How to Paint a Sailing Boat and the Sea – With Oil Paints – Narrated

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will paint a sailing boat with oil paint. We begin by painting the background. As you see I´m using a white canvas. And the color is simply a mix
of a Flake White and King´s Blue Deep. In the description below the video
I will add links to these materials in case you want to see them. So we add this light blue color
doing short strokes, in different directions. I want a lighter tone
at the top, and then by adding more blue and less white,
I am darkening it, a little bit. Not very much! Then I´m adding some stripes
which are also not very contrasting. The idea is to get a result which
is pretty elegant and nice to look at. A fresh and peaceful view. These lines of course will be for the waves. We lay down the paint and then smudge it a little bit. So that we don´t have a hard edge. Like this. And another one. Very good! I will be adding a long version
of this tutorial, to my Patreon account. You are very welcome to subscribe! If you wish in that way you can
also support this channel. I mentioned that I want the
upper part lighter, so I´ll give it another layer of white. Which I mix in with the existing color. Since it is all fresh. Emm– this upper part is going to
be the sky. But we will not have a
hard and visible line that divides the sea from the sky. It will be merged and lost
one with the other. It is a bit foggy. A nice, fresh, foggy sea. I love the sea! We add some more of white
down here, which are reflections of the light sky. Or of the clouds, I should say. And here, I´m painting the mast
of our sailing boat. It is a long mast. And then the little boat
down here. For this I´m using blue black,
with a little white. I will darken slightly the front
and the bottom part, of the boat. And let´s add some lines. These are for the sail. And we start adding some white
precisely on the sail. The Sun will be here. But just barely visible,
just translucent. And for the I´m using
a Titanium White, which is a bit brighter. And we smudge it with the fresh
paint of the sky. Down here let´s add some reflections
of the Sun. Very good! A little bit more color to the sail
and boat, and then let´s add the reflection of it… like so. The reflection is not totally straight
is a curving, zigzagging, or broken line. Well the reflection can be in many ways
and it depends a lot on the magnitude of the ways. If the water where totally flat
like a mirror, then the reflection of course would be a lot straighter. But here since it is the sea
even that it is calm, there are some waves. Finally we add some brilliant spots,
some reflections, and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE!
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on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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