How to mix cold wax with oil paints for smooth or textural painting

yummy looks like Crisco
Hi I’m Sherry and I want to welcome you to my studio today so you start with a big ol wad of cold wax medium and then you –
OOPS! covered it up clearly not a hand model – then you put about 25% galkyd gel so whatever you have here you want to put up to one third of that of Galkyd gel and then it now you can use this without Galkyd gel – the Galkyd gel just helps it dry a little bit more quickly so that by the next day you can work without lifting the day befores work more Crisco I mix up a big a lot of it and I put it in a jar and now let’s see how this mixes with different colorings you want to do about 50/50 with oil paint I’m gonna use perylene red I just keep hearing about this red and I’ve not used it before no wonder they talk about this all the time – it’s gorgeous that is beautiful oh I want to paint now now the next thing you can mix with is an oil stick now this is much thicker and this still has the covering I believe I mentioned in an earlier video help all of these will get a nice crust on the outside the rnf are much softer than this but you can do this one to peel off that this is the hardest part it’s just the squishing I think I need to put in some more of the cold wax medium because that’s so much thicker than oil paint personally I would rather write with my sticks but I wanted to show you that you know if you need a red and all you have it is an oil pastel or well stick you can mix that up to you alright the next thing you can mix is chalk pastels for a regular pastel and this is done a little bit differently in that you have to scrape it off these when you mix this way it is so sheer it’s just the color is so transparent then you have fine like powders these are by color art I think that’s what it’s called these are really fine hello stuck my hand in the red paint also experimenting with different ways to hold my camera so that when I do a long piece on a easel I can handle it let’s see a little bit more I’m not pretty you can also do a coarse powder this is more textural it’s not as textural as say using marble dust but it’s still textural you can also use metallic powders this is copper and that pretty I think I might have to mix this one up just because it’s so gorgeous a few months ago I dropped one of these containers with gold in it yeah it’s amazing how I could color the whole entire floor of my kitchen with it and still have most of it left in the container if you buy from color art they no longer make them in that size I’ll show you the containers now oh that’s pretty they’re called primary elements it’s art pigment and they’re by a company called color art and I’ll put a link in the description they are just gorgeous and they come in those two size containers now and then the last thing I want to mix with my cold wax medium is charcoal powder and it is so fine be careful don’t breathe it now if you don’t have that or can’t get it air supply store you can take compressed charcoal and do the same thing that you did with the chalk pastel you this is also incredibly transparent and it’s great to say mix with another color now I will say this I usually use paint unless I’m looking for a mica powder because those are just stunning but you can also rub compressed powder charcoal powder directly onto the canvas or substrate rub it on and it’ll make a nice gray tint and then when you smear the cold wax medium over it it will smear you can write with charcoal and it will smear too I think I saw that in one of my pieces but you gotta be careful with that stuff see smears okay now I want to show you how I keep my paints because because since it does take a while to finish a painting you I don’t like to start my palette over every day oh my god I’m a filthy mess so I get this Sterlite container that the palette fits right into it’s still not completely airtight but it’s close take a big bag and I cut this inside and seal it and they stay fresh and that’s that thanks for watching my video please leave it any questions or comments you might have and I will get back to you as soon as I can hope you’ll subscribe thanks again bye

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