How to match a color for painting  How to get a color sample off a wall

How to match a color for painting How to get a color sample off a wall

Hey what’s going on? It’s Juan with 518 Painters
and today I want to show you how you can match any color from pretty much any wall or
surface so stay tuned! Whenever we have to match a custom color and we don’t have the
ability to get a paint chip and bring it to the paint store we like to use this
little gadget and this is pretty neat because what you do is, this is a
little scanner and right here you can get a color sample off pretty much any
surface that you pick whether it’s some drapes or a wall, a picture in this
case it’s going to be a pair of sneakers with this you can pretty much match any
color to a majority of the paints that are available so let me just demonstrate
how this works. You’re gonna have to download a free app called color muse
and link it to your to your own scanner and
that’s via bluetooth so what you do here is uh once you connect it you get your
your color sample whatever you trying to match like I said in this case it’s a
pair of sneakers and all you do is you hold your scanner up against here and scan
the color and there you have it, it’s that simple and what it does it matches your
color to pretty much every paint manufacturer that’s available so
you can match it to your Benjamin Moore you Sherwin Williams your Behr whatever
So after you scan your color you can save it for later. The cool thing about this
is you can always come back and get all the details that you need anything from
the colors name the, code, the manufacturer and so on. You can create a
custom color palette save it for later and then email it to your customer so
they can further review it. After you scan your sample you’ll get a list of
paint manufacturers. If you look at the stars on the side that indicates how
close a color is to your sample so for instance if you pick a Benjamin Moore
color and it has three stars that means it’s almost a perfect match
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