How to Paint a Room : Using a Roller to Paint Ceiling

How to Paint a Room : Using a Roller to Paint Ceiling

Ok, the next step in our bedroom painting
project is to actually roll out the ceiling paint. The tools I’ll be using include a roller
of course, my roller sleeve and I’ve also got an extension pole which you’re going to
need if you’re painting a ceiling. I’m going to take my ceiling white, pour it into the
bucket like three or four inches. You also want to make sure that the floor is adequately
covered because we don’t want to get any paint dripped on the floor. You’re going to dip
your roller several times to make sure it gets saturated with paint. To avoid any drips,
you really want to make sure its worked in there good. K. Then I’m going to attach my extension pole. And this is just
to various heights, I’m going to keep it pretty low though. And you want to start on one end
and just work your way over gradually. You want to apply a fair amount of pressure but
not too much and again, keep in mind that this is the first of two coats. So if you
miss a spot the first time around, you’ll catch it the second time. Painting a ceiling
can be a little tricky in that the color we’re using is the same as the previous color so
its kind of hard to delineate where we’ve been so that makes it all the more important
to keep a consistent sort of rhythm down. Go from one edge to the next. Ok, that does
it for our first coat of ceiling paint. We’re going to let that dry for a couple hours and
I definitely recommend putting a second coat on. Now let’s move on to some trim work.


  • 2Ryled says:

    Great tutorial. I was wondering if you could do one on how to paint a really high ceiling like in a hallway of a 2 story. We are using a extended long painting handle but it hits the walls, and we still cant get the corners of the ceiling very well. We even tried one of those bendable ladders. We need help. I cant find a vid on painting that. Thank you.

  • Kidd Walker says:

    So what about if my roller dosen't have that fitting for the inspection roller? It's really $#!tty doing this with a 6×2 'thin' roller…. May I borrow yours please????

  • jerseynick67 says:

    plus when you paint a ceiling, do not use a stop & go motion, do one row at a time all the way across, I bet this ceiling looks like crap when he's done!

  • Cpt Blake Cromwell says:

    what a joke

  • otto5656 says:

    I really think that "expert village" is a joke made for youtube. Every video I have ever seen them they doing things completely screwed up.

  • Joshua Clarke says:

    @geterpaintd get a laugh because "stupit asses" like you feel the need to share your opinion, and make your "dam" selves look like "moroon[s]" in the process. I hope you paint better than you write, well I'm sure you paint better than you write, but that's not saying much…

  • Wayne says:

    @kalel38 painters dont use trays because we would be filling them up about 20 times a day haha not to mention house full of people it will be knocked over, or stepped on… bucket with roller grid is how 99.9% of us do it 😉 trays are for homeowners who feel the need to try and paint….

  • Wayne says:

    @kalel38 what?? why would there be streak marks all over the walls from using a bucket and roller grid? youre on crack. do you think you just stick a roller in a bucket of paint? there are roller grids..which are wayy better and cleaner than rolling your nap around the bottom of a tray. I spray most of my jobs anyway so I mainly use my roller for backrolling…if you even know what that is… have you ever even seen a spraypump?

  • brettv8 says:

    Jeez listen to the painters argue, why not just have a paint off see who's got the best technique?

  • LigerZer077 says:

    You didnt lay it off. Dont you end up with roller marks if its not layed off??

  • clutchisgood says:

    This guy should have prepped this ceiling better. I noticed lines in the ceiling even after the roller applied the paint. Most of the work in painting a ceiling is the prep. The painting is the last step before clean up.

  • Lewis Matlock says:

    @MalCoonX1 TMI?

  • Rock Green says:


  • PhatChannel Reviews says:

    i would def agree with you hire a pro if you can? since we cant im having fun painting what a bucket loads of fun grrrrr.

  • videoequipped says:

    Why didnt i think of a roller, just spent 8 hours doing my hall with a 2" brush !!

  • MrIknowbest2 says:

    professional contractor? lol….he sais" it's ok if you miss a bit because you can get it on the next coat" hahaha is this bloke for real? on the argument of whether to use a tray or not, i find it best to use a tray for small jobs or a scuttle for large jobs, simple as that! and when you paint a ceiling you are supposed to start from the light source i.e the window side.

  • MrIknowbest2 says:

    and he did not lay the paint off as he was going? this is a basic flaw!

  • MAD King says:

    and why isnt he painting over cross? Just in one direction!

  • James Watkin says:

    I'm not a professional painter and decorator but the roller I use is twice the size he's using. Time is money, right? "The colour is the same as the previous colour so it’s hard to tell where you've painted" – What? The paint that's on the ceiling already is still wet and shiny, who would have thought?

  • howtopaintinfo says:

    That's not how you stand when rolling a ceiling. Another handyman trying to show people how to paint.

  • Mariana o says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! I had no idea how to paint my daughter's room, and as we live in Spain the gadgets you see on other posts are not avilable here. your video was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do this, and sharing your knowledge.

  • Ihor Dutka says:

    if your priority speed thas fine, but if you need quality job i would not use big roller, its much harder to cover perfectly, and there a lot of cituations that you really cant see where did you paint and where didn't

  • howtopaintinfo says:

    If you want to know how to paint a ceiling with a roller you should check out my video.

  • TheRazzaManazza says:

    Sorry but this is painful.

  • Alec Halama says:


  • Invincible Painting Basics says:

    Obviously self taught. As a life time painter myself, I really feel for the Youtube viewers who are at the mercy of these kinds of 'How to's'. Literally everything is wrong! I'm not being mean here, just truthful. YouTube is full of them.

  • Spock Cana says:

    Very informative video Thanks

  • Adam Sendek says:

    So much entertainment happening here.

  • BLΛƆKPIИK says:

    Ceiling is hard

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