The question I often get is how Do I Make my art sellable The honest truth about that is well, I never know because it depends if The arts are Feasible to be good or Perceived to be good then perhaps that is the answer, it is sellable Having said this it is always better that whenever I make a painting, tough Decision or should I say an Answer that I wanna attain is How do I make my art Sellable that is also always The main goal for me. Well, of course It falls upon that I make the arts as beautiful as pleasing as Acceptable In my own terms and when I do that Especially when I think of quality in the finished product then I know based on experience and in The truth that I do Wanna make a very good art that the prospective customers or patron would take, is Make a good a very good Say it excellent art but then again What is an excellent art? well if you Are good, of course you will know you are good You know when you have painted hundreds of paintings like I do like I Did or I’m still doing I’m painting every day I’m practicing therefore it is just like You know ballet dancers, they practice a lot and then when they become better, it’s so easy When we see them do their crafts or Do their dancing so it goes the same way in painting when you do And when you become an expert or when you are constantly improving your craft Then our arts become Very nice and sellable in Reality there are no born Natural talented artists The reason why they become so good is that at an early age or whenever? when the time they took the painting paintings at tasks they improve, they research they practice and they learn and They are Their eyes are always open to new concepts and things and they perfected their craft That is the only thing that will make your art sellable by doing a lot of paintings, by Doing your best and also improving your craft. Don’t forget The painting is a craft it is it is a talent that you could learn and improve By practicing so this is how you make your art sellable If you do if you do that, I’m guaranteeing any painting that you do As long as you have learned your lessons through experience will be better that I guarantee another critical aspect is The art supplies, your materials that you are using Don’t use cheap Artist materials when you are already Painting a lot of paintings and the Patrons or prospective customers are noticing you. Real patrons who knows about arts More than likely have also Visited the museum’s already So they take a look at your paintings closer From far and they will know if your painting is crappy, you know is I mean, it’s crap And they will know also when they take a look at it if your painting is good It is also, also good so therefore When you use I’m not saying the most expensive art supplies, but when you’re using You know a good Artist materials and you will know the definition of that When you are already experiencing interactions with prospective customers, you pick with a better better artist materials your paintings tend to shine more a And also Please research what those artist materials Could do for you And when you try them You know learn their physical attributes and This way you will have a better product in the end a Painting is a product. If it’s well done, if it’s well colored, if its original Your prospective customers are not dumb. You know, they know That what you have done or what you have produced is of a top caliber and then it’s just a matter of time a 50-50 chance when they take a look at your painting whether They will buy it or not. So your chances when it goes to 50/50 percent It’s better than anything else. So you have a chance of selling your Your art artwork If you have noticed by now my paintings are sharp clean precise and well executed well When I was beginning to paint and I visited Some museums and art galleries. I know in the past The displayed artworks Are of the same descriptions of what I have just told you They look neat , they look clean. They look sharp. They look polished and it’s a well-crafted product So whenever I paint that is what I always think So having listened to me Saying about all those things that matters in making the Paintings or your paintings more sellable. I Hope I have contributed enough stimuli or know-how for you to Tackle your next project in your future projects. Keep in mind quality, quality, quality and Underneath that That aspect is Originality Execution determinations patience and of course be personable dress well when you go to meet your your customers or your Prospects because dressing well means a lot, you know your customers Or prospective customers are always Dressed well, they’re well off people who buy paintings are always well off. Don’t forget about that You know okay in closing this is again Avellino from King coke aqua saying thank you for listening to me and see you soon. Bye. Bye

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