How to paint a colour chart with 6 colours – part 4

This is part four of how to paint a
colour chart. Make sure you have completed the first three parts before you start
part four. Download the template in the description below. In part four we will
experiment with black and white and the warm primary colours. Mix the middle
orange from Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow. Make sure it matches the orange
from the previous colour chart. Paint this in the top two boxes. Mix enough of this orange to mix half with the black and half with the white. Black and white are very powerful and change your colours considerably. Take some of your middle orange and mix a small amount of black into it. Paint this in the first box.
Carry on down adding more black until you get to the last box which is painted
pure black. Obviously the colour you get depends on
the ratio of paint you use. Be careful, black and white are very
powerful. The second row start with your middle orange and add white ending with
pure white in the last box. The next colour we will be using is the
middle green in your previous colour chart. Mix and paint this colour in the
next top two boxes. You can now see how simple black and white can change your
colours dramatically. The last row is purple made from Cadmium Red and Ultramarine Blue. Be very careful with Ultramarine Blue as it’s very
strong. Repeat the process ending with pure black and white in the last two
boxes. There you have it, three warm primary
colour mixes with black and white. These colours can be used for shadows and highlights. In part five of how to paint a colour chart, we will be mixing the cool
primary colours with black and white. Make sure to download the template in the description below.

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