How to paint a bathtub | How to refinish an old bath tub

How to paint a bathtub | How to refinish an old bath tub

Hi my name’s Eric and today we are going to
be painting a tub. As you can see this bathroom is pretty gutted right now. And this is the
tub I’m working with it’s a cast iron tub. So it’s going to be a pain to remove so instead
of moving it out I’m going to paint it with a white coat. I don’t know how well you can
tell but this is the tub color and that’s the toilet color. So there you can get a good
idea of the off color peach that someone once found attractive on this tub. What we’re going
to be using today is this kit I do not endorse this necessarily but I’m trying it out. It’s
called the homax tough tile tub and sink refinishing kit. This was forty five dollars at home depot
and inside of it, it has the brillo pads you need for cleaning. Some gloves that probably
won’t fit my hands. Some cleaning agent you put in hot water to clean the tub beforehand
and before you scour it with some steel wool. Then there is two of these. So this is a spray
on kit here. Supposively it’s going to make it white, so I’m just going to go through
some of the steps here on how to do this. So like most males I am not a fan of directions,
especially if they’re written in Spanish because I don’t speak it so I’m going to flip it.
We will see directions step number one. This is cleaning and preparation for the tub. I’m
not going to read this off word for word for you but what we’re going to do is fill a bucket
of warm water and mix that with what came with the kit and we are going to go through
and clean the tub up and scour it with the brillo pads. So let’s take a look at that.
So in my particular case the walls are all down so it will make it very easy to paint
these edges after I clean it up. But what I am going to want to do is take this off
with a drill and then I am going to try and get this off too. At least the outer ring
and see how that goes. Just going to drill that, and you should know how to do that and
if you don’t I’m sorry. So I just empty the packet of this cleaner and emptied into a
gallon of warm water and now I’m not going to show you but I am going to clean this tub
up with a sponge or rag and get to that, alright. So a lot of this cleaned up pretty good, I
am just using this little sponge that is used for cleaning dishes. You can see that there
use to be an outer rim on this that was all dirty it cleaned up really easily. Some of
this stuff I’m kind of worried about is there are still some stuff left from the track marks.
This use to have a track on it with sliding glass doors. I’m going to go for a hanging
shower curtain. I’m really really scrubbing this, I am going to get it with the brillo
pad next step too I’m going to take a look at this corner when
we’re done with the spray paint and just kind of show you this epoxy and how it turned out
with the paint and if it stays. Okay so I just used the paper towel. Cleaned
the tub completely after I washed it with warm water as the directions said and I just
cleaned it up with this and now we’re going to actually make slight abrasions using this
steel wool. It’s actually not too sharp, I’m sure they
give you this on purpose because they don’t want to give you something that is too sharp
and will leave scour marks all over your tub. This is just so that we can kind of make little
abrasions in the tub, so that the paint will actually stick. Again, you can read all of this on the instructions
but I am just going step by step with you. I’m going to do that now on the entire tub.
Just to show you again, this is part of the tub I haven’t cleaned and the part I have
with the steel wool. So you can see it going and working its magic right now and making
its abrasions so the tub paint will stick. We’re going to clean this up in a minute. Alright, as you can see I’m a little sweaty
now. Looking at the tub we can see a lot of this black stuff here from the steel wool.
I don’t know if that is from the fact I didn’t dry the tub completely but I don’t think and
you can see the track marks up on the top here and along the sides were there use to
be a track with sliding glass doors. So now I’m just going to take a cloth and
wet it down and I’m going to clean all of this up really clean and then dry it and we’re
going to start painting which is the fun part. Well actually first, I am going to cover up
some of this stuff. I’m going to show you how to do that. Alright. Okay so you can see I kind of bagged everything
and I just put some tape over that. What I am going to do with the drain here is I put
the masking tape on it, I’m just going to take a razor blade and cut around that to
make a perfect circle. So I can protect that silver drain piece.
I will show you that after I’m done. Here’s the masking tape and peeling that off after
I made the cut or incision there. Cool that’s all set to go. Alright, it’s kind of the moment of truth
for me. I got my homax epoxy tub and tile and I keep calling it paint because I don’t
know any better. But things to note, the mask I have on you
should probably get one of these ones you would see in breaking bad with the sides on
it and serious gas mask. I’m doing this one because I’m cheap and this is what I have. Hopefully I don’t regret that tomorrow. I
have my ceiling fan on and my window open. This stuff is going to smell and you definitely
want ventilation. As far as masking off again, I have the walls all torn down, so what I
did is I put some masking tape on the floor and I’m going to use cardboard and move it
across. If you have walls that are finished, you’re going to have a lot more work to do
as far as setting up plastic. Masking everything off. I just simply did
some bags on this stuff and then masking tape on that and what I’m going to do is I’m going
to work from that corner so I don’t have to step over myself and go right down back and
forth and work my way down the tub. I don’t know, maybe I will put the camera
on so you can see some of this. Eight to ten inches away, I’m a little nervous but let’s
see how it goes. (spray paint noise) Alright, I just finished the first coat. As
you can see it is much closer to the toilet color now. It says that the tub won’t get
covered on the first coat. One thing I am noticing is there is a couple spots like right
there where I sprayed them a few times. It’s not that noticeable, but also in the
tub there are divots. Might have wanted to do a closer inspection on here, I don’t know
if those will come out on the second coat. They will probably look a little better but
knowing how I am I will probably stare at that little stupid spot of peach if it does
show up but hopefully it domes out on the next spraying but I will show you that afterwards
too. As of right now, the epoxy is still drying
but you can see that corner spot I was telling you about… it is covering it up pretty nicely.
Hopefully on the second coat it will get these spots nicer. I feel like this mask kind of makes me look
like the character bane from Batman. People of Gotham, today is your day of reckoning. Alright so, we’re on to the second coat. You
only have to wait a recommended 15 to 30 minutes which is pretty cool. I like that. First coat, like I said, just has a few little
things that I am hoping get fixed in the second coat. But overall it is coming along pretty
well. You can see the white from the toilet to the white of the tub. I’m going to put
on a second coat. Hopefully this fixes the last few blemishes
but I like what I see so far. Alright, I just finished the second coat and I just wanted
to show you some of the stuff here again here is the visual of the toilet which is very
white compared to the peach tub so you can see I got a good covering of white. In the corner I had that one little mark,
you can’t really see that anymore. The things that I’m noticing is that there are a couple
little marks, right there along the edge of the tub and also this one I showed you before.
They just don’t sink in with the spray paint. I think that I would have to spend some extra
time and this one actually came out pretty good in the center of the tub. There was a
little bit of marking the but the paint covered that up nicely. Another thing that is kind of annoying me
is my walls are that plaster and lathe so these types of walls, even the slightest bit
of vibrations will release dust. Some dust got into the paint so I think I’m going to
see that. But all in all for $45 it took me a total
of around four hours of work on my end. Not too bad. I’m sure it’s going to dry and look
pretty similar to this so I am pretty happy with that. I may or may not put a third coat on I don’t
know but hopefully this helped you and good luck with the painting of your tub. Alright
take care. I just wanted to say a special thank you to
my parents and my brother, my brother and his sons demoed that room for me while I was
doing other work in the house and my parents and my mom already pre-cleaned the tub so
a lot of that work was done. My Dad always shows me how to do all of this stuff and he’s
an expert with all of this stuff so thanks.


  • ciscoelnino says:

    I got really bad results, its already peeling giving a crinkle like effect in my kitchen sink. this product is junk, their customer service is terrible too.

    I am now a fan of your facebook page, i hope you get to your goal, 50% there! Im not going to lie though, funds are tight at the moment for me, im moving, i totaled my car, and medicine without insurance isnt cheap. best i can do is repost your facebook page for you. thanks

  • ciscoelnino says:

    also i "liked" your facebook page, but i cant find a link to repost it, i will repost via your site

  • Eric Worral says:

    I completely agree. I volunteer on the Ride for Roswell web committee and would love to see an easier option, I will bring this up to them.

    I thought a paypal link though would look scammy? I added my paypal address though.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Eric Worral says:

    The shower is used prob 10 -15 times a week. The outer paint is fine, the area that gets some traction from feet has some wear.

    It is all in areas that I expected, where there was a little divot or line in the tub is where the paint has come off. If you have a very smooth tub in great shape I would say you are safer bet if you have a rough tub with blemishes this might not be a good bet.

    I did it in Nov. so about 6 months of wear n tear. Im happy for most part, looks much much better.

  • derrickb91 says:

    awesome work, thanks for the info

  • charliesangelwannabe says:

    I think you're above normal, Eric. ūüôā

  • Eric Worral says:

    Thanks! Hope it work out well for you!

  • Eric Worral says:

    Well why thank you!

  • Paul V says:

    I'm doing the exact same procedure today on my tub. Thank you so much for this video!

  • Stephanie Buzzella says:

    Clearly he inhaled a little of the epoxy around 7 minutes hehe

  • Eric Worral says:

    Stuff's tasty!

  • George Forgues says:

    your a good son..

  • redburningfires says:

    Thanks for the vid, I've been considering doing this on my 'pink' tub, but kept putting it off… I think I've got the courage now to do it.

  • Dave L says:

    thank you very helpfull

  • MrVegas says:

    Nice job and thanks for sharing. My wife just added to my honey-do list and that is what brings me here. From the video, this, this looks pretty good. I have a chip or two to deal with before I get to painting. Any suggestions?

  • Eric Worral says:

    I didn't do any chip repair, I am curious about that though. The coat I put on lasted pretty well. About 9 months later you could see some slight wear so I hit it with a quick pass before a weekend trip and it looks great again. Good luck with the honey-do list.

  • Eric Worral says:

    I had some peeling, but I think it was due to crap getting into the paint from the walls being exposed. I recently did another quick touch up and my tub looks good. I wouldn't say this is the best option for quality but for the cost/time it was worth it for me.

  • Eric Worral says:

    Thanks Dave. Hope it goes well for you.

  • Eric Worral says:

    That's awesome. I worry too much about screwing this type of stuff up.. worst case scenario won't be that bad. I am about to get into some other projects as well that I put off because I don't want to screw them up.

  • Eric Worral says:

    No problem, hope it went well for you!

  • Shawn Salberg says:

    I like the humor bits thrown in. I'm thinking of doing this but worried about it peeling off.

  • skarragallagher1 says:

    Man, you had me cracking up. Ha-lar-e-us

  • Eric Worral says:

    I think like any painting, the sanding (in this case with steel wool) is the most important part to stop it from peeling. In my case about 6 months later there was some slight peeling on the inside of the tub (which I dont even see except for when I am showering).

    I went on a weekend trip and hit that area again and so far (1 month) it looks flawless. I say it is worth a shot for 45 bucks unless your tub is jacked up.

  • Eric Worral says:

    Wish my fiance found me that funny. ūüôā

  • skarragallagher1 says:

    Man, your fiance and my wife should get together.

  • Kiel v says:

    Thumbs up for bain

  • vickie january says:

    Im getting ready to redo my tub,will it work on the sink too.

  • Christina Agos says:

    Yes it should… I would check the homax website though for details.

  • Christina Agos says:

    Thanks brother!

  • Rob Rogers says:

    the homedepot paint is garbage material, pretty much the only long lasting finish you can get is way more dangerous to use and far less cheap. normal life expectancy for a maintained finish is 10-15 years.

  • Leah Gahagan says:

    Hi Eric РHilarious video and useful.  Can I use the Homax kit if I only have a small area needing repair?  It won't dry uneven will it?  Really trying to avoid painting the whole tub for just a three inch job.  Thanks!

  • Angel Mattioda says:

    Me and my husband just finished a tub for a friend that had to move right away and needed to sale his house we used the homax paint on and boy was that a job we recommend using the spray paint . But it came out really nice

  • Angel Mattioda says:

    just make sure you have your tub sanded smooth before you put any paint onto the tub or it will run or peel and follow directions thoroughly and ventilate well and wear a mask. It will make your tub look new just follow all steps.

  • Angel Mattioda says:

    If you decide to use the paint on Homax make sure you buy a good brush the 10 dollar ones you don't want to use a cheap brush we spent 20 dollars on two brushes to do two coats.

  • Border Collie Draco says:


  • MrElbutcho says:

    What is a better app…………spray or brush?

  • Javier Robayo says:

    Hey, this was great! I'm in the middle of doing this very same thing for my neighbor. Actually, she wants the tile walls done too. Love the Bane (sp?) impression, totally dead on. 
    I'm so sick of instructional videos made under optimal conditions that make it look so easy. This was terrific, keep it up. Thank you for keeping it real, entertaining, and informative.

  • Nathan best says:

    Wish I found this video few months ago. I have the exact same bathtub except it was once white. I have already redone the walls surrounding the tub so I will have much more prepping to do, but thank you for sharing this video. Since it has been over a year, how has the finish held up?

  • PagitoBurrito says:

    How's it look now?

  • Angel Mattioda says:

    Hey brushing it on was messy cause it starts drying before your done with the tub the brush gets sticky and if you go back over a part its sticky. The tub came out ok only a few streaks were left. My husband did sand a section twice and had to go back and clean it twice so we would recommend the spray like you were using. spraying I think would of been smoother and alot less messy.

  • Angel Mattioda says:

    Eric and by the way your tub looked good when you were finished. Thanks for replying to my post.

  • SimpleObservation says:

    It looks good, almost A1 professional.

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    Eric thanks for a great video! There is nothing better that watching someone do a project before you do it yourself.  

  • DALTON D says:

    good video, well done normal dude. we are flipping a house in the next few weeks and will refinishing the bathtub and a super cool cast iron sink that we bought at a ReStore for $50. 

    The Bane impression was pretty good too.

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    Great stuff Normal Dude – thanks for sharing – it's a big help!

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    That was hilarious and helpful!¬† Thanks a lot for being a 'normal dude' and sharing your experience with others!¬† I have that same tub, it has already been painted and I was looking to see how it was done so I could fix up the sink instead of replacing it…it's nice to have that old style character!¬†

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    Good video , did the paint hold up over time???

  • Puddlethumper * says:

    if you don't want to spray or brush the finish on try using a small foam roller.

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    Hi Eric, i am planning to do my tub and my concern is the smell that this epoxy has. how long did it last? and how long will it be ready to be used? thanks

  • Myles Bartlett says:

    I guess this would work on vanities, sinks and fibre glass as well??? I was thinking Id have to buy a whole new bathroom, not now though hehe. nice work and thanks for the vid:)

  • Fatima Alsaffar says:

    looks awesome! you think this would work well as a paint over this ugly mustard yellow tub I have? Or is it just for refinishing purposes on white tubs?

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    Sweet vid bro, I'm thinking of doing the same thing to my kitchen sink, Im worried it the enamel will hold up to pots, pans, and silverware sliding around. What are your thoughts?

  • Jsalrulz says:

    I was sad when REM broke up.

  • Brad Smith says:

    I hope you have better luck. We used that kit and followed the direction exactly and the finish did not even last 6 months.

  • Andrew Saullo says:

    Can you do this with a fiberglass bathtub? We live in a manufactured home and both tubs are fiberglass. (I think)

  • Dig Bob says:


  • KYle thompson says:

    As a someone who does this for a living i would net recommend the do it yourself kits. ¬†The paint is not strong enough and what you really need is a acid that will take off some of the glaze so the paint has something to hold on to. ¬†Plus those spots on the tub where most likely separation from calcium or oils that cause the paint to act like that. ¬†But i did enjoy the video. ¬†And i like the can do attitude….

  • CoolBeanSquadron says:

    Could you post a link for the paint you used?

  • David Aguilera says:

    The best way to refinhis ur bathtub sinks etc is to call a company whit the industrial quimicals that way u have a good refinhis for long time but be careful don't trust a random company a good company is that one whit more years on the business

  • David Aguilera says:

    The best way to refinhis ur bathtub sinks etc is to call a company whit the industrial quimicals that way u have a good refinhis for long time but be careful don't trust a random company a good company is that one whit more years on the business

  • ProfessionalDad says:

    Dont expect this stuff to stay stuck to porcelain!! Tried to do my tub. Followed instructions to the letter. I suspect if you actually sand and scuff the porcelain it might stay? waiting to hear back from Homax. comes off with a fingernail….

  • D. Smith says:

    Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile touch up Kit will be good for those spots that didn't cover so well with the spray paint.

  • Maxid1 says:

    Yeah, the black stain from the steel wool is from dampness. It will scour off with a green pad when you do the water and cleaning cleaning steps but if you want to avoid that, you have to have the tub bone dry before doing the steel wool scour. I'm doing mine right now, different product though.

  • TheJesman007 says:

    It feels like a cheap solution and I would expect cheap results and not a long lasting application.

  • TheJesman007 says:

    Also, epoxy WILL cause brain damage. Not MAY but WILL cause*

  • Cora Selvey says:

    I used this product on old farmhouse sink I refinished for a cheap fix, worked pretty decent! I don't have water sitting in it often because I have dishwasher but at least 3 times a week for pots/pans. I have repainted once a year after initial and looks good as new, I just wish the spray can was the kind you can turn any direction not just up and down

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    Your blemished areas are likely caused by silicone contamination. It's called a "fisheye" in the painting profession.

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    Great job. 

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    Thanks for a great video and very helpful info. We have a purple tub (believe it or not) and we will be using the same kit you recommended (from Menards) and start tomorrow on it!

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    Any tub painting, as part of a complete bathroom renovation, should always be done LAST. You don't want framing, furring, lathing, sheetrock/plaster, tile setting, wall painting and plumbing to occur on top of, or around your newly painted tub. Perhaps some of the prep work, but better to tape off everything surrounding the tub and paint LAST.

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    Thanks for sharing Eric! I'm about to tackle a pink bathtub and this video was very helpful! Looks like the more you sand the more the paint will adhere to the surface.

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    Eric, I could tell from this video that you are a good person, a good friend, and a good son and brother as well as a good tradesman. Too bad you're not in business where I live!

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    True, you should have used a better mask but it looks like you didn't even squeeze the metal strap to fit snugly around your nose!

  • Paul Lujan says:

    As a pro- I wouldn't use this kit on a ceramic tub. It'll stick ok to fiberglass, if you do thorough prep, but it'll yellow as it ages still.
    If you're going to use it on a ceramic tub, Sherwin Williams sells an acid to etch the tub first, that's your best bet for DIY. Hiring a pro for a tub like this could be as low as $250 with a warranty against peeling. Nice video, hope the tips help for all you DIY'ers out there.

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    Loved your impression of Bane!! I am going to try this product in a couple of weeks so thanks for all of your tips and honesty, love your videos!

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    Hi Eric! I really appreciate you taking the time not only recording this project, but also going step-by-step throughout the process it takes to complete it. My brother bought this really expensive white, porcelain-like table from Ikea and left it at my parents house when he moved away. My little sister had a friend over and they got a small amount of ink over the table. No amount of rubbing alcohol has been able to clean it off. It's stained!!

    I ran into your video by chance and really feel this product will help refurbish the table. I'm really nervous about taking on this particular project because I don't have anyone to help me, but feel a little more confident it can be done based on your great instructions.

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