How to mask a Radiator for spray painting – with Craig Phillips

now the radiators are a little bit
different they’re standing proud of the wall on brackets what we need to do to
get the masking tape and tape up along the back edge of the radiator drape it
down cut off the sides and on the underside and then tape it up that way
when we spray the wall we can spray the areas behind the radiators where it is seen now any pipes or thermostats that are
visible they’re also going to need covering up using your masking tape now the white paints on the ceiling on
the wall behind me is dry now I’m about to use the wood and a metal spray
attachment this is a design for any water based or oil based paints I want
to start with the radiator first of all give it a good sand down
so the new paint keys to it if you happen to notice any drips which could have been done with a brush sand them out first I’ve also masked up around the back top
and the sides of the radiator this way when I’m spraying I don’t want to try to
cut in on the edge I want to sail past it and the masking is there to
protect the wall

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