How to paint a Dryad with 5 colors |Watercolor portrait| Epic Fantasy | Children of the Forest

How to paint a Dryad with 5 colors |Watercolor portrait| Epic Fantasy | Children of the Forest

Dryad Watercolor Portrait Painting Demonstration Materials you will need Watercolors. I’m using Sennelier L’Aquarelle test pack

(watch my review of it with tips on color mixing. Link in the decsription box) Chinese Orange, Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine Deep, Bright Red, Payne’s Grey Ink liners of various colors (optional) , soft pencil (e.g.6B), color pencils

green, earth green, white Brushes: small synthetic round for details (00), synthetic round 2, natural hair round 0,
pointy squirrel or sable medium size, clean water and a cloth This is a cheat sheet on how to mix 5 Sennelier watercolors We start by mixing Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine Deep into a light green Working wet on dry, lay the a light wash of this green- it’ll be our background Use a soft round brush In various cultures, trees have long been believed to be inhabited by spirits. Mix Payne’s Grey with Lemon Yellow to get a more khaki-ish green Color the background trees Mix Bright Red and Ultramarine Deep until you get violet color While the paper is still wet, apply violet in the shadow areas In Greek mythology, Dryads are such spirits living in the trees. If you want to see more free tutorials, please subscribe to my channel and give this video thumbs up Carefully outline eyebrows and eyelids
with the smallest brush Working wet on dry, apply violet in the shadow area under the eye Lay a wash of green on the neck, then add violet into it while it hasn’t dried yet Use green to paint over the face as well Dryads are lesser deities that are known as nymphs in Greek mythology. Begin filling in gaps between tree branches with dark green For cold dark green, mix Ultramarine Deep with a little bit of Lemon Yellow As a rule, dryads are female and usually live in oaks. but they can also be found in other trees, e.g. pines, ashes, apple and laurel trees etc. Dryads exist to take care of the tree they were born with, sometimes they also watch over groves and animals. Paint the skin with a light wash of green Although dryads are mortal goddesses, they have an exceptionally long life span. Paint shadows on the skin with a mix of Payne’s Grey and Lemon Yellow If the tree-house of a dryad dies, she can die along with it. If a human causes the death of a dryad, he is usually punished. While the skin is still moist, add a wash of violet into shadow areas Humans should not act foolishly around trees inhabited by dryads as those can do something mischievous to scare people away. The shadow areas that are further away from the viewer are colder in tone For the face, we intensify shadows working wet on dry and then smoothing this new layer with a clean moist brush Ultramarine Deep+ a bit of Lemon Yellow Dryads often appear to humans in the shape of beautiful young women. There can be as many dryads as there are trees on the earth. While the space between branches is still wet, “infuse” it with a darker wash To get tree bark brown, mix Chinese Orange and Payne’s Grey Working wet on dry, paint thin lines on the body to imitate bark texture Paint the background trees with a light wash of brown Dryads are frequently mentioned in plays, music, poetry even nowadays. There are several types of dryads associeted with different trees. The Meliae were wed to the men of the Silver Age before the first woman was created. by the blood of Ouranos (Uranus, the Sky) The Meliae were wed to the men of the Silver Age before the first woman was created. Add tree branches while painting dryad’s hair To get this green tone, mix Lemon Yellow and Payne’s Grey Purple for facial features – mixture of Bright Red and Ultramarine Blue It is believed that the mankind has descended from the unions of men with Meliai dryads. Another type,the Oreiades (Oreads), were nymphs of the mountain conifers. The eldest of them were daughters of the five Daktyloi (Dactyls) and five Hekaterides (Hecaterides). A wash of Chinese Orange for blush In Greek mythology, the Daktyloi were an archaic race of men related to the Great Mother: Cybele or Rhea. The Hekaterides (Hecaterides) were five nymphs of the rustic dance and sisters of the Daktyloi (Dactys). They were also mothers of the Satyroi (Satyrs), Oreiades (Oread Nymphs) and Kouretes (Curetes). The third type of dryads is the Hamadryades (Hamadryads) – the nymphs of oak and poplar trees. Working wet on dry, paint the arms contour and ribs with dark green The Hamadryads were often associated with river-side trees and sacred groves. The Maliades, Meliades or Epimelides are nymphs of apple and other fruit trees and also the protectors of sheep. Their names come from the Greek word melas that means both apple and sheep. Payne’s Grey and Chinese Orange=brown for deep bark ridges The Daphnaie were nymphs who lives only in laurel trees. Aigeiroi were nymphs of black poplars, Ampeloi-of grape vines, Balanis -of the ilex, Karyai were nymphs of of the hazel-nut, Kraneiai -of cherry-trees, andMoreai -of the mulberry trees. Some of the famous dryads were daughters of the sun-god Helios, the Heliades, who were transformed into amber-teared poplars. Penelopeia (Penelope) was an Oreiad or Epimelid nymph of Mount Kyllene (Cyllene) in Arkadia and the mother of the god Pan by Hermes. Payne’s Grey to darken the space between the tree branches Pitys was a dryad loved by Pan. She fled from his advances and was later transformed into a pine-tree. Sose was a prophetess-dryad loved by the god Hermes. She gave birth to one of his Panes. Sinoe was An Oreiad nymph of Mount Sinoe in Arkadia who nursed the god Pan when he was an infant. Ekho or Echo was an Oreiad nymph of Mount Helikon (Helicon) in Boiotia, and a handmaiden of the goddess Hera. Echo was cursed by Hera to only repeat the words others say. Using soft pointy squirrel brush for painting hair Once Echo fell in love with the self-obsessed youth Narkissos (Narcissus) Narcissus rejected Echo and she eventually died from grief Add a bit of dark green onto the bark while the paper surface is still wet Painting bark ringes on the skin wet on dry with a pointy brush Those could be autumn trees of flowers in the hair Tap on the brush loaded with color to sprinkle dots You can cover the area you want to avoid with some paper Use white pencil to make facial features more pronounced I hope this tutorial was useful for you Thanks for watching!


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