How To Paint Ceilings With Dulux Paint

Hi, I’m Charly Duffy for the Dulux How To
Series on Interior Surfaces. Painting your ceilings can make a huge improvement
to the appearance of your home. Checkout how fabulous this room looks. We’re going to show you how we got it looking
like this. You might think that painting a ceiling is a little daunting, but as you’ll
see it’s really not hard. Before you begin, put your drop sheets down,
then grab your ladder, brush, tape, roller, extension pole and tray. Start by removing cobwebs with a broom. Then wash the ceiling down with sugar soap,
using a sponge-mop and bucket. You may think you’d be ok skip cleaning the ceiling but
it’s a really important part of painting. To make things easier, set up some floodlights
below so you can see where you’ve already painted. Now tape around cornices and edges and also
any down lights you may have. We’ll be using Dulux Ceiling White today.
The first step is cutting-in. Using a brush, paint carefully along the edges,
cornices and corners of the room to create a border around the ceiling. Don’t forget to go around any down lights,
hanging lights or skylights. Now that’s all done, you’re ready to roll! Start in one corner, and use the roller in
smooth, parallel actions. Work in roughly 1 square metre areas at a
time, moving across, and then down. Working in small areas will also make it easier
to maintain a wet edge. Once you’ve finished a large area, you can
lay off the paint. This is the most important step in rolling and prevents streaky lines
in your finish. Start with your roller not loaded with paint
and rest it at the top left-hand corner. Gently pull the roller along the ceiling towards
you in one long stroke. Then take the roller off and place it slightly
overlapping the original roll, and roll along the ceiling again. So, you’ll be making a line on one side, then
rubbing it out with each new roll. It’s really important not to push the roller,
as this creates pressure that can cause streaks in your paint. CD — If you’re doing two coats, let the
first coat dry, then repeat the process from the cut-in stage. We’re all done! But we’ll leave you all with
a couple of handy tips. One thing that can be confusing is painting
white onto an already white ceiling. Use Dulux’s Never Miss, which goes on pink
and dries white And if you’re painting your ceiling in your
kitchen or bathroom, use Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen & Bathroom Ceiling. This will prevent mould and bacteria from
growing on the surface. This looks great! There is a huge difference
from where we’ve started. Thanks for your help Drew. No worries Charly. Worth doing, worth Dulux.

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