How to Match Any Color with Oil Paint

How to Match Any Color with Oil Paint


  • Katrina Thwaites says:

    What does getting the value mean I understand the colours more red colour more yellow but value ?

  • MrBMBuilder says:

    Really enjoyed watching/listening to this………………………Thankyou 🙂

  • christina potter says:

    You can’t take the red out of that to make green. What a color blind old fart

  • christina potter says:

    Sorry I’m not into painting barns and muddy streams

  • christina potter says:

    Grey is NOT BLUE!!! Bullshit!!! Fucker

  • Amanda Lynn says:

    my mind was really blown when he put that yellow in the blue.

  • Rodolfo Gonzalez says:

    maestro graciaspor sus bellas obras

  • dorene adams says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful tutorial! You are a great teacher.

  • Планета Аниме says:

    Кто русский и кто пришёл с видео юры решает? (●・ч・)??

  • Benjamin Austnes Narum says:

    “The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.” – Orson Welles

    There is a problem with modern art, and that is the paradox of choice; there are simply too many options!

    To me, it is most prevalent in digital art, where you have million-and-one ways to do a simple action. Take portrait painting, for example, where you can have hyper-specific brushes for painting eyelashes, hair, pores, irises, or wrinkles, to name a few.
    In modern film, it is much the same. Compare the cuts in film-director Akira Kurosawa's action scenes, with modern-day cuts in most action scenes, and you may notice how arduous it can be to actually see and appreciate details; contemporary scenes may be blurred, cluttered, chaotic, or convoluted. It is complex for the sake of complexity, simply because they can. In return, the effort behind it is difficult, if at all possible, to admire.

    So, I really appreciate your work, Draw Mix Paint. You show us that much can be achieved by using little, and that is, in my own opinion, something many artists today fail to grasp. When every action has meaning, the work is consistent.

  • MsLark says:

    Thank you… this helps me to understand the logic of mixing. My colors have been so muddy…extremely helpful to boost color with some impact.

  • Ayoub says:

    Now i understand why digital painting is some kind of cheating lol

  • mark laweryson says:

    @6:05 "…orangie" lol

  • W to the addles says:

    this man has blue beard

  • Jay Gan says:

    You could have explained this alot easier and alot quicker you'd have way more views

  • Joana Helen says:

    this is one of the most entertaining videos i’ve ever watched and i don’t even paint

  • Spiritisalive1 says:

    I'm new to painting, thank you, this helps.👍👍👍

  • Darla McFarland says:

    I would start with the color first, then work on the value. Adding paint to change the colors frequently changes the value.I would save effort by doing the value last.

  • Ava Parker says:

    This video is godsend, thankyou for sharing

  • Nour ibrahim says:


  • James Pickering says:

    Why are there thumbs downs in this? Were they looking for cat videos? Excellent lesson! Thank you.

  • Dana Elqhtani says:

    Thank you very much for your translation into Arabic😩❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bonnie Creevy says:

    Mind blown!

  • Alex M says:

    Very helpful!! Thank you!!!

  • Nirdesha's Art says:

    Why isn't green here? Isn't it a basic color used for color mixing?

  • Bandit says:

    Whys YouTube recommending all this stupid shit on the homepage fuck youtube fuck google too

  • Ant Hargy says:


  • Ambria Borelis says:

    getting some real bob ross energy here

  • Max Borgmann says:

    Extremely helpful! Thanks for the awesome tutorial 🎨🖌️

  • Az -Az Studio says:

    subscribe i am artist too )

  • Michael Schofield says:

    Where do these guys come from??…Trying to lighten purple with yellow?? All that does is "gray" the colour by adding it's complimentary colour ( the other primary) the only way to lighten the colour or lighten the value is to add white not another colour. And Brown is not a primary colour it's a tertiary colour it's all three primary colours mixed together. So adding it to the other primaries will just muddy all the other colours…This stuff is really easy when it's taught by someone that knows what they are talking about, not this guy.

  • Dominik Molnár says:

    17:10 tell me that the yellow doesnt look like a little duck and i will hate you forever

  • Falador321 says:


  • ShawN shawN says:

    really great exercise. I mix a lot, but this is really great info even then.

  • Lissa S says:

    Thank you so much for this! So many tutorials on color theory and mixing and I’ve never had a good understanding of it all until now. Once an artist reaches the point where it becomes instinctual, they tend not to articulate the process in a way that’s understandable to a beginner

  • pyronac1 says:

    best and most informative video on color mixing.

  • Yogesh Gond says:

    your color mixing videos are by fast the best video i have ever seen

  • Robert Ray says:

    WOW! What a great video! Some people can teach and some people can't. This gentleman is a really good instructor. Watch this video! Subscribe! Help him out for helping us out. You won't regret it.

  • Michelle w. says:

    Just great explanation! Your a master as a mentor!

  • Really Though says:

    To those who don’t believe cancel culture is a thing just watch this man canceling colors left and right!

  • Stanisław Lem says:

    oh man i loved this video you are great

  • Hermione 10Gaming says:

    I don't know if it's just my vision being bad but at about 12:40 I legit can't tell a difference 😂 I'd just say it's close enough and paint

  • VideoNOLA says:

    Action starts at 3:17 … You're welcome.

  • Jessica Falstein says:

    excellent, thanks so much.

  • F E says:

    Fantastic video!

  • Jude Dude says:

    I could actually cry. All the frustrations of mine with painting have just been lifted. Thank you for making this ❤️

  • Physixtential says:

    This video is instantly a lie the second he says any color. There is a great reason why there are colors that are more expensive than others. There are tons of colors you cant make with others. After watching he even mentions this after you've watched… Don't tell lies… it was completely unnecessary and makes you look so bad.

  • Jessica Falstein says:

    what painting medium do you use for this video? thanks in advance. terrific lesson.

  • Jinny Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for your help. It really was excellent instruction and I am very grateful!

  • Alex Lerouge says:

    Any other artists here coming up with strategies to try to get to the color before he does or in one go?

  • Mattie1528 says:

    Should have tried to match the table

  • fcuking Sg Invain says:


  • jennys bible says:

    wow amazing

  • lisa corimbi says:

    i have an instict about colours, if i see a shade of something i know what is in there. why? i don't know. i even think that women still have this kind of instinct, more than men. same thing with perfume.

  • Jeanne Breit says:

    Do you teach in person?

  • im sal says:


  • Julian Cunliffe says:

    Why make it that difficult.. use the munsell wheel.

  • ALL CAPS says:

    Imagine being color blind and this guy trying to explain how to mix colors hahahahha

  • Leda G. Lima says:

    I love the simplicity, calmness and technicall way to explain color mixing. Everything just made so much sense in my brain! I feel like now I can mix any color myself, thanks!!!

  • Fritz Conroy says:

    So much repeating haha

  • L3D - 3D maker says:

    wow that's incredible, i would have never thought about that, I'll have to paint something now just to try!

  • GuinnessandPizza says:

    What I learned from watching this video: if you run out of the color you're using screw it and mix a new color and paint over it or you're going to be mixing a pile of paint until the end of time.

  • Colonel Walter E. says:

    ORRRR just use the eyedropper tool

  • Jimmy A says:

    no SOUND?

  • JustinJFain says:

    Okay, I know this is well-intentioned, but I think it adds more complexity than is necessary. Let't take the gray as an example. If you are adding yellow and red to a bluish base, you are essentially just adding burnt umber + white. Among other things in this video, I think you are really making this way more complicated than it needs to be. The gray was especially frustrating because that appears to be a tint of Payne's Gray (umber [actually the warmer sienna] + cobalt [or ultramarine to offset the sienna]) with maybe a touch of extra blue. Teaching people to mix superfluous colors in an attempt to match is only going to lead to huge mounds of colors that dry to inconsistent hues. There is definitely a systematic way to mix colors, but this is not it.

  • Annihilist says:

    This guy manages to make art more boring than math.

  • The Gamegineers says:

    Why is it that whenever there's a show that involves painting the walls of the room is always black

  • Hector Pacheco says:

    needs a little blue to get the color perfectly matching

    Him: I’m gonna just go in and mop up a whole glob of this shit and throw it off again

  • Ben Ellison says:

    watch at 2x speed

  • Reach 3D Printers says:

    Why do people still rely on Red Blue Yellow??? Its time for art to evolve and recognize Magenta and Cyan as the building blocks they are and discontinue the Red Blue lie we've all been living for so long.
    Generally speaking, this video has great information.

  • Uranos 96 says:

    i focus on the value .. at the end so..the value is a bit off…

  • Capricosm says:

    He is cheating by using brown & black paint . He should only be using white plus the primary colours red, yellow & blue .

  • Heather Kiser says:

    Thank you to Youtube recommendations lol And to your instruction! I get it! I finally comprehend.

  • Matt Buschardt says:

    Excellent introduction to a beginner like myself. Thank you!

  • Jon says:

    “We’re only interested in the value not the color, so let’s just adjust the color.”

  • YAHUSHA KING says: of the best teachers ever.superb teaching.

  • Alexandra Defreitas says:

    I also found it extremely helpful when mixing paint (not specifically oil paint necessarily) to start with white and add a tiny bit of colour at a time. It's a LOT easier to make a colour too dark and a lot harder to get it to lighten up. I guess maybe with oil paints the white is very strong because you try to mix like that with acrylic and you'll be adding white for the next ten minutes 😂

    I enjoyed watching this though, even though things like this are very intuitive for me, I can imagine it probably blows the minds of many people watching haha

  • Anouk Plouffe says:

    This lesson is really useful, but why do when you get close to it, you MESS IT UP? I’m sorry. It’s just a pet peeve of mine because i’m too perfectionist. And I know it intentionally but still… 😬

  • Teemo says:

    bob ross likes to know your location

  • Angela Carter says:

    The best explanation of color mixing I've ever seen!

  • Wanson Silva says:

    For beginners, I think it is better to have a set of colors. I think mixing colors to match another color would end up wasting lots of paint. Is it right?

  • sol rayz says:

    15:32  <giggle>  a gray shaft and a pair of blue balls?     Huh?  What?  Oh… this is the advanced color class… not for people with junior high school minds?  oops !   Sorry!     Thanks for a Great video… even for us childish ones !

  • حيات الحيات الحيات says:


  • Tsetsi says:

    I wonder if Van Gogh knew how to do this…?

  • 1776 letfreedomring says:

    Thank you sir. Added to save.

  • Heath Kitchen says:

    Dude is so good he almost nailed it the first time while trying to do bad intentionally.

  • László Szabados says:

    this dude is a moron

  • Laurie Schena says:

    Doesn’t this really matter on which manufacturer has the purest primaries? My Cad Yellow for example is very warm orangey yellow than yours here. Also, Ultramarine blue mixed with cad red makes yucky brown. What to do when we don’t own Geneva paint but other popular artist oils?? Which is the best pure primaries to use?

  • Eva says:

    Loved this video – I am just learning to mix colours and this helped a lot. Also love that you have Arabic subtitles!

  • The Southern Lady says:

    Wow. Brilliant.

  • Pablo Maximiliano says:

    Excelente explicación.
    Silvia. Brasil

  • Vand Lett says:

    Amazing lesson. Thank you so much!

  • Frank Lord says:


  • Sigurd Braathen says:

    I see red and blue. What about cyan and magenta?

  • Patrick Keller says:

    Very good explanation, but you are overcomplicating things, by using "base" colors that are already mixed. The true pure bases are yellow, cyan and magenta.

  • Demitri Demirel says:

    No you can't match any colour with this setup and technique. Notice how it only shows how to match muffled out premixed colours and not for example a vibrant green freshly plucked spring leaf.

  • Joan Dahlbeck says:

    You have made something that seems so hard for instructors to teach, teachable. The very easy way about you really seems to put it in a slow easy way to see and understand finally what I need to learn. I so appreciate you.
    Thank you. You have a forever student.

  • Ham. R. says:

    Great tutorial 🙏👏

  • Thomas Hendricks says:

    I have always been an average painter, I really do enjoy doing it. However I've always had the toughest time in matching colors. I've taken a few lessons over the years but no one ever explained color theory as easily to understand as you have. Thank you so much, I really look forward to incorporating this into my painting.

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