How to Paint a Room : Using a Brush to Paint Ceiling Edges

How to Paint a Room : Using a Brush to Paint Ceiling Edges

Ok, so we just put a second coat on the repair
work that we’re doing on the ceiling. So our next step in our bedroom project is to actually
paint the ceiling. I’ve got a couple gallons of ceiling white here. My brush, my roller
and a roller sleeve. I recommend buying, spending a little extra money on the roller sleeve
because you really get what you pay for. This is a smooth surfaces roller sleeve. You can
also buy various napes. Make sure you give your paint a good stir before you start using
it. A lot of times it will separate if its been on the shelf too long. Now the first
thing we’re going to do is cut in the ceiling. So I’m going to give myself, I don’t know,
maybe about three inches of paint. I’ve got my brush, as you can see its a tapered brush
which I highly recommend. Now I’m going to take my drop clothes because we want to protect
this beautiful wood floor. Ok, one of the nice things about painting the ceiling is
you don’t have to worry too much about being precise since we’re going to be painting the
walls a little later. So you can actually hit the wall with the ceiling paint as well.
Now this will be the first of two coats. So if you don’t hit it the first time, you’ll
get it the second. Alright, so I’m going to stop there. You want to do this all the way
around the ceiling, the perimeter. Next, I’m going to show you how to roll it out.


  • ka7wyf says:

    why don't you just go along with a roller on the edges? Your painting the walls anyway. Yer paid by the hour by some poor homeowner.

  • Garciamrcool says:

    Im sure he's really upset about that.

  • PainterForHireVids says:

    Ceilings are such a chore. You make it look fairly easy!

  • Gavin jones says:

    You don't even have professional tools dude, and how can you ever make any money at the speed in which you are doing things ?
    I am a painter and decorator and even the filling you have done is all wrong and wont last.
    Wow at the speed you are doing things I would be poor. and at least scrap the 9" roller for a 12" medium hair so you can actually get a decent amount of paint on there and not get shadowing where its drying so fast cause you cannot get it on there quick enough ?

  • Miriam Metni says:

    Jolin los americanos que bien alisan la pared y que buenos acabados hacen! Me gusta lo bien que trabajan

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