How to Paint a House in Photoshop CC 2019 Tutorial – Change House Color Photoshop

How to Paint a House in Photoshop CC 2019 Tutorial – Change House Color Photoshop

Hi I’m George Peirson and this is a tutorial video for Adobe’s Photoshop program. You’ll find links in the description for any materials used in this video and of course don’t forget to Subscribe, Like, and also Share the video. I really appreciate that. Okay let’s go ahead and get into the video. In this Photoshop tutorial I’ll show you how to paint a house and not just that, but to paint a house to match a swatch. So here’s our basic house and let me show you this effect once we have painted the house to match our swatch there we go there’s the swatch right there so it’s fairly straightforward the two parts really is just to create a proper mask for this and then to get the color over here for your swatch let’s talk about the first step first and I’m just going to hide this what you’ll do is you’ll take your image and we’re going to make a layer mask by making a careful selection around the front not in this case what we need to do is to make a selection for the front of the face to be across here and down around the edge here now what I made my selection I used the refine edge tool to get a clean selection around the edge of the bushes in here and then you’ll want to remove the windows out of that selection just real straight forward selection stuff I happened to use the polygonal lasso tool over here and add and subtract to get the elements selected and of course the refine edge option up here refining mask option to clean up around the bushes I’m going to bring that up I went ahead and saved that selection there we go so there’s a selection that I made you can see what I did was I first selected the whole house like that I then came in and removed the windows from the selection all different windows and then I came in with her fine edge tool and cleaned up around the edges of the bushes and that left me with that nice selection that’s probably the hardest part of this part that’s going to the most time on this particular video is to go ahead and come in and make that careful selection now the more time you spend on this you more care for your selection is the better the final effect is going to be so don’t scrimp on this one step once you have the selection done you’re then going to convert this into a layer mask which we’ll be using on another layer now if using the refine edge you can at this point go ahead and save this to a new layer with your layer mask already taken care of in this because I don’t have that so let’s just grab the background here I’ll make a new layer out of the background one more time there we go here’s our background layer and let’s do a layer mask for this the very bottom down here we have the button for a layer mask and there we got it’s a layer mask of that layer where we go up to layer and make your layer mask from in here so two different ways then of creating your layer mask once you have that click over on the image side of this new layer make sure you see that white outline around it that lets you know this is the selected side and we’re going to desaturate this layer so image adjustments and way down here desaturate it just makes it a black and white image now notice because of the layer mask we’re only seeing the black and white or gray tone in this area in here all the rest is still remaining in color because the layer mask is blocking the rest of that out we’re just seeing this this section okay so far so good now we need to create a new layer so make a new layer right there that’s a new layer button or layer new layer like that we now need to fill this layer with some color so I’m going just going to hide that layer come down to our background there and I’ll grab some of the blue in here just off the face of this house so coming over here click on your foreground color or swatch and you can then just click anywhere in here that gives you that color as a swatch choose okay and then Paint Bucket come back up here to the new layer and just click on here to fill that new layer with that color okay now we have this with some basic color in here we now need to select our color I’ll do that over here now I have a another file over here this is simply a scan of a paint swatch and then I have a couple of layers here that were actually taken from that paint swatch there’s one swatch just by itself there’s another one just by itself and we can use those two then copy the color from this paint swatch over on to our other file onto this layer committee show you how that’s done I’ll go up here we’ll take a section of this top color in here make sure on the right layer background layer and grab the polygonal lasso tool make sure you’re on new selection and I’m just going to click inside this miss grab the color inside of this area so I just want to have just the color in the selection nothing else let’s now make a new layer of this so let’s layer new layer via copy and there’s our new layer I’ll double click here and then its name this to match this one is named cozy corner there you go that’s that name right there on that so there’s our color swatch once you have your color swatches separated out on to their own layers like this you then can use those to copy over to our file let’s see how that goes now leave this file open come back over here so you have two files now we have our original image file right there a new layer which we filled with the color from the original background image and our other files or paint swatch file with our layers set up go up here to image and adjustments and right down below desaturate we have match color right there click on that now ignore the top part we’re not doing this just come down here it says image statistics and we have source here I here have my paint fly our images the house image and then the paint swatches image work down below now on this one here’s our paint swatches and there are the layers there’s one we just did cozy corner just like that and there’s blue strata and blue edge the three different colors that I had in there let’s say I’ll do the blue edge color and again these are the different layers that we have there’s the background layer from the swatch and these the other three layers that I showed you in there so I choose one of your layers choose okay and it simply changes the color of this layer over to the color that we had on this this app is B this one right down there just simply changes it takes this color and it fills this layer with that color from that swatch so that’s how you can copy your colors over very very easily now that we have this I need to get this color onto that image so we’re going to be blending this color down so go up here to normal I’m blending just the color so come lay down on our blending modes denver’s the bottom is color we’ve now colorized the whole picture obviously so I want to have just the front-of-the-house colored and that’s where we made that color mask for using this for two things the layer mask in here I’m using it for showing the black and white image the desaturated image just that one area and also on the color so hold click down here on that layer mask hold the Alt key down drag up that copies that layer mask up and there we go it’s now copied onto that layer now I notice the color is not an exact match first of course there’s a lot of variation in here on this wall so as to just kind of ignore that but it’s also too bright and you’ll find that you’ll need to do some value adjustment on your color to make this work actually the value of adjustments going to be down here on your image so this looks correct to show you how that’s done go up here to layer and we’ll be going to be doing a an adjustment layer new adjustment layer and we’ll use the level fools and right there it says use previous layer to create clipping mask just check that and choose okay and there we go now I want to just darken my mid-tones down on my black and white image and that’s this middle control right here put to the right it darkens the mid-tones down and just pull it over until you have a a good close match to that color it’s not going to be exact on this because there are so many variations in here on that paint obviously you know darker and light spots all over the place but we can adjust this we have our values about the same and that then gives us that look of this house painted with that color just close it down so there you go that’s how you paint a house with a color now if you want to change the color just make another layer where your color copy it off from another swatch and copy in that layer masking out the alt and drag let me show you that going to hide these let’s open up our other group here is this same settle users different color dinners you can see this is a little bit darker on this one and I have a yellow in here so here’s my black-and-white image and then we’re seeing our background and therefore all the color stuff elsewhere like a white image there’s the layer mask here’s our adjustment layer to control the values of the d saturated image and let me show the yellow right there this is just the yellow on top of that again layer mask here as well now this is coming in too dark as you can see so we need to lighten this up to make this match this so we come down here to the adjustment layer double click on the icon that brings the controls back up again and then slide the middle control over until it’s about the right value to match your color swatch that’s all you have to is right about right about there looks pretty good to my eye for a good match on that so there does the adjustment layer allows you to adjust the values of your black and white layer and that lets you match the values of the image to the value of your paint swatch and that’s it that’s all you need to do to paint the color you know change the color of your house there it is that’s painting a house inside of Photoshop and matching it to a color paint swatch thank you for watching this special Photoshop photography project video don’t forget to subscribe so that you will get first notice of new project videos in the future just click on this link right here where it says subscribe here you can get all twelve project videos in this series along with 26 special videos demonstrating the tools and techniques that I used in these projects by clicking on this link right down here and then thank you again for watching this


  • MrMoonpie001 says:

    Very useful George, I understand the concepts of what you doing. I had always wondered if the numbers/letter color codes we use in PS and PSE were universal in the industry or just unique to PS. What we are using most of the time are RGB colors? I am leaning now that there are many different color schemes. I know this is a huge and very detailed topic, you can make a simple response if you like.

    Thank you!


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    you should explain while you are doing, not explaining after doing…

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    I am going to give it a try but wondering … rather than scan a swatch and try to match its color, If I go to the paint store, do they have like RGB values (or something else) that I can simply type in to PS and it will create the color? Am looking to paint my house and looking to try and simulate as close as I can. I am worried about the last step where you are adjusting the levels as clearly that changes how the color will really be applies on the house. Maybe there is different method that is more accurate? (that probably wasn't the intent of the video).

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    will you please make a tutorial how to change color of my house front .

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    how to change house front preview colors ?

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