How to Paint Clouds in Acrylic – Instructional Painting Lesson by JM Lisondra

How to Paint Clouds in Acrylic – Instructional Painting Lesson by JM Lisondra

let’s start by choosing what colors are
we going to use. I used reeves acrylic for this lesson titanium white, phthalo
blue or cobalt blue and lamp black That’s all the colors we need for this
tutorial. Ok let’s paint the sky. White plus a little phthalo Blue just mix it
until it becomes sky blue just look at the river runs on the video use
flat one inch bristle brush then apply it on the surface of your canvas I used
cardboard on this tutorial, but you can use either canvas or cardboard you can
use a bigger brush to finish it faster just blend the colors and small amount of water to make the
blending easier make the colors at the top darker than lighter at the bottom ok let’s paint the clouds mix blue with
a little black then add more white to create a bluish gray affect the color
looks great but when you stare at it it has a blue tint, that’s what I mean, in
this tutorial we will create a cumulonimbus clouds, maybe it’s time to
recall your grade school science class those kinds of clouds have almost
triangular in shape which looks like cotton’s but more grayist on its base
as it is about to drop the rain maybe you need to visualize it first before
starting to paint or you may need to find some reference on Google, ok let’s
start painting the grayist base color we’d mixed, you may follow what I did. I use a fine or smooth flat brush and make criss-cross strokes do not paint
everything make some space. this is important to preserve the luminosity
of the clouds as you can see some parts of the sky are
still visible behind the clouds to draw the clouds base which is all gray. add
some darker gray as it is about to rain as you observe my strokes have different
directions or criss-cross make a triangular in shape as you can see in painting the clouds use the lighter
gray blue paint and brush it a little horizontally again don’t cover
everything you need to add some space to preserve the luminosity just play with
the colors and a little white for the highlights and black for the dark shade
make sure the grayish part is under every highlight since clouds has no same
form you can create whatever form you want, just make sure you don’t overdo it ok just making some finishing touches on
the great part before adding the highlights in adding the highlight start by mixing
gray with white. do not paint the white right away you need to do it by
adjusting the color value from grayish then and a little white until you reach the
lightest. we assume that the sunlight comes from left so we add the highlights
on the left most part. you may copy what I did on the video. again do not cover
everything, makes some air. Add highlights on the part in which you
think the sunlight touches it. it’s still up to you on how you paint it anyway
learning is a process and sometimes you can’t achieve what you want at first try
maybe a second third and fourth try is needed to achieve it. Just don’t give up.
if I did it and you could do it too. As you can see the sky still visible in the
inner part of clouds and that is the trick to create the transparent
effective clouds you may blended until the edges become smooth adding some finishing touches on some
part In the most highlights part, use pure white and a small round or flat brush, you can use number three. Then apply it in the left most part in a
curvy way from top to bottom. Just follow what I did on the video you need to
blend the edges on the other corner. Wet your brush to thin in the paint Or you can use your hands to smudge. Use your imagination to achieve the picture you want. Just keep on adding highlights but don’t overdo it. make some spaces, you need to use your imagination continue to add the halftones this part or indirectly exposed to the sunlight, that is why it’s haftly lit. then continue to add the highlights you
may follow what I did on the video. The brush you choose is responsible for the effect it gives, I’m retouching now the highlights area to make it more solid
just keep on painting, but don’t cover it all as I said. as you observed I keep on adding some
highlights on clouds I wasn’t contended as I keep adding more
highlights to make it more realistic again you may follow what I did, the way
I apply the paint and most of all you need to enjoy and extend your patience
because sometimes you may not achieve it at first you need to keep on trying I am
a self-taught artist and I never have a formal art teacher, I teach myself
through experience sometimes you need to retouch the other
parts to make it look better. As I keep on retouching over and over again and then below the clouds I added some
lighter shade. Just make the gray to a more lighter gray and then blend it good I add some distant mountains at the bottom just used the gray you use on the clouds Ok that’s all it is! It’s as easy as you
see. If you don’t get it at first time then
maybe you can do it at second, third or fourth time. Please subscribe for more
videos in the future. And visit my website at Thank you for watching!


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