How To Paint Chair Spindles | The Easiest Way to Paint Wooden Chairs With Spindles

How To Paint Chair Spindles | The Easiest Way to Paint Wooden Chairs With Spindles

Hi there it’s Rosanne here from Country
Chic Paint. If you’ve ever tried to paint spindles on pieces like chair backs
you’ll know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. I have some
fantastic tips to help you get it done in a fraction of the time with very
little effort. Keep watching to learn how For this video I’m going to be using
some of our All-in-One Decor Paint in the color Cheesecake, a small paintbrush
and this painting sponge. It can be very tedious to use a paintbrush in and
around spindles but applying paint using a sponge will
make things so much easier First I’m going to shake and stir my
paint to make sure all the ingredients are well mixed Now I’m going to pour some paint on this
plate to make it easier to dip the sponge into the paint I’m simply go to dip the edge of my
sponge into the paint You don’t want to put very much on your
sponge as it will spread quite far and we’re going for thin rather than thick
paint coats here. As you can see you can push the sponge in between the spindles
much more easily than a brush and you’ll be able to cover more ground in a
shorter period of time. For any areas that you can’t get into with your sponge,
use a small paintbrush instead. You’ll notice that the sponge applies to paint
in very thin layers. If you feel like you’re not getting very good coverage,
don’t worry that’s a good thing! You’ll likely find
that you can still get seamless coverage out of just two quick coats and applying
paint thinly will give you much better adhesion I’m now going to let the first coat dry
and then we’ll come back to apply the second coat In the meantime I’ve applied a second
coat of paint to my chair Just a thin coat. You can see that
it’s not perfectly covered but I’m going to go for a very shabby chic look. I’m
going to distress it with a fine grit sandpaper You want to make sure you do that after
your second coat is completely dry If you’re going for a more modern finish
and you don’t want to distress it then you probably want to give it at least
another thin coat to give it opaque coverage So here’s our finished shabby chic chair
with beautifully painted spindles in a fraction of the time. If you’re curious
to learn more about why painting iin thick coats can be bad for your piece stay tuned for our upcoming video in
just a couple weeks Subscribe to our channel to make sure
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now or in the description below this video Thank you so much for watching and happy


  • Nancy Stokaluk says:

    I thought sponges soaked up paint. So I have not used,but I will now

  • Elaine D says:

    My next paint project is an old tv armoire that I'm converting to a seating area and it will have hooks on the sides for jackets 🙂 can't wait to get it started! But I need paint!

  • Brandon Davis says:

    I am up-cycling some red and white oak pieces from trees cut down on my Mother's property. I have created shelving and picture frames but my next project is a Headboard for our bedroom. Lori,My Wife, loves contrasting colors that make pieces stand out. I am thinking a grey base with burnt orange or maybe soft green accents? I'm not sure yet but would love to use your paints on my project!

  • Brandi Young says:

    I have to buy one of these sponges because my next project will be painting the mantel and shelves that surround my restored 1920s fireplace. I am going to do white but on the back of the shelves I want to sponge a metallic cream finish in silver to mimic the effect of mercury glass!

  • Karen Johnston says:

    I am taking a week off after Labour Day to paint 2 dressers and 4 bedside tables. This paint and the tutorials will be extremely helpful in deciding how to do them! Thank You!

  • Angela Rembis says:

    A large dresser I bought for ME! Only have to decide color pallette. Bedroom is very neutral, thinking it needs a bold color!

  • Sherry Waddle says:

    This is great, I will use this technique in the near future. thanks

  • Sandra Davis says:

    Oh my goodness this is gonna save so much time I'm redoing a friends grandmothers dining set, 6 chairs and a china cabinet and I was dreading the chairs with spindle legs and spindle backs, beautiful set but holy cow it was gonna be very time consuming until now lol I'm going to my local stockist today to get that sponge. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Country chic paint it's all I use

  • Aquatic Bat says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. This is such an obvious way to get into the nooks and crannies! Now I'm inspired to bring up those unfinished chairs from the basement😄

  • Divya Bhatia says:

    I am new to furniture painting and just started as a relaxing hobby. Your country chic tutorials have been tremendously helpful in getting me started! I just finished a small magazine rack and am next going to work on an old coffee table to give it a makeover. So excited to do that! Thank you for your wonderful tutorials.

  • Arlene Thygesen says:

    Thank you for the tip. After painting three chairs with spindles with a brush, I can't wait to try the sponge. It looks much easier than attacking those hard to reach places with a brush! I end up with more paint on my hands than on the chair 🙂 Can't wait to purchase the sponge!

  • Naomi Lachmanec says:

    Why didn't I think of painting chair spindles like that?? Thanks for the tip!! I was just gifted some wooden chairs with spindles! Perfect timing!!!

  • Debbie Hucul says:

    I will next paint project will be a small beside table with drawers that has been used in my craft room but after it's new look, will be in a bedroom.

  • n willis says:

    where can you find a painting sponge like that? It is different than the ones i've seen around! tia

  • Sandraladeda H says:

    I have used Country Chic Paint in a paint sprayer with beautiful results, for a very clean, modern finish. I love the ease of using a sponge too, definitely going to give it a try next time. My next project is a dining set with cane back chairs.

  • J White says:

    what a easy and cool way to get 'er done!

  • Sharon Wright says:

    After u distressed the chairs, do u put a top coat of clear on?

  • Wanita Bickford says:

    Thanks for sharing the great tip. Need to get one of those sponges for sure😎👍

  • Cyndi M says:

    Do you have to remove old varnish before painting?

  • Brandi McDonald says:

    My next project is to redo my front entry by updating an old storage bench, half moon table and a trifold set of window shutters for wall decor.

  • Annie Goodman says:

    Super tip Rosanne 🙂 My next project is going to be a large mirror. Because the style screams 'Country Chic' I plan to paint it using the weathered wood look…at least that's the idea 🙂

  • Cindy Hathaway says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial on spindles…I am currently working on chairs and this helps so much. My next project will be my wooden barstools…I'm very anxious to give them more of an antique/distressed look. Love your products!

  • S T says:

    Great tip! Always hated doing spindles, now piece of cake!

  • Cy Swendsen says:

    My next painting project will be a old "tool belt cubbie" that was rescued from an about to be demolished building where my father used to work. It will be used for fabric storage in my quilting room when finished.

  • Melissa Krycerick says:

    My next project is a vintage desk that I plan on making shabby chic in Simplicity and Vintage Cupcake.

  • Gail Willson says:

    Why didn't I know about this years ago??? Love the tip and love the paint.

  • Kate Godwin says:

    I will be painting and creating a bookshelf out of wooden crates

  • Cheryl Oatt says:

    I am in the process of repainting my dining room furniture. This will save me lots of time. Thanks

  • Jonnie Hartling says:

    My next project is painting an old set of cubbies for my sons room

  • Lee Kuhn says:

    the list is endless but a hutch best be soon as it takes up so much room 😉

  • Kellie Myers says:

    Chairs on my to do list next!!

  • Debbie Williams says:

    My next project is a large old TV storage unite with lots of storage, nooks, and crannies, but no spindles!

  • Jacqueline Scott says:

    Great video. We just finished painting some chairs with spindles and I wish that we had  had that wonderful painting sponge. What a great idea because painting spindles can be tedious and if you're not careful and put to much on you get ridges and drips. Not very nice at all. We ended up doing a lot of light sanding and smoothing.  This is what happens when your hubby helps and he as a heavy hand.

  • Kathy Labossiere says:

    I love this tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing! My next project with be a hutch that my daughter currently uses for her sweaters. I'm looking forward to getting started!

  • Rhonda Schreiber says:

    Great idea with the sponge!  I have two chairs at home I have been putting off due to the spindles!  I will be going to the store to pick my colours this weekend!  Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • kprokrchk says:

    Now I'm ready for spindles 🙂 I have a side table that is dark brown and would like to brighten it up with Country Chic Paint and update the look. Thank you for the tutorials 🙂

  • Kathy Dick says:

    Thanks so much for this tutorial, Roseanne. It's very timely as my next project is a magazine rack and I was NOT looking forward to painting those spindles 🙂

  • zabolotniukd says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. Using a sponge is going to make painting chair so much easier. My next project I am going to paint my rocking chair and I am going to try a glaze for the first time. I am quite excited for the new experience and to see how it's going to turn out!

  • Sue Freadrich says:

    Spindles are a pain to paint, thanks for the tip! I am going to try painting with the color luscious lime, and I have a small liquor cabinet that is the perfect piece to try it on!! This is the best paint I have ever used!!

  • Cal S says:

    Great tips, thank you. My next project is painting a pair of old bedside tables. I have been putting it off for some time now and this is a perfect time to finally pick out colors and get started!

  • Joan Snow says:

    I first want to say I've learned a lot from your videos, my next project I think will be a small table and 4 chairs for my kitchen. Waiting on cooler temps

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    thank you for the tip on painting spindles. I recently picked up a set of chairs in desperate need of paint and have been putting them off. I will be trying this soon!

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  • Janice Harrop says:


  • Janice Harrop says:

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    What a great video. My next project is painting my kitchen table and spindle chairs! I cannot wait to try your technique on the chairs,

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    I have an old desk and chair I have been wanting to refurbish. I call it my vany-desk because I use it as a vanity and a desk. I love the idea for painting with a sponge and the distressed look is a gorgeous idea for the chair I have to paint.

  • Christine Holliday says:

    HAHAHA! Why didn't I think of that? I did my chairs already! tomorrow I'm doing the table, maybe I'll use a sponge on the legs.

  • Linda Bates says:

    Great way to paint spindles. my next is a table and chairs. would love to win some paint. love your tutorials.

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    I love this-going to do an old seat of a chair like this so the spindle idea on base will be handy

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    Thank you for the awesome tip, I paint a lot of chairs and kinda wondering why I didn't think of this lol. And btw your paint is amazing

  • Chris Savage says:

    I have so many chairs to do! Greatest tip ever! THANK YOU!

  • Jan W says:

    Just finished first coat on spooled spindles so I am going to use a sponge for the second coat.  The cheesecake paint is looking great with the rush seat! Antiquing the spool detail will be next.  Thanks for the tip.

  • Sarah Bonner says:

    Looks like it makes it so much easier.. Want to try this on my next project.  A pair of curvy French style night stands.

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  • Deirdre Breau says:

    Love the idea of using the sponge for painting spindles. My next project is a hall tree from reclaimed materials. Cant wait to get to work on it. However that will be a few weeks as we are stil recovering from the massive flooding in our town. It has been devastating!

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  • MrMelaniec31 says:

    after 2nd coat how long to dry before distressing?

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  • Justin Loomis says:

    Lightly sand the chair with 150 grit sand paper, spray a thin coat of primer and finish with coat of paint using a 3 inch roller on the flat portions and a 2 inch brush on rounded areas. The finished product looks cleaner, more even and takes the same amount of time.

  • Sharon Stahl says:

    Where can I buy that sponge?

  • online management says:

    Please stop painting gorgeous hand crafted hard wood chairs , you are doing damage that will be virtually in possible to rectify. The person who built that chair will be spinning in their grave let alone the person that felled and seasoned the timber and the tree that died to make it. Quality vintage furniture is not throw away IKEA furniture, next year when the "shabby chic" fad goes out of fashion that 60 year old chair will end up in the bin. If you fancy painting something get a job as a decorator .

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