How to Make an Easy Wooden Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Hello there Remodelaholics and welcome back to our DIY channel. I think one thing that everyone wants for their home, no matter the style or budget, is for their home to be welcoming. So, why not welcome your guests right at the front door? Today’s tutorial is from our contributor Colleen, of Lemon Thistle, and she shows you how to build this simple, but classic chalkboard welcome sign. You can even get a template to match Colleen’s beautiful hand-lettered writing. Just click the link in the description box below. I would love to write beautifully, like Colleen, but that’s not a skill I’ve mastered yet. Are you a hand lettering pro or newbie like me? To get started with your sign, you’ll need a piece of 1×12 board and a 1×2. Since a 1×12 is really only 11 1/2 inches wide, you’ll cut an 11 and a half inch piece of the board to make a square, then cut the 1×2 into to 11 1/2 pieces and to 12 inch pieces for the edges. The hardware store can make these cuts for you, or you might even be able to use scraps from other projects. Next, grab your favorite chalkboard paint and put a couple of coats on to the square board. Most chalkboard paint requires at least two coats for good coverage, but check the instructions on the can just to make sure. Once the paint is completely dried and cured, (again, you’ll need to consult the directions on the paint can) you’ll want to season the chalkboard. Leave the salt and pepper alone. It’s not that kind of seasoning. Seasoning a chalk board just means rubbing chalk all over, and then rubbing the chalk dust into the chalkboard surface before wiping it clean with any eraser. Seasoning the board makes your writing erase more fully, so you’re not left with ghost images after you erase. Who hated that in school when the teacher would miss something and you’d be staring at it for the rest of class? Okay, sorry for that tangent. Assemble the welcome sign by nailing the two short edge pieces to the square along the opposite sides and then finish it up with two longer pieces. Add two small eye hooks to the frame, drilling a pilot hole first to avoid splitting the wood, and tie on a bit of rope and your chalkboard is done. To add the lettering, print off the templates that Colleen has provided. Rub chalk all over the design on the back of the paper. Tap off the excess chalk dust and then place the template, centered on the chalkboard. Using a pen and pressing firmly, trace over the outline of the lettering. Remove the paper template and voila! You have an outline to fill in so you can easily fake the freehand lettering style. Or, take the easiest way out and just mount that print right to a board. This chalkboard is easy to customize to send whatever message you want, whether that’s a welcome sign or a no soliciting sign or a fun thing to make your guests smile. What would you write on it? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching. Please be sure to give this video a thumbs up and also check out our tutorials for making painted rustic wood signs. Don’t forget to subscribe right here! Thanks guys. We’ll see you later.

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