moment lovely now I’m gonna get a paper
towel I like to keep a roll near and I am going to wipe of my brush but I’m still not gonna put water into
it not yet how is this looking to you is it feeling fluffy are you thinking I could totally do you
that! alright now before it dry there’s a couple more layers but before it dries teeny tiny amount of my yellow paint
just a small amount small amount i will come over to my white mix yellow ocher just a really
wonderful Color tap it off on this paper towel and couple spots here in the coming in
I’m gonna put this this incredible nice yellow into the sky we’ll come back with some white and knock it
back I want some yellow highlighting along this left-hand edge have some of my banks i doing little yellow you cannot believe what a difference
just putting here and here kissing kissing these clouds but just a little bit of yellow just a
little bit as Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss Kiss
Kiss you can just work this sky all day a when I was a young girl
my mom’s a professional artist she’s really good’s she is Ginger Cook and their she was doing was doing these two horses this mare and this foal for 5 years years she changed the
sky it’s like these animal lived in weather
I actually imagined a child that they were out walking down the
trail forever together and the weather was changing was showing the
passing of time because she just changed the sky and then she would be no no i want a different sky a different sky and I really have to say as a kid I I
love the magic up watching those two going through all those different kinds
of Sky’s they did they lived in every kind whether that mare and foal kinda wonderful when we live with
artists magical to be an artist’s magical to
live with an artist so wonderful experience I do not know my husband would actually validate that (laughing) you but it is is we’re blessed blessed
people and I hope you’re becoming one of us I
hope you’re becoming an artist just feeling some of that in your soul feeling some of that artwork coming in i love just a little bit of kiss of that yellow makes a huge difference into just dry brushing and I love
dry brushing dry brushing means my brush has paint but
it’s fairly light on the paint that my canvass is dry and i do not have a lot of moisture on the brush so that what’s happening is the paint is
gripping to the top surface weave the canvas and
leaving little dusts of color in it it’s kind of like when you doing makeup in
your doing blending all right gonna really really dry out my brush checking it out fluffy fluffy fluffy
fluffy these clouds are cute and fluffy you can see how much paint just exists inside this poor abused little abused brush poor little brush poor little brush from come here do a little hair drying so that everything is dry pick my brush back up again
it’s pretty dry and doing good gonna get
some just white paint you really get some just white paint coming in were really lighten
up some areas here I always like to dab of the excess onto a
paper towel to get some nice this really is all in the pressure under
pressure yet we doing you like I don’t really
have a license for Queen so song is not plating but you know i’m talking
about. coming in just for this last little air thought last little layer thats little whispies up here last little layer we want them to fluff up there here and here and there is some yellow showing through lets really define this bank right here you seeing that there you go defining that bank right there
might need some definition come down here and give it a second layer
where push it up you hear artists when you go through YouTube tutorials will talk about the push it up pull it here they’re really just talking about where
you’re asking your pain to be and I have to tell you that this is this
here this little exercise will just lower
your blood pressure it’ll just make you feel better about the world in general really just bring some bright white on
now and I’m putting this on a little thicker I’m really pull some bright brightness into it it i There is my some talking I do not know if you can hear them the way i can hear them in here when you get those mothers ears you
hear everything you guys need cloud tutorials we gotta
get out to ya right we are getting there make some definition over here let’s
pull this up a little bit give this some highlight some personality we dont want to have it be one sided thats fun just fun fun just fun to do clouds the so
entertaining have them going on in your life all right there we go thats just a really happy little cloud bank that you can do really easily itsa one hoot who difficulty
painting so super simple to get into its just about being willing to be here in just take some
time to play with it I a little trick I wanna show you before
we go anywhere is say that you took out one of your low lights that you really like you just go right beack with your paint here the dark color come in with it just put that put that right back right back put it back wherever you want that darker paint feeling to be and tell you do that you
just come right back you can always add her dark colors back
in and you can always put those back somewhere in the painting
wherever you want them to be in your not stuck you know with what you got you can you can keep adjusting all day all day once acrylic paint is dry it really takes a lot of adjustment you
know I got those dark-colored right back in there
someone’s more dark in there that’s how you do that if you overwork your clouds and are like no no I
like had is perfect moment dry it with a hairdryer go breath I intend to fix it attitude is everything in art you intend to do it if you imagine it
you can do it you will be able to do it there is a way
to do it you’re not lacking anything essential to being happy whole person and that
includes in your artwork now it looks like i have some toys to pick up I want you to go into your week I want you to be happu be joyful be blessed I hope that all of your creativity is right there for
you start appreciating the world I really hope that you look at some
cloud banks and some sky and think about how you
might paint that and I want to see you at this easel really soon all right bye bye


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