How To Paint Countertops Look Like Granite NO Sanding – $25 Step by Step

How To Paint Countertops Look Like Granite NO Sanding – $25 Step by Step

Hi guys This is Marandah back with you to show you how to make your countertop look like granite I posted a video a while back and um the kitchen looks completely different the countertops or Grant obviously but the Cabinet’s have been painted and We have got a brand new refrigerator um I looked at this the other [day], and I’ve got a few questions here it’s on Asking me what did I use and could I Demonstrate that again absolutely, I have two SINK COVERS and you can see The gloss on the countertops. It’s very very pretty very hi gloss I absolutely love it our next step is getting faucets put in and I’ll try to get to everyone’s questions But I think that you can look around and see it looks a nice let me show you what this look like the before this Was the countertop before the project and this only took one night Guess how much it costs? $25 $25 so let’s jump right into that You’re going to need a couple of rollers you’re going to there’s NO sanding There’s no sanding, and I’m telling you guys. This this is some nice GLOSS I mean It’s really good um you gonna need a couple of rollers because you’re going to do the primer the kilts make sure you Get the oil Base that’s going to be your difference maker [alright] and then polyurethane clear Gloss and You can choose whatever colors. This is I’ve had this question of From several people use whatever color you want for your kitchen um when I’ve got the the white base down, and then I done my Primary Color which was black. I was like. I love it. I love it I’m going to keep on because I got these other colors The reason I got white acrylic paint because in case I messed up. I could go back and fix it, but you pick out the colors that you want now. I just earth tone to answer your questions exactly um This is classic caramel This is Real [Brown] this one’s white and This one is black. I Think I’m missing a color, but if I am not a very big deal Because we’re just going to do the SINK COVERS all right so check this out You’re going to need scissors And I thought I had some laying out I’ll grab these They have these sponges at hobby Lobby They’re like $30. Don’t do that Okay, I went to the dollar store. Just got some dollar sponges and that’s what I done and actually when I done this one, I done the square one, the other thing that you’re going to need You’re gonna need a couple [of] [these] You’re going to need oh dobbers These they have these in the kids section instead of getting the wooden ones This is like a big pack so like if you want to do your kitchen right now [and] your bathroom later You could just throw these away like it was two dollars in something And I’m talking they had all kinds of shapes and sizes I love this because you can really get around the corners with it, and I’ll get to that But what I want to really go [over] is the sponges? so the artist sponges I noticed they were very unique and I took art so I know that When you’re painting things like this What you want is your very unique? Pattern …. just anyway get the cutting on em. There’s no right or wrong way to do this and It just turns up so beautiful, but yeah, just just bend it and cut it and jab it and just Do a couple sponges like that however [many] colors you [have] what I done is I cut mine in half And then you can really utilize this space and [here] we go. I am ready for some dip right there and This I’m doing the Sink Covers. I don’t know exactly how much primer is Is in here I’m hoping there’s enough to shoot this entire video I really really do Back to the project woman joking around happens all the time and I’m just going to Get it on here, and this is this is the part where if you really Really gotta use the sleek roller you get out of the smooth surface sponge You will not have to do the sanding I’m gonna make sure I don’t have anything on [there] with the smooth Surface Roller and you can’t mess it up unless you’re like really like trying to Like accidentally maybe if you apply too much pressure Because then you’ll have lines So just go back that were to happen and? If that were to happene this right here is already looking Very pretty. I I like it. You know I I’ll Take some of that off still want to go around it because I know I’m coming back over it with the brown now I’m going to kind of dab it like this. This is up to you It’s your style, but this is what I’ve done to kind of like really beat in the colors together, so You can see the sharp black popping out And then you can see the gray peeping through I’m going to say that part right there, That’s okay I knew that was going to happen so I don’t want you guys when you start doing it to freak out Go, oh no, it’s not making a pattern. There’s no specific pattern in any of this alright, so now onto the second piece … Okay so once you get your oil base Primer down, it’s all fine from there We’re coming back to what I was talking to earlier was going back to your black at the end You can [see] it coming through I’ve done this side already [but] that’s part of the color is the black so I’m going to go [ahead] and do the same thing with this one, and you can kind of see how it develops It’s on take a few seconds here If you want you to start out light … It’s looking better and better every single [dob] that what I done with the two earth tone brown colors I had is I just kept patting them down until There wasn’t much white hardly at all popping out I have a Little extra over there, so I’m gonna add some over here To Make it even …. because there’s no true Marble, there’s no Marble that’s an exact Pattern that’s real granite or real marble So you can keep that in mind, so it’s your own unique project so I’m going to go ahead and Touch the Edges, and then we’ll get right back to you with the polyurethane, the last step I know when we put the oil base kilz down we were really quick to go [ahead] with the acrylic. That part is okay to do. It dries FAST however when you get to the polyurethane step Be sure to let it completely dry before you start putting polyurethane putting polyurethane on there, so we’ll be back again You can see guys these Sink Covers Has one really two thick coats of Polyurethane this one doesn’t we’re fixing to apply that now and again the same [thing] with the Primer I’m using everything Disposable something you should know is this Really really drinks a lot of polyurethane So you’re going to be dipping and going back to it very very often? And it’s not the same color. We did talk and figure out. We are missing a color That it’s it’s close enough Just smooth it out You see getting it’s gloss there And I like I like both of them , you know we had picked a very light Tan Beige looking and we just cannot find it, so Unfortunately, they’re not going to match completely identical, but that’s okay and you just want to let the roller Roller don’t worry about applying I know it when you’re first doing it you you can see streaks or air bubbles. Don’t worry about that because when it sits it goes away You can see that the final one on the one that we’re actually doing this one on top of and this one was done the [exact] same way, but Wouldn’t hurt to have another coating Sink covers


  • Elsa5Silver says:

    You are a genius!! I followed your instructions and am THRILLED with the results! Thank you so much. I have a little larger area….plus a "bar" area….took me 6 hours start to finish. I did mine with black/dark gray/light gray/ and white. I was a little concerned when I opened the can of the clear polypropalene high gloss…because it was an amber-ish looking color in the can….but….it did go on clear, so all's well. Rather than using sponges…I crumpled up plastic garbage bags to blot and dap with…..turned out great. Thank you VERY much… saved me a TON of money…and it was fun to do!!

  • tnt says:

    are u letting each color dry before each application ?

  • Anne Kennedy says:

    Are the colors your using when dabbing oil base paint and where do you buy those little paints

  • Laura Arredondo says:

    What happens if minwax clear poloyertane turns counter yellow?

  • Ann Lopkoff says:

    So I waited amputated before we used the island that we did first. I put my crockpot on a pkacemat on it and when I cleaned up, the countertop got hit enough that the legs of the crockpot indented the work we had done. I have read that a 2 part epoxy will make it harder. I am hoping we can put it over the polyurithane. Your thoughts?????? I love how they turned out so just want them to last.

  • Laura Arredondo says:

    Thank you for info. I used the clear minwax poly that was in copper brown and black can. It cleans well. Hopefully will last long. If not, will have to sand counter and start all over, or will the kilts primer coat do ok without sanding? Thank you for your help!! I should have looked at your gray can poly that you had used. My mistake.

  • Steele Family Homestead says:

    love your DIY videos. im about to do this to my countertops and also add mika flakes to the paint to give it a real granite look. love yours you did in your tiny home.

  • Mayda McFadden says:

    Hay there great idea but, you wore the same colors in your shirt as the counter top, it's too busy, just a thought ok.

  • born4thstime says:

    That looks really good.

  • Brittany Jackson says:

    I have a tile counter top, can i do this to mine still?

  • poppyshoes says:

    I'm going to do this to my bar. Thank you for giving us the actual color names. GOOD JOB!!

  • Kevin Sorenson says:

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  • S Brown says:

    Hi, tell me how long you waited between poly coats and how many coats you used? Also, how long did you wait before doing the first poly coat. When doing the sponging do I need to wait between colors? Thank you so much! This looks beautiful,!

  • tonya9287 says:

    Can you do a marble look as well?

  • Kenya Gillespie says:

    Saw this video last night, made a mad dash to Home Depot and Walmart this morning….. and BAMMM!! Awesome finished product. Thank you so much.
    It actually cost about $40- $50 tho.

    I got the paint from Walmart. They had plenty of colors to choose from.

  • 1942 SmithCorona says:

    Incredible. Wonder if it would work with spray paint. I've seen spray paint in the "design" I want (light gray speckle) but you said it has to be oil based? What a phenomenal job, they're beautiful. 🙂

  • Dauphne McMurry says:

    Yay video is back. Love this video. You did a great job. Love it. Looks great and like real granite. 👍👍👍👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

  • Dauphne McMurry says:

    Girlfriend you did an amazing job.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    What do you use to clean your countertops with? Does any of the paint come off or run when you wipe the countertops or clean them?

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    Love your top. So cute. I want one. You are matching with the counter tops. Where did you get your top? Is it a tye dyed top? Can't really see it good. I love it though.

  • Karen windspirit says:

    Acrylic over oil? I would think that would't work after awhile!

  • Shanaka says:

    Is that laminate countertops

  • Blessed Forever says:

    Wow! Very impressive!

  • Jenna Rose Chloe says:

    Turned out beautiful!! Well done!!
    I love your videos & your "down home" warmth & sweetness when you speak!!
    So glad to be a part of your "subscriber" list!!
    God Bless You & TFS yet another awesome diy💜🖤❤

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    How durable is this? I want to do it but I am one who uses my kitchen a lot. I don't want to have it flake off and come off after a while of use. Any insight?

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    I just love you! Completely inspired me to do this to my countertops! Thank you

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    WOW very nice, I cant wait to start my counter top. Your going to save me a boat load of money "Thanks "

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    Thank you for posting!! Amazing results!!

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    Love your video and I think your kitchen looks amazing and cool. Thank you for sharing, I have painted my kitchen cupboards white so as can not afford to replace but you have given me an ideal to cover them at a low cost. xxxxxx

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    I loathe commercials. Look. I will NOT buy anything from a commercial. Ever. Love the video though, once I was able to get past that stupid commercial.

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    I bought regular smooth surface rollers will this work the same I just noticed that yours look different? Also about how many bottles of the acrylic paint did you buy like how many blacks etc. I’m going to be doing this to my countertop very soon so I’m wondering if I bought enough product and does it matter that I didn’t buy the same

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    Outstanding- you are truly talented. Thanks so much for sharing your creative process.😁

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    You’re right, that really was kinda funny!

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    How do you get the polyurethane to dry evenly?

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    How long did you let the primer dry before you started with the color?

  • Junior Quarles says:

    I am a professional artist and it is refreshing to see someone demonstrate how cheap and easy it is to create a professional looking job that a company would charge you and arm and leg for. Thanks for the post.

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    I just watched your tutorial and your counter looks amazing! How have they held up since this time? I am looking forward to using this technique, any advise?

  • Alicia Kiechle says:

    im doing this!!!

  • Hotrod Hog says:

    So before you did your countertops, what were they just regular formica or what?

  • IamTHEsolution- ASMR says:


  • Chantele Meade says:

    This is the best video. I followed the directions and turned my counter into an amazing countertop. Next I'm going to do the bathroom and this is just for a rental apartment. Can't wait to do it on my own counter for my home.

  • Barb Jones says:

    Great video, what did you use to clean counter, before putting primer on, please.

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    Looks gorgeous :).

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    Hi Im wondering if you have had any issues with water ruining your countertops or heat.. I seen a video on here where a lady did the Giani(spell check) method which was like $70 and her tops got ruined by water. I have a mother in law who does not wipe the countertops when shes done and while I want to redo my countertops like yours Im afraid…lol please share your views

  • Incog Nito says:

    Hey, GREAT IDEA! Thank you! And also to Elsa5Silver for commenting she used crumpled plastic bags, that makes it as near as you can get too 100% efficient because plastic doesn’t absorb paint, only a little will stick to it.

    Great job-I like your style! : )

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  • Dain Bender says:

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  • Stephanie Williams says:

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  • Craig Simpson says:

    Thanks for Sharing your video enjoyed it I'm thinking of doing mine that way..

  • Rama Nichols says:

    These came out fantastic. My favorite diy countertop video yet. I absolutely love your enthusiasm! Thank you for the video.

  • Rama Nichols says:

    These came out fantastic. My favorite diy countertop video yet. I absolutely love your enthusiasm! Thank you for the video.

  • Rama Nichols says:

    Sorry folks. I have no idea why my post showed up four times.

  • Rama Nichols says:

    Sorry folks. I have no idea why my post showed up four times.

  • Angela Berry says:

    Hi there! I did this and they turned out amazing, other than I'm having a hard time getting them to completely dry. It has been almost a week and they are still a bit tacky, if I stick my fingernail in them, I still get a dent. I live in a dry climate so we use a swamp cooler to cool our home and I'm thinking that may be the problem, but I have shut it down at night and there hasn't really been a change. I used oil based paint, acrylic colors and two layers of water based polyurethane as the top coat. Any suggestions?

  • ikram hydrau says:

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